"DRACO MALFOY! I'm going to curse you into oblivion for what you've done!" screamed Hermione. Her legs were in stirrups and God, it was uncomfortable. Beads of sweat rolled down her temples as she took quick breaths. She held Draco's hand in an iron grip, squeezing it with every ounce of strength she had, and Draco, well, he couldn't feel his hand anymore.

"Hermione, just breathe in and out. In and –"

"Don't you tell me to breathe in and out, you little –"

She screamed.

"Oh, don't worry, dear. She's not the first one in here screaming bloody murder at her husband," said Dr. Alexia with a slight chuckle. It always amused her to see what her patients would say to their husbands while giving birth. She was especially shocked when she first heard about the union of Hermione and Draco. The Daily Prophet and practically every newspaper and magazine featured stories about the unlikely pair for months, but the news abruptly stopped a week before their wedding. Rumours had it that Draco threatened to sack every single reported or journalist that wrote another story about them.

Imagine Dr. Alexia's surprise when Hermione and Draco found their way to her office and announced that they were expecting a baby.

"Sweet circe, is he coming out yet? THE PAIN IS JUST –"

Hermione let out a long moan. In other circumstances, this would have given Draco a completely different reaction, but now, it didn't even cross his mind.

"Isn't there something you can give her for the pain?" demanded Draco who looked like a deer in headlights. He knew next to nothing about giving birth!

"No! I want it to be all natural!" Hermione cut in with her eyes screwed shut in pain. She groaned and tightened her grip on Draco's hand.

Merlin, my hand feels like it's going to fall off!

"All natural, Mrs. Malfoy. I promised you that as long as there are no complications," replied Dr. Alexia.

Draco wiped the sweat off Hermione's face and stroked her hair.

"You can do this, Granger," he said soothingly. It's funny; he never stopped calling her Granger even after they got married.

"Alright. It's time. Now, I want you to push as hard as you can," instructed Dr. Alexia.

And Hermione pushed like her life depended on it.

Hours later, Draco Malfoy felt like he owned the world. In his arms, little Scorpius Eltanin Malfoy was swaddled in a yellow blanket and sweet Salazar, he was the most beautiful baby Draco had ever laid his eyes on. Scorpius still had his eyes closed, but Draco had a gut feeling that his eyes were just like Hermione's – brown and so full of life.

Just then, came a soft knock on the door.

"Come in," said Draco as loudly as he could without waking Hermione who was knocked out from exhaustion.

The door opened and in walked the Grangers.

"Mum, Dad," greeted Draco.

It took him awhile to get used to calling Hermione's parents that, but they insisted. He first met them a few weeks after Hermione was released from the hospital. The odd thing was that he flew out to Australia to find Hermione's parents without telling her. He found them, sat them down and told them the horrors of what happened. Not only did he tell them about the other world, he mentioned the second wizarding war as well. What Hermione tried to shield from them for their protection, he told without any hesitation. They had to know. Only then could they understand her motivations for hiding them in Australia, and they did.

"Oh, he's adorable!" gushed Tanya Granger. Draco couldn't agree more. Richard Granger ran his index finger along his grandson's chubby cheeks and beamed.

"He has Hermione's lips!" said Richard.

Draco transferred Scorpius into the arms of his mother-in-law, albeit a little reluctantly. He never wanted to let his son go. Just as he was about to wake Hermione, another knock came.

"Come in!" said Draco again.

A sea of red entered the room. The entire Weasley family and their own respective families were here, and rounding up the end were Harry and Ginny.

Hermione stirred. She opened her eyes slowly and saw the amount of people in her room. Pushing herself up with Draco's aid, she smiled and greeted them. But all she really wanted was to carry her baby. Tanya, sensing that, placed Scorpius comfortably in Hermione's arms and she cooed at him. Her heart just swelled with emotion.

"Bloody hell, he's got Malfoy's hair!" exclaimed Ron who stood beside the bed.

"Weasley, if you curse in front of my son again, I will hex you into the next century," warned Malfoy.

Hermione simply laughed. Gosh, she had everything she wanted and needed. Her parents were back in her life, and the Weasleys and Harry accepted Draco as part of their extended family now. Her relationship with Draco was growing stronger and healthier by the day and now, they have a son to call their own, the first of the rest that were coming in the future.

"Oh, Draco!" Hermione screamed as his fingers dove in and out of her body. She arched and lifted her hips, begging him to plunge in harder and deeper as his tongue swiped at her taut clit once, twice. Draco pumped another finger into her wet pussy and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. Her sweet taste was unlike anything Draco has ever tasted and he wanted more. He lapped at her entrance, not once slowing down the rhythm in which his fingers buried themselves in her, and she cried out in ecstasy.

