The Latios chaser

Chapter 1

Part 1: The legend begins

Who am I? You may ask, nobody significant, of course, or else you would have heard about me from somewhere. I'm just your average trainer; a little better than the average trainer, maybe, that's all there is to say now. A little rule building before the actual story, for this story, it's assumed that beating the Pokémon Gyms and travelling and all takes month, not hours, month, then it'll all make sense and will feel normal. (I mean seriously, you travel the whole state/region in what, 16hours?) The timeline for this story starts at some time after the time Ethan Gold got his 7th badge and was fighting off team rocket in Goldenrod.

Now let's get down to business.

*Are you a boy or a girl?*


Let's start with where it all began, no, not Pallet Town, nor Newbark Town or any other town that you may expect one to start journeys, I live in Blackthorn City, the home for dragon trainers, yup, you heard right, Blackthorn, home of the toughest Gym in Johto. I guess how it really started was my fetish for Dragon types, which… I guess every kid growing up under the effect of Lance and Clair's aura has as well. Oh, I realized I haven't really introduced myself, I'm Kira, 14 years old, on my 15th year, I have curled orange-brown hair—which gets really annoying when they're long— and brown eyes. I'm someone that you can call a nerd, I know of every Dragon type in Johto like the back of my hand (which isn't hard, only the Dratini-Dragonite evolution chain and Kingdra) as well as any Dragon type moves. I don't really have any close friends; I guess my mind just works out of step with everyone else's. Which is probably the reason why I liked to be alone all the time, I guess it's also the reason why I joined the Blackthorn gym as a Dragonkeeper apprentice, to get stronger and more independent.

As I trained, I found out that I was advancing faster than my peers, a "natural" at Pokémon training, as some of the higher ranked gym trainers call me. Maybe it's because I spend almost all of my time with my Horsea, training it, getting to know it better. Why did I pick Horsea as a starter? I didn't have a choice, Dragonkeepers work somewhat different from normal trainers that registers in the Pokémon League, the Dragonkeeper apprentices were given a Horsea as a starter and is then assigned to train under a specific senior Dragonkeeper, by senior I meant those with more advanced rankings. It's a pretty competitive system that keeps Blackthorn at the top, it also resulted in weekly ranking battles within the gym trainers, aka the Dragonkeepers and the apprentices, those above a certain rank will be allowed to represent the gym and face challengers.

So one of these days, I was reading up about Horsea evolutions at home when something caught my eye. That something flashed past the window of my apartment in a blur of white and green, and possibly made a sonic boom. Wow, I thought to myself, what was that? I leaned out of the window to see if it's still there, I didn't realize that getting more than half of your body out of the window could potentially result in a very painful fall, I was just so focused on that white-green blur, oh, by the way, did I mention that my apartment was on the 17th floor?

So I fell.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh—*cough**inhale*Ahhhh—Wha—huh?" You know, sometimes, being a lightweight guy has its advantages, for example, getting caught nicely by that white-green blur. Then it all went kind of hazy until that blur stopped— at the small grass patch in the middle of a lake. I fell off its back, looking dazed until I felt a hand patting my head; I looked up, and saw a… how could I describe it? It has a streamlined body, wings, and it was hovering, and… did I mention it was white and green in color? Oh and it kind of looked like an elongated arrow "Whoaaa! What are you?" Then I realized that was not a really nice way to a… Pokémon (I guess) that just saved my life. "Erm, hi, I'm erm Kira. What's your name?" I was still pretty dazed.

It responded with a gentle nudge on my stomach with its head prompting me to stand up. I sat up and stared at the strange Pokémon, wondering what type it is, from its shape, I guess it's probably a Dragon type, a weird one but still has the key distinctive features of a Dragon type, but then again, there are those that don't follow all these key characteristics I've learnt while undergoing Dragonkeeper apprentice training—one example would be the famed water-flying type, Gyarados. "Hey erm, are you a Dragon, by any chance?" I asked the strange Pokémon. It nodded, excited by this finding, I began to ask more questions, which ended with, "What gender are you?" You see although most trainers have this omnipotent thing called the Pokédex, the Dragonkeepers, like before, work somewhat differently, to the Pokémon league, I'm just another normal kid, not even a registered trainer. So since only registered trainers get a Pokédex to help their journey, I don't have a Pokédex to tell me all the information about this strange Pokémon.

