Bed Rest

She was feeling rather queasy and like sitting down would be a very good idea. A very good idea indeed. And so, grimacing, she did just that. The movement sent a shock wave of pain through her stomach and a stabbing pain through her temples. "Oh god," she murmured, not hearing John's approach.

She jumped when he put out his hand and pressed it first to her forehead and then to her cheek. "You're burning up," he said.

"I'm fine," she replied, more out of habit than anything. When he shot her a disbelieving look, she reconsidered her answer. "Okay. I'm not fine. I'm a little off today. But it's nothing too serious."

"Go and lie down," John said firmly.

"I can't just take the day off. Atlantis-"

"Will be fine without you for a few hours while you rest up."


"Elizabeth," he warned. "Do you want me to get Carson? He'll set you up with bed rest for a few daystil you're feeling like yourself. I'm just asking you to take a few hours."

She could see his point. He was offering her the lesser of two evils - though she couldn't understand why.

"Look. I get it," he said, as if reading her thoughts. "I hate leaving Atlantis when I get sick, too. But sometimes it can't be helped. And Atlantis needs you healthy and able to do your job, Elizabeth."

She nodded.

"You need to take some time to get better."

Reluctant, or relieved – she wasn't quite sure which – she climbed to her feet. "Keep her safe for me, won't you?"

John smiled. "Of course. Always."