The Latios Chaser

Chapter 6

Part I: The Legend begins

"The wind is finally with us…"Falkner said, holding the Pokéball close to his chest for a moment before throwing it.

A huge bird came out of the Pokéball, my eyes widened with recognition, a Pidgeot!

The huge bird screeched loudly, spread its magnificent wings and hovered in front of Falkner, who was smirking slightly.

"So this is his trump card… Sparky can you continue?" I asked the panting Pikachu, Sparky wiped the mud off its eyes and nodded, I turned to Lynn, "Lynn, I need you to cooperate with me on this, we can't beat this guy by pure force."

"Then use Flygon!" Lynn hissed at me.

I looked at Sparky. "Not yet… I want to try something."

Pidgeot started flapping its wings and a strong wing started to blow, grabbing our attention, I watched in awe as each flap of its magnificent wings generated more wind.

"Kira snap out of it!" Lynn yelled over the howling wind that Pidgeot is producing, "Ea don't stop your barrage, keep that Noctowl down!"

I shook my head, "Sparky, whatever it's doing, don't let it do it! Thunderbolt!"

Sparky nodded and shot out a powerful bolt of electricity at the hovering Pidgeot.

"Noctowl! Block it with Light Screen! Protect Pidgeot at all costs!" Falkner exclaimed.

The Light Screen Noctowl was putting up seemed to materialize on its own for a split second, protecting the now moving Noctowl from the Swift barrage Ea was putting up. It flew towards Pidgeot and materialized yet another Light Screen in front of Pidgeot, which blocked Sparky's Thunderbolt.

Correction—almost blocking Sparky's Thunderbolt.

Being conjured up in a hurry, the Light Screen wasn't as sturdy as the one before, it seemingly stopped the Thunderbolt, but was shattered by the sheer force from the attack, the Thunderbolt continued towards the Pidgeot, which was still gathering more wind, Noctowl swiftly positioned itself in front of Pidgeot and took the entire Thunderbolt attack by itself.

It shrieked in pain and dropped a few meters, before flapping its wings and rising up again.

"Ea, Quick Attack into a Flame Wheel at the Pidgeot! Knock it down!" Lynn seemed to understand the 'co-operation' part.

Noctowl flew in quickly to block Ea, taking on another full force attack. Ea dropped back onto the pathway, while Noctowl steadied itself in front of Pidgeot, determination all over its face.

"Darn it! That Noctowl feels like some kind of wall! Why is it protecting Pidgeot so much?" I frowned, Falkner's lips suddenly twitched upwards, oh crap, "Sparky, get back! Lynn! Get Ea out of there!" I shouted.

"Pidgeot! Now, Hurricane!" Falkner exclaimed, putting his hand in front of him, as if aiming Pidgeot's attack.

"Ea, get away! Quickly!" Lynn shouted desperately.

I watched helplessly as Ea and Sparky struggled escape from the monstrous tornado Pidgeot whipped up, although they are doing their best to outrun the tornado, they were still caught in it, the monstrous tornado swept both Ea and Sparky up into the air, Lynn gasped and covered her eyes.

"Sparky! Try to break the tornado! Use Shockwave!" I shouted over the loud howling noises that came from the Hurricane attack.

While in the air, Sparky began to spark again. I think I saw Falkner's mouth moving a bit, as the entire battlefield was lit up by a blinding yellow light from the Shockwave attack.

As the light and wind died down, I saw Ea collapse on the platform, knocked out. Sparky was on the platform, panting, worn out from taking on Pidgeot's attack and doing a Shockwave at the same time. Both Noctowl and Pidgeot were on the platform too, did Sparky knock them out?

"Aerial Ace."

My eye widened as Pidgeot sprang up all of a sudden, "Sparky, dod—!" But Sparky was too drained after executing shock wave, it barely even turned to face Pidgeot when Pidgeot dived in and sent it flying backwards, it landed on the edge of the platform, knocked out, "—ge…"

"Roost," Falkner said with a slight smirk, "It allows bird Pokémon to recover their strength and removes the Flying type attribute from them for a while."

"Which means the damage from Sparky's Shockwave just now was cut down by half…" I finished the sentence for him, returning Sparky to its Pokéball, "Good job buddy…"

"Yes, did you honestly think that after so many defeats at the hands of electric type Pokémon we didn't come up with any countermeasures?" He continued with that light smirk of his.