"Say, is it okay if I call you 'Arrow'? Because you kinda look like one." I asked the Pokémon.

It gave me a weird look, but nodded its head in the end.

"Okay then I'll call you Arrow! Hi Arrow! Nice to meet you!" Which earned me another weird look from the Pokémon—I mean Arrow.

I was going to ask more questions but I was interrupted. "Hey you! What are you doing there?" I looked to the lake and saw a red-haired trainer approaching on a surfing Feraligatr. He couldn't be more than a year older than me but wow, a Feraligatr? Wow, that's pretty advanced.

"Oh erm hi, I was just getting to know my … friend here!" I pointed at Arrow.

"Your… Friend? Oh, you mean your Pokémon partner, which means you are a trainer, hey, you know what? I challenge you to a battle!" He smirked.

"Erm well, erm… well, Arrow here isn't really my partner, and I'm not an official trainer," I answered sheepishly.

"You look trainer-ish enough, come on! Feraligatr! Go! Ice Jaw!" He initiated the fight with that.

"Whoa! Wait!" But Arrow already charged in, it dodged to the right, making the Ice Jaw miss, reared up, and did a Dragonbreath.

The Feraligatr was knocked out instantly.

"What the… Useless weak Pokémon, return, Grr… Go! Haunter! Confuse Ray!"

But before the Haunter could do anything, a series of light flashes hit it, and it too, fainted.

At this point any sane trainer would have just stopped and begged for mercy, but no, this red haired guy just won't quit, so I watched in awe as Arrow single handedly destroyed his entire team.

"You'll pay for this!" Was the thing he said when he paid me 1200 Pokédollars as losing fee. "I'm Silver; remember it, 'cos I'll beat you one day."

"Ok, I'll remember it. By the way, I'm Kira. Let's have my rematch when I have my Pokémon with me—like I said, Arrow isn't my starter." I totally have no idea how big the damage his pride took.

"Humph." Was his response before surfing away on his injured Feraligatr.

That was two month ago, I've matured since then, and Arrow is all but a memory. One that I kept revisiting.


"Oh wow Arrow, you're awesome!" I remembered myself exclaiming after that battle. "You know, we could totally be a team! We could even beat the elite four and become champions! What do you say Arrow?"

Arrow just stared with its weird look, however this time I can see some disappointment in these almond-shaped eyes.

"Arrow, I'm serious! We can even beat Lance!"

Arrow did not respond, but picked me up, tossed me on its back and flew me back to Blackthorn City.

"Arrow?" I was a bit surprised, but then Arrow took out an egg, where it took it out from, I have no idea.

"Huh? You want me to have that?" I asked in surprise. Arrow nodded, handed me the egg, and flew off, I looked at Arrow's disappearing silhouette, looked back at the egg, mouth slightly open, but nothing came out. What was that all about? Did Arrow want me to raise this whatever is in this egg?

With my brain full trying to figure out what just happened exactly, I didn't even notice that I had walked to my house, I paused at the door, realized that I didn't bring my keys out when I fell out the window. I slapped my forehead and knocked on the door, my Mum came out the door with a worried look on her face, "Oh my god, sweetie! Where were you? Do you have any idea how worried I was? What if—(insert the endless verbal tirade of how I could have met with various accidents by Mum)"

"I was with erm —"How was I supposed to tell her some Pokémon entrusted me with an egg? Then I realized the fact that the very first wild Pokémon that I had possibly made friends with just left me. I managed to give a smile, said, "It's nothing Mum, I was just daydreaming and walking aimlessly again. I found an egg though." I felt like crying inside.


"KIRA! KIIIIRAAAA! Stop daydreaming! You have training to do!" Clair shouted and snapped me back to reality.

