Time zone 8 isn't too bad. We can handle it. Or well, at least most of us. There is two types of people living in this world. First off, there is the scared, desperate which I like to call the no surviving robots, because that's exactly what they are. They are all in the same routine, too afraid to taking a leap of fait. Instead, they are stuck working of half of the day to survive. I guess our survival instincts really are the most powerful thing we have inside us. Even though I think it's insane, I still prefer them compared to the hunters. The hunters fight, killing others, leaving them behind to continue their path in living.

Me? I am none of those things. I don't have a nickname for myself, but Owen calls me original. I always wonder if there are others out there like me. I like to think so, afraid of letting go off my hope. Owen isn't like me, but he takes care of me. Or well, hides me.

I've heard 12 has it worse though. About a week ago, a girl changed time zone from 12 to 8. People said she was strong and clever, but I was just mostly afraid of her. She transferred after winning a fight against her dad. Fighting against someone in your own family I just think is completely mental, but what do I know? She could had have the worst childhood, or maybe it was her dad who started the fighting. I wouldn't know. First off, because I don't know her. Secondly, I personally don't have a family. I kind of thought of Owen as my brother, even though he wasn't. And comparing district 12 girl and her dad with me and Owen, I still would never fight against Owen.

Owen is soon going to be 30, or 25 for the fifth time. I don't know which way to look at it really. I on the other hand, had just turned 24, so Owen was defiantly like a overprotecting brother to me. I wasn't afraid of turning 25 like the others where. I had nothing to be afraid of. A bigger problem would hit me in a few years though. Letting my mind drift off, I often end up at the same questions about my future. But either Owen or I had any idea what was going to happen, so all we could do was to wait.

My days usually was spent me baking. Owen and I wasn't living day to day. Owen was a powerful man in our zone. He had worked his way up, and had just a week ago saved up as much as a year! I was happy for him, knowing life would treat him well. And damn, he deserved it. The way he took care of me, even though he didn't even needed to. He was not forced into this. We just met and it all came naturally.

We walk the streets, but not too often to buy stuff of market. He always kept me close and sometimes when the hunters eyes fall on us, he lays a calm arm around me, bringing me even more close to his huge frame. We didn't look like siblings, but I sure hell felt like it. We had a lot in common by our personalities. Both of us were calm and intelligent, and neither of us attended to draw much attention to ourselves. Polite but quiet. Owen was efficient, while I was caring. But then again, I didn't have much to worry about in my life.

I always keep my left arm hidden. Sometimes it's annoying and it becomes hot, but it sure keeps me safe. I want alone of course. Many people were afraid to show their clock, for many different reasons. Mostly it was the rich people who wore them, not wanting to attract the hunters with their large amount of numbers. But it was also the poor people who wore them, afraid to show their weakness and all their zeros. It was painful to watch. It doesn't happen very often that I see someone who's clock has ticked out, but I have seen it. And when you see those green numbers fading out into all zeros, a strange feeling hit you. I can't really place it yet, it's such a strange feeling, I wonder if others even felt what I felt.

Me and Owen had just bought our food for the week when Ben, Owens co worker ran into us. Owen looked concerned for just a few seconds, then his face turned into which looked like a forced smile.
''Take the bags and go directly to Mason, okey? I'll catch up and meet you there.'' I try not to stare, but I really can't stop it. Instead of staying there like a complete idiot, I frown and stand on my tiptoes, giving him a kiss on the cheek and quickly turning away from them. That Ben guy had his eyes glued on me. I've heard he was a part time hunter… I really don't see why. He has all the time in the world, why would he still fight, taking others lives? I frown and push away the though, moving my legs faster away from them.

The reason why I was shocked was because Owen never let his sight from me when we were out in public. Mostly because there were hunters here that could kill me, but also because he was a very protective guy, never wanting anything bad to happen to me. Should I be worried about him? Gah, I am always so paranoid. Plus, Owen had sent me to Mason, his best friend. I trusted him, even though as soon as Owen would turn up I would start asking him what the hell was going on.

All my way to Mason, I had kept my head down, staring down at my feet and the gray ground beneath me. As soon as I reached his doorstep, I started knocking on the door in a fast beat. Nothing. I tried the doorknob. It was unlocked. Carefully stepping into his apartment, quietly closing the door behind me. The bags were starting to get heavy, so I dropped them on the floor while looking for any signs of human life.
''Mason?'' I call out in my tiny voice. Its dead silent. I give out a frustrated sight and draw my hand through my blond wavy hair. Now what?

I know I shouldn't have done it, but it just didn't feel right to be sitting there in Masons apartment alone. Plus, I needed to see him and ask him if he had heard Owen was in trouble or something. So I leave Masons apartment, leaving my bags there, thinking I could just come back later and pick them up. I run down the stairs, heading for the other side of the road. The government built most of the households and apartment buildings near stores, casinos or pubs. I thought it was the worst idea ever to build so tempting things just outside someone's window. But what could I do about it? I've been told to just stay back and be invisible.

I don't like the pubs very much. This one stinks cigarettes and you should hear shouting of both joy and rage. I look around for something that could belong to Mason. A green hoodie… His big black cap he always wears in the summer. Nothing. I can't find him, and I start to feel the panic inside me starting to build up. I feel sick, wanting to throw up. All the motion around me makes everything look blurry. Where was Owen? Where was Mason? I felt helpless.

I am starting to get attention now. Eyes are studying me top to toe and I feel even more panic overthrowing me. Wanting to get out of there, I start to take careful steps back. A strong hand grabs my wrist and I know this is not going to turn out good.

I dont know if this story is going to be either a short or a long one.. We just have to wait and see.. Or do you have the time? (;