"Not for one second…" I muttered as I grabbed Flygon's Pokéball, eyeing the Pidgeot, "Flygon, Earthquake!"

Flygon materialized out of its Pokéball and immediately sent a large fissure moving towards the two bird Pokémon.

"Noctowl, Pidgeot, Fly!" Falkner shouted immediately.

Noctowl sprang into the air in a flash but Pidgeot moved with some difficulty.

"Pidgeot, what's wrong?" Falkner winced as Pidgeot was engulfed in the fissure, taking damage.

"One thing I've learned from Wattson is that, the Static ability of certain electric types can become real useful, or annoying, sometimes," I feel like it's my turn to smirk, "While your Pidgeot did indeed knock Sparky out, Sparky's Static ability paralyzed your Pidgeot, and now…" I directed my palm at Pidgeot, "Flygon, finish it! Dragon Claw!"

"Noctowl, don't let it near Pidgeot!"

As Flygon charged in on the paralyzed Pidgeot, Noctowl positioned itself in front of Pidgeot again, blocking it off.

"Okay Flygon, change of target, grab Noctowl with your Dragon Claw and if you can do an Earthquake at the same time!"

"Noctowl dodge that Dragon Claw and use Psychic to stop Flygon! Pidgeot, Fly! Come on!"

Noctowl swirled around and tried to dodge Flygon's Dragon Claw, but Flygon is faster than it, Flygon caught Noctowl in its glowing claws and went right down. Smashing Noctowl on the platform and sending another wave of fissure towards Pidgeot just as it started to flap its wings. A cloud of dust erupted from the Platform and Flygon flew out of it, leaving Noctowl and Pidgeot knocked out on the Platform.

Falkner was left speechless.

"Uh, Kira?" I heard Lynn call out to me.

"What, Lynn? Come on, send out Horsea, one more Pokémon to go and we'll win!" I said without turning back at her.

"Urm, you might want to look around you…"

"Huh?" I looked away from the battlefield and gulped, as a result of Flygon using Earthquake on a platform made out of wood, the platform has cracks of various sizes forming on it, and some are growing longer and wider by the moment.

Flygon landed on the platform.

Oh crap.

Having a 180 pound Dragon landing on an already cracking platform is definitely not a good idea. The cracking process escalated and huge cracks began to form on the platform.

"Flygon!" I called out at Flygon and jumped on to it just as the platform under my feet gave away, "That was close..." I said with a sigh. Is Lynn okay? I looked around, but she was nowhere to be found.

"Kiraaaaaaaa!" Oh no, oh no no no no no.

"Lynn!" I directed Flygon downwards towards the source of the voice, "You can do this, right? Flygon!" Flygon answered with a high pitched roar and dived downwards.

Lynn was dropping straight through the air with the wooden splinters, flailing her arms.

"Lynn! Grab my hand!" I reached out towards her as Flygon adjusted its speed to match Lynn's falling speed. Lynn reached out and grabbed onto my hand.

I started to pull her in, "Don't worry, I'll get us through this!" I said reassuringly at Lynn,

Then I felt the tug of gravity and slipped off Flygon.

I ended up falling along with Lynn.

"Kira, you idiot! If you want to save me, save me properly!" Lynn closed her eyes and screamed.

"Dammit, Flygon!" I yelled for Flygon as I fell through the air. Flygon swopped in low and caught both Lynn and I on its back.

Flygon landed on the ground level of the gym and looked at me with disappointment, if a Dragon could sigh, it would do it now.

I got off Flygon and found myself panting with sharp inhalations in between. Lynn was sitting on Flygon with a dazed look.

"You two okay?" Falkner asked as he stepped off a metallic looking bird Pokémon.

"Yea…" I said, still panting slightly, "Lynn? You hurt anywhere?"

"Huh?" Lynn looked up, "Uh, no…"

"So we're all good…" I muttered to Falkner.

"That's good," Falkner put his hands on his hips, "The battle can't continue as the battle arena is destroyed," He turned looked disappointedly at the metallic bird Pokémon that he got off, "But I've seen enough, I'll bow out gracefully, or would you rather we resume the battle somewhere else?" He turned back and smiled.

