''No!'' I scream as she falls into my arms, going numb. This can't be happening. I had still had hope, still thinking she would make it. But now, she is laying her in my arms, covered in tears, dead. I scream again. The pain I am feeling right now is even worse than the pain I had to go through when they took me. But the scream is almost the same. Only this one sounds weak and abandoned. A scream for help.

''No, no, no. Don't go. Sonnie? Don't do this to me. To Owen,'' my raspy voice says into her neck as I press her petite figure into mine. Don't go. I don't know how long I sit there, rocks back and forth, still holding her close to me. It seems like a decade. Then suddenly, the door opens. I jump a little, but still keep hold on my tight grip around Addison, protecting her. I have turned off the world around me. There is just me and her. A voice in a far distance is screaming something and a body is pushing me away from her. No! Let me be with her! But the body is too strong.

''Soonie? No! Come back!'' the voice scream. Regaining my vision, I see a huge figure hang over Addison. He is crying his heart out. Then he backs away from her, facing me. Putting my hands up in the air, a sign of peace, I know it won't help me. I am screwed. He couldn't take my time, but he could beat me to death.
''You did this?'' he spits in my face. I shake my head violently. A punch hit my cheek.
''Owen please. I didn't. Just listen.'' But he can't. I trace his eyes, locked on my arm. I start backing away from him, trembling.

''Idiot! Who the hell do you think you are? What did you do to her? You freak!'' Another punch hit me in my stomach and I fall down on the ground. I don't make a sound. It wouldn't matter.
''S-She wrote you a letter.'' He freeze and looks around the room when he finally sees it. He grabs it and then turn to me again. I quickly get up, ready for another kick.
''What are you waiting for? Get out! Never come back, or I will kick your ass, understood?''

I stay in their stairwell, waiting. I can't feel any anger towards Owen. I envy him for being so protective over Addison. She must have really loved him, and so did he to her. After one hour he opens the door, looking for me. He gives me a nod and I go back inside. He had been crying the whole hour, and it had gotten worse after half an hour. The letter I guess. I never saw what she wrote. I didn't want to know. I walk in to see Addison's body is moved. Owen sits down by the kitchen table, waiting for me to join him.

''Sorry for what I did to you.'' I just nod, telling him there is no problem. He then asks me about my time.
''I don't want it. I've never wanted it,'' I tell him. He sounds surprised, but doesn't question it. Was it because of Addison? It feels like I owe him so much. For him, taking care of her all this years.
''I want to follow her. But I am not done in this world yet,'' I say in a low voice. His jaws tighten and he starts staring outside the window. I take his arm, giving him five years. He jerks away and look down at his arm, frowning. He didn't want it? Blood money? No. This was a thank you.

''Sorry for not being able to give you more, and I can't store my time. I want you to know her last words.'' Owen stiffens and his knuckles gives away a small crack for him pressing them too hard.
''Never fear time Owen.'' Then I rise, walking slowly into her bedroom. Owen stands up.
''Jake? Thank you.'' My heart ache when I hear him say thank you, just like she did. When I walk in, it looks like she is sleeping. I lay down beside her, taking her cold hand, while my other hand grabs onto the small pill, tucked in my pocket. Just before bringing it to my mouth, I whisper;
''Good night Ad.'' And then, I fall.

The girl is running down the street, laughing by being chased by her best friend, trying to catch her. After a long chase, he finally catches up with her and grab her arm, slowing her down. Her feet is stumbling and she falls, bringing him down with her. They both end up laughing a long time before calming down. Their hands are tangled up with each other as they both stairs up at the night sky, studying the stars above them. The girls blond hair is flowing around her head and from the stars view, it looks like she is flying or floating on water. Her green eyes are glancing at the boy, and when he stares back at her, her cheeks heat up and turns red.

The boy grabs her and starts tickling her. Giggling, she tries to fight back, but fails. She ends up on top of him, a hand caught up in his messy hair. The silence comes. Silence speaks when words can't. They both stay still, until the boy shifts and hangs over her with his huge frame, giving her a playful smirk.
''Happy 26th,'' he smiles, kissing her. He can feel her smile in the kiss and let his arms surround her. Leaning back, his eyes falls on her arm, glowing in the dark, just as his. The numbers means nothing to her. They don't move. Because time has stopped for her.

Time isn't taking her life. Time isn't a problem. Time isn't ticking.

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