Grasping onto his hair with her hand, she pushed his head closer and moaned, "More, Draco, more!"

He always made her body feel like it was on fire and this time was no different. Every touch, every tweak of her sensitive nipples, every lick along her slit, they just drove her mad with want. And she wanted more.

He rolled his tongue around her pink bead and flicked it.

"Oh, fuck me!" she howled, her eyes half-lidded with desire, pleasure and lust.

He smirked. His growing erection was begging to get some relief, but not yet. Not until he made her come at least once.

He teased it lightly, then he suckled on it and drove her over the edge.

"Yes, Draco! Don't stop! YES!"

"That's right, love. Come for me," Draco moaned, ignoring the pleas of his hard and thick length, instead concentrating on her pleasure. His pushed his fingers in and out of her slick core faster, harder, deeper. He latched onto her clit and resumed suckling. All the while, he enjoyed the guttural and throaty moans that escaped her beautiful, swollen lips.

Her hips buckled and she screamed.

"Oh, my God! Oh, yes!"

She arched and just as another wave of pleasure was coming over her, Draco reached his free hand up and gave her jewel hard nipples another tweak. She writhed under him, digging her nails into the mattress.

He flicked at her sensitive nub just as she was coming down from that immense pleasure and she jerked. She moaned again, softer this time, as Draco lapped the fluid that gushed out. He climbed up, stroked her pleasure-stricken face and positioned himself at her entrance.

"God, you're so beautiful, Hermione," he said as he thrust into her slowly. He filled her to the brim and pulled out, leaving just an inch in her.

"Please. Please, Draco," she whimpered in protest. She loved the way he stretched her, and it was cruel to take it away.

"As you wish, my love," he said as he pounded into her again. He picked up the pace, slamming into her again and again, enjoying the way her walls wrapped and squeezed his cock.

The rooms doors opened with a bang and Ginny stormed in.

"Honestly, Hermione and Draco! Scorpius is ready and you're still in.."

Her sentence hung in midair as she took in the sight before her. Draco and Hermione naked and fucking each other's brains out.

"What the fuck, Weasley! Haven't you heard of knocking!" screamed Draco as he somehow managed to throw the blanket over their exposed bodies.

"Oh, God, Gin," groaned Hermione.

Ginny just continued staring at the couple. It really was a sight to see – a good one at that.

"Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer," Draco said, annoyance heavily laced in his voice.

"Mama! Dada! Zoo!" screamed Scorpius as he ran unsteadily through the doors and into their room. Ginny swooped down and caught him in her arms before he was scarred for life.

"Come on, Scorpius. Your mum and dad are getting ready. We'll meet them downstairs in five minutes," she said, the latter obviously directed to Draco and Hermione. Ginny propped Scorpius on her hip and walked out the door, but not before throwing the couple a 'get out of bed before I hex you' look.

"Why is mama and dada nakey in bed, Aunt Ginny? I like being nakey too! Can I be nakey with them in bed?" They heard Scorpius ask Ginny. They couldn't hear Ginny's reply, though, Hermione had a hunch that Ginny's reply would be, "Why don't you ask your mama when she comes down?"

"You're going to find some excuse to give our son," said Hermione, trying to push Draco off her.

"Yes, yes. But before that, we have some unfinished business."

"Oh, no. You heard Gin, she's –"

His lips came crashing down on hers and he nipped at her lower lip, sending a shock of pleasure down her body. He rolled his hips into hers, causing her to let out another moan. Then he pushed himself off her with a smug look on his face and sauntered to the bathroom in all his naked glory.

"Git," Hermione mumbled as she followed suit.

Git, indeed. But she loved him, and he loved her. Through all the horrors that have happened to the both of them, their lives were finally as perfect as it can be, and they could only describe it one way – daylight through darkness.

Author's note: Wow, this is the end. It has been an amazing journey writing this story. I'm glad that I had supportive readers throughout, and you guys should know that I appreciate that very much. I'm happy with the way this fic turned out. I struggled at some point, to be honest. But I pushed through and the feeling is so rewarding. I want to thank all of you for spending your time to read this. As always, I have so much gratitude and appreciation for my beta, Christine. She has been patient and encouraging, and that goes a long way. While this is the end of Daylight Through Darkness, it's not the end of my writing! I'll still write more Dramione fics, I promise. If you have any plots/prompts for me, you can leave that in the reviews, or find me on tumblr (aerinngwen) and drop me an ask! With that being said, I hope this story has made its mark in some way! Review away if you have something to say/share! Have a happy and blessed new year! xx

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