Passion of Fire and Force of a Hurricane
Naruto x Taranee
Author's Note
We need more good Naruto x .W.I.T.C.H. crossovers. That means I have to write them as no one else will. Takes place during A Chrisis on Both Worlds arc.
Story Start

Taranee wished she knew what was going on with nigel. Ever since she returned from Redstone Academy it was like he disappeared. She had tried calling him, but nothing, it was like he was avoiding her. Her worst fears were realized when he called and said he didn't want anything to do with her anymore. And it hurt even more when the words 'Unbearable Coward.' were spray painted on her mother's words. Only Nigel could have done this. Only he knew how could have twisted those words to hurt her. Those words she spoke from their romantic moment in something so hurtful.

''I heard about what happened at the Diner. I'm sorry.''

Taranee looked up from the park bench and it was Naruto, Will's older step brother. Spiky blond hair and generally easy disposition. It made since that Will would have told her brother the incident at the Diner. Naruto made it a point of being their protecter, as Hay Lin jokingly put it, the Guardian's Guardian. When the Guardians were in danger from an unknown enemy known as The Shadow who could even escape the Oracle's watchful eye he took a gamble. That gamble was blessing Uzumaki Naruto's reincarnation with his former memories and abilities.

''Don't worry about.'' Taranee sadly mumbled as Naruto took a seat next to her.

''I'm ging to kick his ass. No point in trying to convince me otherwise. I already promised him if he hurt you I was going to kick his ass.'' Naruto stated. When Naruto made a promise he was going to keep it. No matter how stupid or unwarranted it seemed he seemed intent on keeping his promise.

''Why? Why are guys such jerks?''

Naruto shook his head. ''We're not all jerks Taranee.'' he said as he playfully nudged her. ''Some are crazy awesome and super handsome like I am. Alas there is only one Uzumaki Naruto, if only there was more of me for the dozens of deserving beautiful ladies out there in the world.''

''I'm pretty sure the world can only handle one of you.'' she replied, cracking a joke and slightly pulling out of her funk for the first time in weeks. Naruto was the type of guy who easily cheered people up. He was kinda like her older brother, cheerful, protective, and goofy.

Suddenly she felt an arm wrap around her shoulder. ''You didn't deserve that, I don't care what his reasons were. Peter might think Nigel might have had his reasons, but as far as I'm concerned there is no reason good enough for hurting you.''

Taranee felt her cheeks flush and her body involuntarily grow hot. Something which was really weird, she was the guardian of fire. Heat was the very thing she was suppose to have control over. ''Do you think it was something he didn't like about me? Was I not pretty enough and he moved on to someone else?''

Naruto shook his head. ''You're kidding Taranee. I've seen you at your best and you're beyond beautiful.''

''Kinda unfair comparison considering how often you've seen my guardian form.'' Taranee was a lot like Will that she felt self conscious about her rather skinny frame and small chest.

A sly smile formed on Naruto's face. ''I wasn't talking about your guardian form.'' he said as a certain memory came to mind.

Taranee's head snapped up, her cheeks darkening as she skimmed Naruto's surface thoughts. She began sputtering, trying to say anything as she felt like she was going to die of embarassment. Why did he have to bring up that memory.

''You deserve a guy who'll treat you right Tara. One that respects you, your family, and your friends. So please, don't shed tears over that boy. You deserve better. '' he finished as he removed his arm. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. ''I'll be here when you need me. I'm just a call away. Please don't give your heart away so freely to someone that hasn't earned it.'' he said as he left Taranee to her thoughts.