"Yes, yes, doing that now," My mentor's away on some trip that he won't tell me, so I'm stuck under Clair for now, not that I'm complaining though, training under Clair gives you results but… she's such a slave-driver! Today… Is the day that I'm going to make Vibrava's Sand Tomb perfect in order to start learning advanced moves like Dragon Pulse and such. "Okay, don't mess this up now Vibrava, Sand tomb!" With connections between the different regions increasing, we've got all sorts of new Dragon Pokémon from other regions coming in, so, as one of the guinea pigs, I've decided to choose Trapinch from Hoenn as my starter when I've won enough ranking battles to qualify as a rookie rank Dragonkeeper, and now, I'm one of the rare Dragon-ground type Keeper. Vibrava's sand tomb missed, I cursed, "Again!" As always, perfecting new move-sets on non-moving targets are a chore at the very least, not to mention boring. If it wasn't a must-train move in order to get Vibrava to learn the all-mighty Earthquake, I would not even bother.

Today is exactly two month after I saw Arrow, after my encounter with Arrow, I guess I got even weirder, I usually would be found staring out that same window, hoping to see that familiar white and green blur whishing past, hoping to ask what exactly should I do with the egg. Although after doing intensive research and getting the information on every other region's Pokémon, I still have no idea what Arrow is, maybe it is a never-before-seen Pokémon, maybe… I kept wondering… And the egg? It is still as solid as a rock, nothing changed about it.

Vibrava's sand tomb hit the target (finally!) , "Okay Clair, Vibrava's attacks hit, what now?" I half-shouted at Clair over the noise of the other gym trainers, they're training as well, some are making sure that their Dragonair masters the gym's signature move, Dragon Pulse, these guys are all way more advanced than me, other Keeper-apprentices are making their Horsea shoot Waterguns into the lava that constitutes this entire gym's lower floor (what's the point of that anyway?)

"Practice makes perfect! Keep doing it until it hits 100%!" She shouted back.

Yep, slave-driver, most definitely.

"We have a challenger! Chaaaalleeeennnngeerrr!" Screamed our PA system.

Every gym trainer stopped their training and snapped to attention, someone who dares to challenge the so-claimed toughest gym in Johto would be no pushover. Although Clair did lose to some guy with a Thyphlosion a week before, which is probably the reason she is putting us through this tough training regimen.

The challenger stepped in.

"So this is the famed Blackthorn city gym, now who wants to lose first?" My eyes widened, that red hair, that same smirk, could it be?

"Si—Silver?" I was shocked, I didn't think the trainer that Arrow completely destroyed would be showing up here, well then again it has been two MONTH. And two month of training work miracles. Of course, my voice was covered up by a sea of angry retorts from the gym trainers.

"Don't get too cocky! We gym trainers are tough!" and other similar stuff.

"Hmm what's going on? You know that challenger?" One of the other Keeper-apprentice and my neighbor, Lynn, asked me.

"Erm no, oh wait, I mean yes, well, he's more like… An acquaintance, I sort of won him in a battle once about two month ago. That's about it really." For some reason, every time I talk to Lynn, I get really nervous and start stammering. But I digress.

So the challenge begins, being non-high-ranked trainers, Lynn and I are stuck in the basement of the Gym, we can't actually participate in the Challenger battles or we risk ruining the Gym's reputation as the toughest one in Johto. Anyway, even if I battled him, I wouldn't have a chance, my team, as of now, consists of three Pokémon, my dragon starter, Vibrava—evolved from Trapinch, my starter, Seadra—evolved from Horsea, and the odd-gold-colored Charmander, which was hatched from this Pokémon egg given to me by Lance as recognition of "The most promising rookie trainer." When I won the inter Keeper-apprentice finals last month. So, three Pokémon, Vibrava, Seadra and Charmander. Which would have absolutely zero percent chance of winning against a team of Feraligatr, Ganger (oh the Haunter evolved), Magneton and probably the evolved form of Golbat and the other two Pokémon that he didn't send out yet.

From the display screen on the wall, Silver is actually doing quite well against the gym trainers, most of the high-ranked Dragonkeeper couldn't even hold 5 minutes against him, from what I've seen, the battles usually proceeds like this, Feraligatr uses Ice Jaw to 1HKO the Dragonair, then he switches to Magneton and roasts the Seadra.

"Wow, he's pretty good, are you sure you beat him two month ago? Shouldn't it be the other way round?" Being the curious one, Lynn started asking questions, again.



"I had… unexpected help, and he wasn't so strong then, if I recalled correctly," Yea, unexpected help as in this powerful unknown Dragon-type Pokémon I named Arrow.

