Power, Absolute

The Reavers clawed at them through the almost non-existent door. Wooden panels had snapped off in a few places in the door, leaving splintered edges and gaping holes through which the Reavers tried to grab them.

Sam swatted the arm of one away a moment before it got to River, all the while using his weight to hold the door closed. He could picture how easy it would be to give into the demon blood in him and kill the Reavers all in one go. Alas, he could not allow himself.

"Do it," River said. "You can save us, Sam."

He grimaced, knowing that there was truth to her words. "River," he said. No argument followed for she knew his fears already – and she was right. She felt his fears as much as he did.

"It's the only way."

Another arm shot through. This time River pushed it away with her very big knife. Blood spurted at them as the Reaver pulled back and screeched.

"We can hold them off like this," he said, nodding. "There can't be too many of them."

River cocked her head to the side and gave him a look that clearly demonstrated that he was being a moonbrain. The Reavers would eventually find a way past their defences and get in. Then, he and River would be screwed. Basically. They had only neutralised two before they found this hideaway.

Sam sighed. The odds weren't good. They were left with only one option. He clamped his eyes shut and then opened them again. Then, he put his hand out in front of him and focused on the closest Reaver he could see.

He could feel the power inside of him as it surged through his fingertips. Power, absolute. His powers, ready to follow his every whim; what he directed it toward, it achieved. At the same time, he senses a change in River.

They shared a look. Two weapons, two forces. But would it be enough?

They attacked.

Sam crawled from the debris left behind by the fight. He made his way over to the lone figure left standing, and put an arm around her shoulders. "We did it," he said. And that, they did, even if he was covered in scratches and a few deep cuts, blood spilling from his wounds. None of it was life threatening though, somehow, even though they should both have perished. "We're alive."