"Huh?" I think I didn't quite get that… Did he just say… "I'll take the badge," I grinned at him.

"Kira we won!" Lynn suddenly woke up from her trance, jumped down from Flygon, and started hugging me.

"U-uh, Lynn—I—" Oh great, here comes the tomato face…

Falkner looked at Lynn and me with an amused face.

"Wait, you mean you two started the League challenge without proper badge cases?" Falkner said disbelievingly.

"Uh, yea, sorry about that," I said sheepishly.

We returned to the gym after Falkner made some 'emergency cleanup' of the gym, which mostly included clearing the fallen wooden platform.

"Good thing we're prepared then, Rod!" Falkner called for a Gym trainer, turned out he's the one that threatened to push me off that platform.

"Yes Falkner?" Rod came up and asked in a sincere tone that I can't really picture him using.

"Get two badge cases from the storage room."

"But, Falkner, you didn't lose!" Rod looked to be completely shattered from the news.

"We can't continue that battle like this, and they've done enough to earn the badge," Falkner said in a formal tone.

"If you say so…" Rod glared at me before going to the storage room. Like I've done anything wrong… Besides demolishing the platform…

"Sorry about that, Rod holds me in the highest regard, so beating me is like breaking his perfect image of me," Falkner turned back to us and said apologetically.


"What a douche," Lynn crossed her arms and huffed.

Both Falkner and I burst out laughing.

Rod soon came back, he handed Falkner two badge cases and left, but not before giving me another glare.

"For pity's sake," Falkner said as he watched Rod walking away, "Alright, now that everything's settled," Falkner reached into his Kimono and took out two gray badges shaped like wings handed them to us along with the badge cases. "This is the official Pokémon League badge, Zephyr Badge, It enables you to use the hidden move Rock Smash anytime outside of battle."

"Wow, thanks," I took the badge from him and stared admiringly at it. My first official gym badge… I heard Lynn giggling beside me.

"Oh, before I forget," Falkner said suddenly, "Here, take this with you."

He handed both Lynn and I a CD case that is similar to the ones Wattson and the Elder gave me.

"By using a TM, a Pokémon will instantly learn a new move," he said with a small nod. "Think before you act—a TM can be used only once. The TM I gave you contains Roost. It restores about half the strength of the Pokémon using it and negates the flying type attribute from the one using it."

"Yea, I know, you've already told me before, remember?" I put my hand on my hips, remembering that little incident a while ago that almost made me think that I'll lose.

He smiled himself, and said, "There are Pokémon Gyms in cities and towns ahead. You should make good use of them. As for your next move… I suggest Azalea Town or Goldenrod City. For now, I'm going to rebuild the gym and train even harder, the journey to become the greatest Bird Keeper of all isn't complete yet!"

"Azalea or Goldenrod, huh…" I quieted down, thinking about which gym to challenge next.

"Goldenrod?" Lynn could barely contain the excitement in her voice, "That's where the department store is! Let's go shopping!"

"…How did you know that?" I raised an eyebrow. As far as I know, she had never stepped out of Blackthorn ever since we became neighbors about six or seven years ago, "Don't tell me you got that from regional history, because I'm very sure that they don't teach such stuff."

"I did move in to Blackthorn from Goldenrod, silly," Lynn suddenly looked down, "When my Father…"

"Ah yes! Goldenrod! Uh, shopping! Yes! Uh, bye Falkner!" I quickly put up a cheerful face and said that loudly while pushing Lynn out of the gym.

Once outside, I turned to face Lynn, "Lynn, don't cry, it's okay… Uh…" I struggled to find words to comfort her, "You said shopping, right?" I put on an unconvincing smile.

"Kira, I…" Lynn looked up with teary eyes, for real this time, "I miss him…"

"Uh, it's okay… Lynn… It's okay…" I said again lamely, dammit why does the part of my brain that houses vocabulary malfunctions when I'm in situations like this? "I'm here, right?" I smiled and put my hands on her shoulder. I heard that's supposed to be comforting…

"Kira…" Lynn hugged me suddenly and cried into my chest.

"It's alright… It's alright…" I returned the hug and stroke her hair slowly, although I can feel my face burning from her close contact.

"Don't leave me too, okay, Kira?" Lynn looked up and sniffed.