"So what was th—" She suddenly stopped talking. While we were talking, Silver finished the battle with the remaining gym trainers and is currently making his way to Clair, the atmosphere got tense and Lynn stopped asking questions, which was a relief because I didn't want to talk about Arrow now. We held our breaths, as Silver approached Clair.

"So you made it this far, I am Clair, the world's best Dragon-type master.(Yea right…I bet she totally forgot about Lance.) I can hold my own against even the Pokémon League's Elite Four, do you still want to take me on?" Clair asked Silver.

"Of course, I didn't come all the way here for nothing, Clair! I challenge you!" Silver shouted.

"…Fine. Let's do this! As a Gym Leader, I will use my full power against any opponents!" With that, the battle began.

"Go! Gengar!" Silver shouted as he pulled out a Pokéball and tossed it in the air.

"Gyarados!" As always, Clair chose to send out Gyarados as her first Pokémon.

Silver doesn't even look a little bit intimidated before the huge water Dragon. "A Gyarados eh, easy. Gengar! Thunderbolt!" Gengar began to spark and let lose a Thunderbolt.

"Gyarados! Dodge it!" Clair shouted, but Gengar was too fast for Gyarados, it took the Thunderbolt full force and swayed on the spot for a moment, before falling to the ground with a huge "CRASH" sound, smoking.

That Gengar was so fast! I thought to myself.

"No matter," Clair said, pulling out another Pokéball, "It won't be easy now!" she looked at the Pokéball in her hand for a moment, "Dragonair! Take the battle!" and let out one of the most elegant dragon types.

"What makes you think it won't be easy? Feraligatr!" The familiar hulking blue figure appeared from its Pokéball.

"Dragonair, Thunderwave!" This time, Clair initiated the battle, Dragonair began to charge a blue-colored spark on top of its head.

"Feraligatr! Dodge and use Ice Jaw!" Feraligatr failed to dodge the Thunderwave, and got paralyzed.

"Take this chance! Dragonair, Dragon Pulse!" Dragonair opened its mouth and let out a shock wave. Being paralyzed, Feraligatr was hit by that Dragon Pulse, it crashed to the floor.

"Feraligatr! Stand up! NOW!" I heard Silver shout.

"Hey Kira, was that Silver guy so mean to his Pokémon before?" Lynn asked me.

"Well I don't know, maybe he's caught up in the moment, anyway, let's just watch the battle, it's getting exciting." I brushed her off.

I turned my head back to the screen just as Dragonair was knocked out by an ice beam, What? I looked closely at Silver's Pokémon, he had this black Pokémon out, and from the Ice Beam I just saw, it's probably an ice type.

"That was a fluke, Dragonair!" Clair sent out her second Dragonair.

"Oh come on, you know that if I can defeat your Dragonair once with Sneasel, I can do it again." Silver smirked. So that black Pokémon was called Sneasel.

And like what Silver foretold, Dragonair was defeated by another Ice beam launched from Sneasel.

"One Pokémon left? This is where the REAL battle begins!" I sensed a hint of agitation in her voice as she sent out her Kingdra.

"Sure, keep telling yourself that. Go Gengar!" Silver put on his smirk again, returned Sneasel, and sent out the Ghost type again. "Shadow ball!" Silver ordered Gengar.

"Surf! And follow up with an Ice beam!" I could tell that Clair has a foul mood now, she has that mood whenever she was going to lose.

Although the Ice beam managed to catch Gengar by surprise, Gengar's Shadow ball managed to graze Kingdra as well, Kingdra looked pretty worn from that attack.

Seeing Kingdra's condition, Clair became desperate. "You're kidding, right? I—I was supposed to win! I've already decided!" I shook my head, it's over. Sure enough, Kingdra went down when another round of Thunderbolt from Gengar hit it.

"I lost…? I don't believe it. Th—there must have been some mistake" Clair was pretty shaken.

"It's no mistake, Dragon-master." Came Silver's sarcastic reply.

"Alright, here's the rising badge," She took out a Dragon head shaped badge from a case full of similar badges, "I usually would have sent you to the Dragon's Den for a test before giving you the badge, but…" She trailed off. I guess it has something to do with that other trainer with a Thyphlosion she sent off to meet the elder a week before.

