"Sam, we have a serious injury, queried stab wounds to the chest and abdomen coming in, are you ok with taking the lead?" Mr. Jordan asked Sam, he would have taken it himself had he not been busy and felt that she was more than capable.

"Yes" Sam answered, the picture of confidence, excitement and anticipation.

"Good" Mr Jordan smiled, he liked eagerness and that was just what Sam was radiating.

Finally, thought Sam, something interesting. It had most definitely been a slow couple of weeks and there was no doubt about it, she was getting bored.

Putting on her hospital issue latex gloves, Sam waited at the doors to the hospital and waited.

"Right then, here we have Ben, he is a 19 year old male, 4 stab wounds, 2 to the abdomen , one to the chest and one to the upper arm. They appeared to have missed all of the major organs and we have controlled the blood loss..." Dixie shouted as they busted through the door and then she continued to give Sam all of the technical details.

"Right then Ben, my name is Sam and I'm going to be looking after you today" Sam introduced herself while subconsciously assessing the patient's condition. It didn't seem that bad.

"No, you have got to let me go, please let me go- they are going to come and get me, help me , please let me go..." begged the patient, obviously very distressed as they transferred him onto the bed.

"Just calm down ok, we won't let anybody hurt you, you're safe here" Sam said, empathising with the young man, she knew how it felt to be terrified, which he obviously was. She hoped that he was just delirious due to blood loss, but she had a bad feeling about this, and someone must have stabbed him, that doesn't tent to happen for no reason.

"Thanks you two, good work" Sam acknowledged Dixie and Jeff as they proceeded to exit Resus.

Then, as they opened the door and were about to leave Dixie turned around.

"Erm, shall we inform security?" Dixie asked Sam, indicating towards the patient." The police are obviously on their way as it is a stabbing, but you know, just in case"

"Yes please" Sam replied, she really was fond of those two paramedics she thought as Jeff said "goodbye princess" and winked and then walked out.

The team, consisting of Scarlett, Tess, Linda and Sam worked together faultlessly as they battled to save the young man's life. Although it soon became apparent that perhaps the man's life wasn't in that much danger- he had been very lucky, but he still had to go into surgery to get his wounds stitched up.

Now it was just a waiting game, they were waiting to get the all clear to take him up to surgery; but as always it wasn't as easy as that- it was a busy day and the surgeons were dragging their heels. So they were just monitoring and making sure he was stable. He was a lot quieter now, morphine tends to do that to a person ,thought Sam with a smile, but then her smile was interrupted by the Resus doors bursting open.

At first Sam just thought it was a rather angry/clumsy surgeon, but looking at the two men that had just entered. They weren't surgeons.

Well, Sam didn't know any that dressed in oversized hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. Well not on shift anyway.

"Excuse me!" Tess said notably annoyed "could you step outside please."

However Sam had not said a word, she had quickly realised that these were not well wishers, and she could see the glistening of a blade in one of their pockets.

She flinched when he two men walked towards them in unison, yelling expletives as they walked.

Sam was scared, but she had to protect her patient and so she walked towards them, focussing on the one who was making a beeline for Tess,

"Excuse me, but you have already been asked to leave" Sam said sternly, acting much more confidently than she was.

"YOU WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN!" yelled the man as he pushed his face into the young doctor's face.

"Erm, excuse me" said Tess again.

"Ok" Sam said

"Sam, no" Tess ordered Sam; she didn't want this getting out of hand.

"No, no if he's deaf then I guess I should repeat it" Sam said, much to the displeasure of everybody in the room. This could get ugly.

"Please will you-" Sam managed but was cut off when she was slapped across the cheek with a deafening crack, Tess, Lloyd and Scarlett all gasped.

But not one to be intimidated Sam launched herself at the man, wanting revenge and seeing red.

However he had the advantage, he was armed, obviously proficient in martial arts and was much larger. No amount of army self defence training was going to help her.

With one incredibly efficient right hook/uppercut combo he had knocked her unconscious sending her sprawling to the floor.

Lloyd had lurched forward, trying to restrain the man, but a glimpse of the knife he had pulled from his pocket had caused Scarlett to pull him back.

"No" she had said, clearly terrified.

The fear in her voice and common sense caused Lloyd to stop, and go and hold Scarlett.

Tess had gone to help Sam, who was lying on the floor unconscious in what looked to be a very uncomfortable position in the centre of Resus.

The man gave a look to Tess that simply said 'don't go there'. Tess desperately wanted to help Sam, but she knew that her getting hurt wouldn't help anyone. So she just stopped and stared at the now stricken doctor, wanting to help, even if it was just to put her in the recovery position.

In all of the commotion, the patient had been forgotten, he just sat there obviously scared out of his mind. Every so often he was changing the direction of his gaze between the attackers and his doctor.

It was deadly silent apart from the erratic beeping coming from the various machines attached to the patient, obviously due his panic.

Tess was situated further away from the perpetrators than everybody else. Situated behind the patients bed, stood there and now stroking the back of his hand; trying to soothe him. At least she could try to do something, she thought.

Scarlett and Lloyd were stood the other side of the patient, with Scarlett clinging too Lloyd as if her life depended on it, which at this point, for all she knew. It could.

Sam was closest to them, they were stood over her and laughing, both now had knives at the ready, and one had dried blood coating his, confirming their fears that he was the one who had originally stabbed the patient.

Tess and her fellow nurses were very concerned about Sam, it didn't look good and they were desperate to help her. However.

As they had witnessed their obvious brutality, nobody wanted to aggravate them, they were just stood in silence wondering why nobody had noticed what was happening yet, and hoping. Hoping that Sam and the patient would be alright, hoping that this would all end and hoping that everything was going to be fine.

They just stood there alone.

That was until someone walked through the doors; oblivious to what was happening.

It was Dylan.