I could feel my face heating up even more from her words, "Uh, yea of course, I won't leave you, I like you…as a friend." I quickly added in the last part.

"I knew I've chosen a good friend," Lynn slowly wiped the tears off her eyes and smiled, "I'm okay now Kira… You can let go of me now."

"Hm? Oh uh o—okay," I quickly loosened my embrace. I think my face is so red that it's visible a mile off.

"Let's go back to the Pokécenter, I need to heal Ea."

"Y-yea, Sparky needs healing too…"

"Alright, now we can go shopping!" Lynn said excitedly as we walked through the streets of Violet city, having just left the Pokémon center.

I glanced at her with of the corner of my eye, is she pretending that whatever that happened just now didn't happen?

"It's actually quite far away," I said, looking at my Pokégear, "We'll have to go through two routes and… a National Park? It should take us another 5 or 6 hours' worth of trekking to go there."

"Nope we won't," Lynn said with a wink, "There are shuttle buses that fetch people from different cities to Goldenrod Department store to shop, so if we get on that, we should be able to get there really quickly!"

"Really?" Why does Lynn always seems to know stuff that I don't?

"Yes, now all we have to do is to go to the bus stop," Lynn did a 360 turn, and her shoulders fell, "I just don't know where it is…"

"Well I'm sure we can find it," I said with a smile, "Let's ask around."

"Excuse me!" yelled someone, which surprised me, we turned to look behind us and saw a man running up to us, he was wearing a gray button-up shirt and brown pants, looking like a typical store clerk.

"I'm sorry to have startled you, but do you two know where the shuttle bus to Goldenrod City is?" He came up to us, panting.

Lynn and I both shook our heads in response, "Sorry, but we're kind of looking for it ourselves." I smiled apologetically at the man.

"Oh…" He looked disappointed, "This is supposed to be my first day at work, I recently got a job at the department store, they told me that there are shuttle buses that run from every city, but I just can't find it!" He threw his hands up in exasperation.

"How about—"I was going to suggest that we look for it together when his Pokégear started ringing.

"WHERE. THE HELL. ARE YOU?" Although the Pokégear wasn't on loudspeaker mode, Lynn and I can hear it loud and clear, I feel sorry for the man's ears.

"Uh, s-sorry boss, I can't find the shuttle bus in Violet City," the man stammered into the Pokégear.

Whatever I heard next is too vulgar for anyone, but let's just say the man got one hell of a verbal bombardment.

"Hey, erm, you okay?" Lynn went up to the now silent man.

"Y-yes, I'm okay, and the bus stop is there," He pointed at the road leading out of the city, "It's at route 36, no wonder I can't find it…"

"Then let's go," I said, steadied my backpack and started walking towards route 36.

"Right behind you!" Lynn ran up to me cheerfully. The man followed us with a worried look.

"Hey don't worry!" I put a hand on his shoulder, "The most they'll do is to dock your pay for the day or something, since it's already afternoon."

"Thanks," The man looked up and smiled, "Let's hurry, you don't want to miss your bus."

"Okay, let's go," We ran towards the bus stop, now visible and already has a bus stopped there.

I would love to tell you about the bus ride to Goldenrod city, with all the scenery and stuff, but I fell asleep the moment I found a seat on the bus, so I missed everything on the way.

"Why do you have to sleep every time?" Lynn asked me, we're taking the elevator from the underground parking complex that the bus stopped.

"Well, I'm not the one with the window seat, right? So I got bored, and when I get bored, I sleep, simple." I yawned.

"You missed all the scenery! National park was so beautiful!" Lynn said with an exaggerated tone.

"I'm sure we can see it again," I continued in my bored tone.

"Whatever, for now, let's go shopping!" Lynn pulled me by hand and dragged me through the huge store. Sparky came out of its Pokéball and followed along as well.

Why does it not surprise me that the first department that Lynn dragged me to is the clothing department?

"How's this, Kira?" Lynn said as she opened the doors of the changing room. She was wearing this purple top with a tight fitting skirt, kind of like an air stewardess.

"Yea, it looks good," I said sleepily, Sparky clapped its hands together and looked up with sparkly eyes.

Lynn frowned and went back inside, she appeared again a minute later with a different set-up, this time a black one-piece dress that hugged her body nicely and a red long-sleeved top.

