Dylan and Tess began running to the patient, while both Lloyd and Scarlett tried to do the same thing but were stopped by the younger of their captives, who ushered them to sit down behind one of the beds -which they hastily did due to his holding of a knife. Sam tried to get up to help, but had to accept defeat as her head spun, causing her to remain perched on the end of the trolley, luckily for her nobody noticed. Both Tess and Dylan were preoccupied by the fitting patient discussing whether he had a head injury they didn't know about while , their training kicking in instantly, just as they reached the patient however; their attention was diverted as they heard a bang at the Resus' doors. Stood there were both Nick and Zoe, who were obviously confused and oblivious to the seriousness of the situation, as they tried to push their way through the barricade. Their ideas about what was going on were obviously verging more towards a prank or a family disagreement rather than a tense and life threatening hostage situation.

Both the hostage takers didn't look dissimilar to rabbits caught in headlights, their eyes nervously darting between the chaos of the patient whom Sam had also managed to get to and step into doctor mode, working as an efficient team with her colleagues, and the current break-in attempt.

They knew it was finished; the two people trying to brake in would soon raise the alarm. With their combined IQ of around 80, they were motioning to each other with angry actions that seemed to suggest killing the patient and taking in the two further hostages before more people could notice, after all, they came to finish off Ben.

The bigger of the two nodded his head towards the patient, who had since stabilised and stopped fitting , and pointed the knife toward him, the man cowered away, obviously terrified and Dylan decided to try his hand at hostage negotiation.

"Hey, let's not do anything rash" He said calmly, getting distracted midway by the fact that Sam was stood across from him, when she should have been on the trolley, giving her a stern and disapproving look, he returned his attention to their captive.

"Shut up, unless you want to be filleted" he replied, his fear and apprehension turning into blind anger in a second.

"Well, despite my displeasure at that very idea, I must warn you that there are now about 5 security guards trying to push their way in here, and despite my two colleagues over there's excellent barricade building skills, I can't see it holding for more that what?... 2 minutes?"He said in a patronising manner, alerting all in the room to the people trying to get in while they continued to work on stabilising the patient.

"So?" he replied, clearly rattled.

"Well, what are you going to do then?"

No response came from either of the two men.

"I've got an idea, let this patient and Dr Nicholls go and start making your demands" Dylan ordered

The hostage taker had obviously lost his bottle and was being persuaded by Dylan's calming voice, "ok, but I want two more hostages, and I've not finished with that doctor woman yet"

The last comment caused Dylan to gulp audibly, he believed for a moment there that he had removed Sam from danger but obviously not.

Just at that very moment the doors burst open, and Nick stood there flanked by Zoë and a few security guards who obviously didn't know what to do, he looked perplexed and a little exhausted, he had just being trying to push the door open for minutes!

"What's going on here?" he questioned, in a voice that demanded respect and radiated authority, while taking in the scene before- him he could of sworn Lloyd and Scarlett were in here but he couldn't see them.

The leader of the hostage takers started talking, obviously trying to seem confident yet failing miserably "stay there!" he shouted, grabbing a pale Sam who didn't look like she was entirely sure what was going on, the sudden movement almost causing her to vomit.

"Sam?!" Mr Jordan said desperately, he hadn't noticed her poor state of health while scanning the room and it alarmed him -she had fresh blood streaming down her face and dripping onto the previously clean part of the polished .Not to mention her hideously bruised eye and swollen lip.

It was obvious that there was something wrong with Sam as in addition to her physical injuries, she was lacking in her usual fiery determination and not fighting being held, just surrendering and looking disorientated.

"What d you want asked Mr Jordan. Trying to get control over the situation.

"You have two minutes to get all of those guys out of here, and take him" he said, motioning toward Ben.

"Or what?"

"This doctor gets it, take him now! And you two can stay" he said, indicating toward a confused looking Zoë and defiant nick.

"Ok, take him and find Doctor Lyons" Nick told the security guards before stepping in alongside Zoë and allowing the patient being wheeled away while closing the door behind them.

He hated being pushed into things, and he doubt his decision, the hostage takers seemed unsure and jumpy , and now he was here at least he could help, although he hated bringing Zoe into this and not getting Sam out.

As he moved further into the room he noticed Lloyd and Scarlett hugging up against the wall, Scarlett's tear stained face the picture of terror. Elsewhere in the corner of the room was a redundant and awkward looking Dylan stood with Tess who looked furious. The 2 hostage takers stood near the door, evidently looking out of the window, evaluating the situation. Forgotten was Sam, who was up against the wall, obviously looking for support and swaying dangerously.

"Sam!" Zoe said, obviously the first to notice.

Just as everyone turned to face her, she vomited all over the floor and continued to sway. Dylan rushed towards her, grabbing her hips to support her while cursing himself for not keeping an eye on her and near enough forgetting about her!

Both Mr Jordan and Zoë were there in a flash, seeing she was in a bad way and asking no questions, Mr. Jordan just picked Sam up and placed her on the bed she had previously been occupying- worryingly she made no arguments, in fact did nothing, just hung limply and stared emptily. It was as if he wasn't even there.