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Bonnie could hear the spirits flow hectically around her. Their high-pitched shrieks and their violent hisses echoed between the thin wooden walls around her, making the noise even more ear-splitting.

The Bennett-line have been blemished!

A descendant has been turned!

Bonnie ignored their cries stubbornly and continued to calmly search through the moldy cupboards, occasionally lightening the candles one of her ancestors vindictively blew out to provoke her. She grimaced at the amount of dust everything was covered in and looked down at her pair of jeans regretfully. It'd be them who would come to pay the price for this.

Bonnie knew it was a long-shot to search for lost grimoires in the very house that was built to massacre witches, but heaven knows she had went after vaguer tracks. She knew the witches back then had carried their spellbooks around everywhere, her grams had told her that much, so it was only natural they'd have them with them as they were captured. Maybe the witches had managed to hide their grimoires somewhere before they were murdered by the witch haunters.

Yeah, that's what I call a long-shot, Bonnie thought and sighed, pulling a dusty hand through her dark hair tiredly. This would be a hell of a night.

Three hours and countless curses later she gave up. She had searched every little cupboard, checked ever drawer and fine-combed every bookcase, without result. The only thing she had found that even resembled a book was an ugly brochure praising safe-sex (Bonnie didn't even want to know). She was tired and dirty and she wanted to go home. Home, in her own warm bed with her childish horse sheets, not to Abby's couch with the thick rugs and the too soft pillow. But she knew she'd be driving the three hours to Abby's anyway, since there was something she wouldn't find at home: company. Her dad was on a business trip as usual and even if it was uncomfortable as hell to stay at Abby's with Jamie, it beat being alone.

Jamie was surprisingly easy to be around considering everything. He didn't care that she was crashing on his couch and preventing him from watching TV at night, he didn't even seem to blame her for all the stuff with Abby, which Bonnie knew he had every right to. She knew she should apologize for letting his guardian – and more or less mother – be turned into a vampire, for letting her take a bite of him and for letting her walk out on him, (the last thing was mostly Caroline's fault, but it wouldn't have happened if Bonnie hadn't taken her to Mystic Falls to begin with) but she could never really find the words. It'd only be awkward and frankly Bonnie was afraid it would end with him kicking her out, and Bonnie really didn't want to go home to the quiet house.

She decided to leave, she had enough of this place to last a life time.

Outside everything was strangely serene for being Mystic Falls. Bonnie watched the starry sky and the giant half-moon as she played with her car keys absentmindedly. A lonely owl hooted in a tree nearby and watched her carelessly with piercing yellow eyes; animals had stopped being afraid of her a long while back already. The animals feel the bond you share with nature, her grams had explained once when she had asked about it.

Her blue Toyota Prius stood parked neatly where she had left it and rang familiarly when she unlocked the door. The small lamp in the roof lit up as she took the seat behind the wheel and fastened the seat belt. She put the keys in the keyhole and turned the-


She shrieked instinctively, and if the seat belt hadn't kept her in place she probably would have jolted a few inches into the air. Her heart was racing wildly in her chest, and her pulse was a marathon runner's. In the fading shine of the lamp Bonnie could see the outline of a man sitting in the passenger seat.

With a slightly shaky hand Bonnie quickly lit all of the lamps the car had to offer. As the light in the car increased she could specify the rich dark curls, the sharp features of the face and the extravagant suit. It was Elijah Mikaelson who was sitting in her car, observing her with mild humor and his head crooked.

Bonnie swallowed thickly and felt the fear in her grow into a life-threatening panic that only could be evoked when you were trapped in a car with a ruthless original that locked your best friend in a cave with his homicidal sister as turnkey which really was an act he resorted to when he couldn't find you and kill you himself.

"I was informed witches could sense the presence of one of my kind, but I was obviously wrongly informed." Elijah remarked dryly, eyebrows raised.

Bonnie knew better than to be fooled by his calm and laid back look, she had seen it before, even in the midst of back-stabbing. The first time she met Elijah she had kept her distance, she had quickly understood that the Salvatore brothers were in over their heads, and most likely insane, involving yet another original into the mess. The smooth talking, the noble morals and the diplomatic manners; Bonnie didn't buy a shit. He had a glint in his eyes that told her about all of his lies, all of his brutal murders and all of his exploitations, and that was all she needed to know. The conclusive betrayal during the sacrifice hadn't caught her off guard even once, he was an original and it was what they did, they back-stabbed and manipulated their way to everything they wanted and threw away it when they found something better.

Elijah inspected her closely, making her feel as if she was still under the watch of the owl. "Except for your little shriek you're prodigiously quiet, Miss Bennett. Should I be concerned of your well-being?"

"How did you get in here?" Bonnie choked, ignoring his question entirely. She was positive she had locked the car, she always double checked when it came to her car, it was the most expensive thing she owned.

The corners of his lips tipped upward, a little arrogantly. "I am an original. If I want to get into a vehicle, I will."

Bonnie straightened up in her seat tensely, moving her hand slowly towards the buckle in which her belt was fastened. If there was to be a fight she'd do better if she were able to move. "And why would you want to get into my car?"

He smiled, leaning his head towards her, as if to share a secret. His brown eyes bore into hers, taking in every little detail. "Amnesty."

Bonnie's hand stopped and her eyes darted up to meet his. She held his gaze, taking in the devout expression and the brown eyes doubtfully. "No." She opposed firmly, averting her eyes from his.

The Mikaelson withdrew slowly, eyebrow raised in question. "Excuse me. I'm afraid I don't quite understand."

She looked up at him coldly. "You're not here to seek forgiveness."