"How about this then?" She smiled and did a slight pose, showing her curves.

Sparky continued keeping its hands together and continued looking at Lynn with sparkly eyes.

"Yea, not bad, I think it's good." I yawned. Any other day when I'm awake, I would have said something different but, you can't just ask a sleepy guy to evaluate clothes.

"Why does it seem that you don't care?" Lynn put her hands on her hips and puffed out her cheeks, "Anything's good to you!"

"Uh, um, no, that's not what I meant…" I help my hands up in defense. Sparky laughed at the scene.

"Then?" Lynn leaned forward and asked in a threatening tone.

"Er… As long as it's you, anything's good!" I smiled sheepishly.

"If you really meant that, I'll be flattered," Lynn rolled her eyes.

"Pika!" Sparky jumped up my shoulder and gave Lynn a thumbs up.

"See? Even Sparky says you look good!"

"Then I'll take both sets," Lynn stuck her tongue out at me, "And you're paying for it!"

"W-what?" I looked at the price tag and gave a slight shiver, I do have enough but it'll practically be everything single cent I own! "Lynn, I'll be bankrupt if I pay for both sets…"

"Then I'll take this set," Lynn pointed at the one that she's wearing, "And you can't say no!"

"Okay, okay," My hands went up in defense again, Lynn changed back to her own set of T-shirt and jeans and placed the red and black set in the shopping basket.

"Yay, okay, now that my share is done, your turn!" Lynn said cheerfully and went to the men's section.

I laughed and followed her, as if she can make me buy anything.

A while later, my hands were up in defense again, "No Lynn, I'm not wearing that thing," I said, horrified that Lynn wanted to use me as her model, and to top it off, hats?

"Aww come on, be a sport Kira, just try this one on!" Lynn handed me another weird hat.

"…Fine, but this is the last one." I grimaced as I put the hat on.

I turned to look at the mirror, to be honest, that hat didn't really look that bad, it's headband shaped part is primarily black, with two red semicircles in front, but the thing is…

"It makes me look like someone with really long and spiky white hair wearing a black and red headband…" I turned around and told Lynn.

"It adds a bit more color to your usual attire!" Lynn pointed at the spiky white part of the hat, "And that part makes you look cool." Lynn grinned.

"Still…" I took the hat down, "It's just not normal…"

"It's fashionable in Hoenn!" Lynn said in a desperate attempt to get me to buy the hat.

I sighed, "Fine, I'll buy it, just… don't expect me to wear it often." I threw the hat in the shopping basket.

There goes more of my money…

The store clerk sighed when it was my turn to pay, why? Because it costs a lot and most notes and coins I have are change from various trainers I've battled along the way. Imagine paying for something expensive with coins, that's the situation I'm in now.

"Trainers…" The clerk muttered as he counted the money that was paid to him, "You know, you can get a trainer card that will digitalize all the money that you've got, the closest bank that offer such services is right here in Goldenrod, you should really go and get one, it'll make our job easier, too." He finished counting the money and took out a piece of paper, "Here, a voucher for spending so much, its usable in any Pokémart branches, although the number decreased when some company named PZ or something bought over some of our branches."

"Oh, I'll take note on that, the trainer card, too," I thanked him and turned towards the exit of the department store, only to be stopped by a familiar face.

"Yo, chibi!"

I stared at that face, mouth wide open in surprise.

"What, chibi, don't recognize your mentor anymore?" The familiar face smirked.

"Hi Raven!" Lynn came out from behind me and greeted Raven.

"Hey Lynn," Raven's smirk turned into a smile, "I always knew you two had something going on, so, you two on a date?"

"Uh…" I could feel my face heating up from Raven's comment.

"Urm, no, Kira's just a friend, we're just passing by Goldenrod in our journey, so we decided to stop here and shop."

I sighed, friendzoned, I'm sad. I stayed silent while Lynn and Raven played catching up.

"So, chibi, finally attained the DragonKeeper title huh?" Raven turned to me suddenly.

"Hm, yea," Then I realized what he was calling me, "Stop calling me that! I'm not short anymore!"

"Haha, you're always that short kid that I first met some years ago," He reached over and messed up my hair, "Besides, calling you chibi almost makes you feel cute."