"Humph, so much for the so-claimed strongest gym in the region." Silver took the badge, the reward money and left with an arrogant smirk.

"You know Kira, I don't really like him, He's a big jerk for insulting us!" Lynn's face was slightly red from anger, with looked quite cute, oh wait, what was I thinking?

"Ah, yes, he…he's not the nicest guy, that's for sure." I stammered, slightly embarrassed by my thoughts.

Lynn just stared at me questioningly.

To my relief, the day—what's left of it— passed without much incident.


That night, I just couldn't sleep, so I changed out of my pajamas into my usual wear, jeans and a shirt, since it was cold out, I put on my jacket as well. I carefully stepped out of the house, making sure that my Pokéball belt doesn't make too much noise, else my Mum would wake up and god knows what she is going to say. Once outside, I began walking aimlessly, just to tire myself out so I can fall asleep. I saw some patches of tall grass, which I thought was weird, how can there be any tall grass in the town—

"Oh." I did a facepalm, "Nice going genius"; I said to myself, I lied down on the grass, looking at the stars that dot the skies of Johto, enjoying the stars and the night in the mountains.

"Talking to oneself, now that's one of the early signs of insanity." I jumped up and spun around, and saw Lynn standing behind me, smiling, she is wearing a pink sweatshirt and tight fitting jeans.

"Lynn? What are you doing here?" I asked her.

"Can't sleep, Clair's battle with Silver just kept coming up in my brain for some reason." She said. "Same there?"

"Yea, I was thinking, we shouldn't stay like this anymore, we should get stronger as well, Clair can't cover for us forever, as we witnessed these few weeks." I said while lying down again.

"So what do you want to do?" she said, lying down and turning her body to face me to talk to me better. I stared at the stars, and said, "I feel like we should start our own chapters, you know, like participating in the Pokémon league and stuff." I turned around, and found my face inches from hers. I blinked a few times, realized how intimate that position was, then turned around with a flushed face.

"What's wrong Kira? Something wrong with my face?"

"Y—yea…I mean, no, anyway, ahem, like I just said, we should get stronger and not depend on Clair to train us, so the fastest way would be to travel Johto and take on the Pokémon league challenge," I considered for a moment before asking, "Soyouwannacomewithme?" I blurted out.

"Sorry, what?"

"Nevermind." I let out a sigh.

After that we began to talk about other things, like how our neighbors fought, how cute was her Horsea and other boring stuff that I'm sure you won't want to hear about. We didn't even notice the point that we fell asleep.

The next morning started with Lynn shaking me and half-shouting, "Kira WAKE UP! It's 10.42!"

"5 more minutes, Mum", I turned in bed and found myself breathing in mud, MUD? I woke up instantly, "Yuck! Mud? Oh man." I wiped my nose, but ended up having my whole face full of dried mud.

"Come on! Let's go!" Lynn grabbed my hand and started dragging me back to Blackthorn.

At Blackthorn, she dashed off before I can even ask her to find out what's going on. I sneaked home, finding my Mum's door still closed, I breathed out a sigh of relief, now to bathe and change my—

"Kira, what happened to your clothes? And why is your face full of mud?" Dammit. Guess there's no escaping, I told her how Clair's loss led to my insomnia, which made me think about my life and the noble conclusion that I came up with, carefully leaving the part about Lynn keeping me company.

"So good of you to have thought about your life, Kira, I was getting worried that your life goal was to be a gym trainer" My Mum suddenly turned loving, "I'll go ask Clair to give you permission to leave the Gym and start on your own adventure; after all, we were—are best friends when we were training to be a Dragonkeeper."

I felt my mouth open slightly. "Thanks, Mum, really appreciate it." Was the only thing my shocked self said. Mum and Clair were best friends? She is a Dragonkeeper! My second thought was, doesn't Clair have some gym leaving test? I had better start preparing then!


A/N Well that's it for chapter 1/Prologue, this is my take on the "My life as a Pokémon trainer" challenge by perfect oblivion combined with some ideas from a friend. Kira's pretty much based on myself, Lynn's based on my GF when she was still my crush (no, really, she really was oblivious on such stuff), Kira's mum is well, based on my mum. Would really appreciate some reviews! Oh I welcome grammar Nazis too :D