"I'm not?" he asked, smiling in amusement.

"No." Bonnie repeated with narrowed eyes. "Your kind doesn't do that. It'd mean you'd actually have to feel something."

Her words hung between them frostily and for a split second Bonnie was sure the original would kill her. His ever diplomatic facade dropped and he ran his tongue along his front teeth manifestly, his implication clear. He had no trouble killing cheeky witches that insulted him. Bonnie felt how her heart accelerated once again and her how her bravado hastily slipped away. She wasn't ready to die, there were still so much she wanted to do. She was going to meet a guy that saw her not Elena or Caroline, she was going to get married (on a sunny Sunday in June) and she was going to have kids that she would never leave behind. Not once and definitely not twice.

She really didn't want to die. She loved her life, she loved her friends. She felt her heart ache as she thought about her friends that she probably never see again; Elena with her doe-like eyes, Caroline with her childish innocence, Matt with his friendly smile. Hell, she would even miss the Salvatores, even if Stefan was a complete ass right now and Damon was an incorrigible douche bag.

She felt the tears sting in her eyes and she hurriedly blinked them away. She'd be damned if the original would see her cry. If she were to die at seventeen she'd at least do it with dignity.

But then he chuckled and she was thoroughly surprised. He chuckled amused and if it wasn't for the almost invisible look of wrath in his eyes, Bonnie'd have believed that it had all been an act.

"Well, what, If I may ask, do you think I am here for then, Miss Bennett? Since you seem to know my intentions so well."

"To kill me." And she believed it.

For a moment he watched her, head cocked to the side as if considering her words, until a small flicker of amusement finally showed in his face. "Am I mistaken, or was that an invitation for me to kill you?"

"Like you need an invitation." Bonnie spat.

Elijah was unmoved. "True. But why would I want to kill you?"

"I don't know. Trapped any of my best friends in caves lately?"

He smirked at her cutting edge, but his eyes shone of sincerity. "I can assure you, you and your friends have nothing to fear from me. My intentions here in Mystic Falls are perfectly honorable." Bonnie's eyes narrowed.

"Funny. Wasn't that what you said last time too?" She asked acidly.

His stance revived its gravity, and once again his mask was up, making no emotions visible in his face. "You can't have been properly informed if you blame me for my actions as of late."

"Oh, I have been properly informed." Bonnie hissed. "You threatened to kill Elena if Damon and Stefan didn't kill me."

"It was nothing personal, Miss Bennett. I was simply looking out for my family. I thought you of all people would understand that." He stated calmly, his mask revealing nothing.

Bonnie stared at him incredulously. "You told my friends to kill me, you ensured my mother's death. How the hell was I supposed to understand?"

"I ensured nothing. Your mother's turning was entirely the Salvatores' doing." Elijah declared firmly.

"They would have done nothing if it wasn't for you and your daemonic family." Elijah's eyes narrowed for the first time that night, and Bonnie noticed in the corner of her eyes how his fingers bore into the seat.

His voice was silky, dangerous, when her uttered, "Correction. They Salvatore brothers would have done nothing if you actually were of the smallest significance."

Bonnie froze, his words echoing in her head. Elijah watched her with malicious pleasure, an eye for an eye couldn't have been clearer if he so had said it.

She said nothing, eyes now rapidly filling with immense anger as his arrogant words sank in. Who the hell was he to judge her worth? She had more power in her than all of her ancestors combined, and she was significant, goddammit! Whoever doubted this, ancient supernatural or not, could gladly go fuck themselves.

Her eyes slitted and she gritted, "Get out."

Elijah raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me. You're hardly in any position to-"

Before allowing him to finish, she triggered the aneurism she had been building up all since he had appeared in her car. She concentrated furiously all her powers on splitting the blood vessels in his head and smiled in triumph as the vampire leaned forward in pain, hands clutching his head desperately. "I said, get out." She spat.

"You're digging your own grave, witch." Elijah hissed, face distorted in agony and his eyes barely meeting hers.

"You were going to kill me anyway." She cawed out, fighting to keep the spell up. Her powers already screaming in exhaustion of affecting an original. She grimaced disgruntled, she'd be able to keep this up two minutes tops.

"Don't you listen?" He growled, his breaths rugged. "I'm not here to end you. Now, cease your torture before I change my mind."

Bonnie eyed him distrustfully, pain booming in her head with fierce intensity. And as the first drop of blood fell from her nose, she let go of the assault on the vampire's head, more out of fatigue than anything. She slumped back against the seat, trying to catch her breath while watching the unmoving vampire suspiciously in the corner of her eyes.

She narrowed her eyes, panting heavily. "Close the door carefully when you lea-"

The next moment she was pinned by the neck into the seat behind her, his rough fingers clasping her neck harshly. The first thing she noticed was that he was much too close – his wrathful eyes were merely inches from hers – but then the unpleasant pressure around her neck registered in her brain, and she struggled desperately in his grip not being able to get any air.

"I can't help but to notice that there seems to be some confusion here regarding status." Elijah murmured slowly, murderously. "Well, please allow me to set you straight. You're a human; a small, very fragile creature whose existence can be ended with a mere snap, so I'd think wisely before deciding to cross me. You cannot kill me."

And with that final warning he was gone, every trace of his presence vanished with him except for her whacked nerves. Bonnie sat pressed against the soft seats long after his presence had disappeared into the forest, hardly daring to breathe. She put a shaky hand to her forehead and massaged her temples. She didn't have the strength for yet another original, especially if this one would break into her car randomly. She didn't know what the backstabbing vampire wanted from her, but Bonnie was sure he'd be back to share his motives. His kind always had a motive.

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