Lynn sniggered, I blew out some air, "I'm going to the toilet." I stood up suddenly and walked over to the nearest toilet. For someone that all but disappeared about two months ago, he's being real jerk, or I could just be angry at him for walking out of my life so suddenly when he was supposed to guide me.

"Relax, Clair'll be here to tutor you, even if I'm gone for a long period of time." I recalled Raven saying that as he walked away.

"Dammit that's not the point!" I shouted in the toilet, some guy beside me looked at me like I was insane.

I walked back to the Department store's lobby, "Raven, how about a battle, now." I said to a surprised Raven.

"As much as I hate to turn down a battle from my mentee, I don't have any Pokémon with me, they're all in the Pokécenter across the pedestrian street," Raven said with a wave of his hand.

"Then let's go," I said with a serious tone, "We're done shopping anyway."

"Kira what's gotten into you?" Lynn asked in surprise.

"Nothing, just wanted to challenge him," I continued in that same serious tone.

When we stepped outside of the store, we saw a large crowd gathering on the street just outside the store.

"Looks like something's going on! Look!" Lynn pointed at the large crowd that gathered at the center of the street.

I looked at the direction she's pointing, a man in green hair and a red eyepiece over his right eye that looked to be in his thirties in standing in front of the crowd making some speech.

"Let's go and see what's going on," Raven said to Lynn and I, we nodded in unison.

"Hello, people of Johto, my name is Ghetsis," The man began, "I'm here representing the company P n Z."

"Is he a public relations officer or something?" Lynn asked with a little laugh.

"Shh, listen," Raven put a finger on his lips and said.

"Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Pokémon liberation." Ghetsis continued.

"Is he…" I narrowed my eyes and muttered under my breath.

"I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokémon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other," He paused to let that statement go through the crowd, some people among the crowd nodded, "However… Is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that maybe we humans… only assumed it's the truth?"

"Pokémon are subjected to the selfish commands of trainers, they get pushed around when they are our 'partners' at work…" He paused again, "Can anyone say with confidence that there is no truth in what I am saying?"

He does have a point… But that's normal, isn't it? I mean, we help each other!

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, Pokémon are different from humans, they are living beings that contain unknown potential." He sure likes pausing during his speech, "They are living beings whom we humans have much to learn. So tell me, what is our responsibility towards these wonderful beings called Pokémon?" He paused again, as if waiting for an answer from the crowd.

When no answer came from the crowd, he shouted to the crowd, holding out a fist and waving it, "We must liberate Pokémon! Then, and only then! Will Pokémon and humans truly be equals! Everyone! I end my words here today by imploring you to reconsider your relationship between you and your Pokémon… And the correct way to proceed!"

He then bowed, "We sincerely appreciate your attention." and made his way off.

"About that speech…" I turned to Raven and Lynn.

Raven grinned, "We're not that dumb as to believe someone like that, look at the crowd." He gestured to the crowd, some are laughing at the speech, saying that it's impossible, some are shaking their heads, while finally there are people like me staying silent.

"When we 'liberate' our Pokémon, what happens? Will they, the only ones with Pokémon, hold power?" Raven continued, "They are a dangerous bunch, thes people, I hope that they're not another Team Rocket in the making."

"I'll rather not think of it this way," I said, "Anyone that emotional during their speeches surely believe in their cause, come on, Raven, don't be so cynical about the world." I smiled, but that smile lacked confidence.

"So…" Lynn began, "What happens now?"

"We'll do whatever we're supposed to do! Of course," Raven laughed, "Don't let some weird guy spoil your day! Well, what's left of it." He looked at the setting sun, "Hey Chibi, you wanted a battle, right?"

"… I… I'm not sure…" I muttered, "I mean, it's getting late anyway, how about we call it a day and do whatever we wanted to do tomorrow?"

"Raven? What about you?" Lynn asked.

"Me? I'll stay in Goldenrod for a while, then go back to Blackthorn, I bet Lola misses me," He laughed, "So I'm available for battle, Chibi." He directed that last sentence at me.

"Right…" I muttered without looking at him and went in the Pokécenter.

Once I received my room, I lied down on the bed and thought about that man… Ghetsis's speech. Pokémon and people, are their relations really as twisted as he claims?

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