December 12, 22:03 EST

Another swift kick in the face threw me backwards and my arm was clinging onto the ramp that was barely keeping me up. I desperately attempt to catch my breath, but the excruciating pain in my abdomen prevents me from doing so and then there were punches thrown at me in the body. One jab to the stomach, an upper cut to my chin, then a few more body blows before the enemy picks me up and throws me to the floor below where my face met the ground once more. I was running out of strength, I was running out of time. My vision was barely there and my ears were ringing on and on like a bell. Blood spurts from my mouth like a fountain as I grasp onto my stomach in pain. There he approaches me slowly while holding a pole, taunting me to my demise. My legs were shaking making it was difficult to just get on one knee to show him I wasn't done. I can't give up, not now and not for the team. That was the last thing they needed and my job was to distract this guy from stopping them from completing the mission. He takes a swing at me with the pole, but I was able to dodge it and try to lay a hit to his face, but I fail. He laughs at me, simply punching my jaw sideways and kicking me back with his foot. I fall back on a desk and roll my way on the floor before crashing into a pile of debris. I look around me and with the minimal vision I had, I could see my blood trail around me. Sportsmaster was throwing me around the room like this was a game for him. Very hard to say the least, I was giving him my all. He somehow was able to break my bow in half and crushed all of my arrows. When that didn't work, I slipped out my backup bow but that was no good to him, barely leaving a scratch on his left shoulder. Then you look at me. Swollen left eye that I could barely see out of. I was damn near blind out of the other. My right shoulder was dislocated easily, unable to snap it back in place. My wrists and knuckles were swollen, mouth filled with the foul thick taste of blood and my outfit was torn to shreds. I was dirty with scratches and bruises on my face, yet somehow through this brutal beating I was still here. Here to take it, accept it and to face the fact that I am going to die here soon tonight.

He grabs me by my collar and laughs at my face once again before laying a hit to my chest. I swear I heard something crack and if I didn't know any better, there are a few broken ribs in there. My heart was racing, sweat pouring down my face, the way my fingers trembled; I could barely think yet alone see straight. For the first time in my life, I felt like giving up.

"You're out of your league, kid. You should've stayed with your little master when you had the chance before taking out on the real deal." He takes off his hockey mask and looks at me straight in the eye. He grabs my head his other hand and slams my face to the ground carelessly. I shout with agony and don't move a muscle. "Tonight...this will be the last face you'll see for the rest of your life. I want to make it special and when I'm done with you, I'll finish off Green Arrow too."

As I remain catching my breath all I could do was murmur my words out. Then I spit the rest of the blood that filled in my mouth to the ground beside me.

"What was that Red? I couldn't hear you. Perhaps it's that collapsed lung you have from taking a serious beating. I know Artemis told you not to take me on by yourself, for once that brat was actually right."

I wipe the left over blood from the corner of my mouth with my wrist and surprisingly I made it back to me feet, though still struggling to keep myself up. I lean against a wall of stacked boxes to assist holding me up. "Is...is that it? Sounds like to me you're just all talk."

His smirk vanishes and he charges for me like a raging rhino. I throw myself to the ground on the side as he misses and mistakenly punches a hole through the wall. With his hand stuck, I manage to trip him off to the ground and lay two hits to his face with my left hand before he was able to catch himself and kick my above and over him. All I could see was darkness as I flew in the air. I crash into a glass window and end up outside in a grassy field with wild life fleeing for their lives. Bits and pieces of the remaining glass were in my back, causing me more pain than I could ever imagine beforehand. The landing helps me snap my right shoulder back into place, but it was too late. My body was pretty much useless. I close my eyes only hoping that this suffering would all end. I don't think my heart and my body could take anymore of this. I know he knows this, yet he continues to do so. I wait...

"Enough!" A familiar but angry voice demands out of nowhere to be seen. "This wasn't part of our mission. We came here to simply collect the data and leave."

I knew it wasn't Sportsmaster, so someone else had to be here and had to be watching. I open both eyes with the bare minimum to view someone standing over me. I look up some more and view a female figure wearing green with thick black hair pushed back with a mask in front of her face and holding weapons in both of her hands. She stands in an attack mode, facing my adversary. As long as it took for me to realize who it was, I was also shock to see her standing here and by my side. I scoot just barely to see what Sportsmaster's next move was, but he just stood there holding his mask.

"Get out of the way kid. I have some unfinished business to take care of."

"It seems like to me that you're done." Cheshire replies.

"I'm not going to say this nicely in any other way." He places his mask back on his face after cracking his knuckles. "Stand down."

"I'm not going anywhere."

She watches him run after her, but she slowly reaches behind her back and from what I could see she presses a detonator. Within seconds the building behind us explodes and the extreme force sends Sportsmaster flying several feet above and over us. She dashes after him, taking a leap in the air and throwing one of her sais after him. He rolls off to the side as the sai misses just an inch away from his head and punches her on the side of her face. She barely moves and dodges his next throw, then elbowing him in the stomach and swirls around to get behind him and uses her other elbow to shove him to the ground as he was bent over. She kicks him so that he lies on his back and points her other sai at his throat. I try to listen as the two exchange words and after a few short seconds, Cheshire stands back and allows him to get back up his feet. They continue to speak to one another and he leaps into the forest to escape. So much for stopping the bad guy, but I didn't have a chance in the matter. She turns to me with the mask still covering her face unlike the last time we met. She rushes towards me and kneels down to partially lift me upwards. This was allowing my head to rest on her hand as her knee supports the lifting.

"Wha...what are you...?"

She plants her index finger on my lips to prevent me from talking. "Ssshhh lover-boy. Everything's going to be alright." I watch her easily tear off the sleeve from her right arm and uses it to wipe the remaining blood that seeps from the corners of my mouth. "You just can't keep yourself from making a mess, huh?" She gently dabs the torn cloth around my chest to soak of some of the left over blood, then tosses it aside and carefully aligns her hands against my cheek. "Poor Arrow, if only I were here earlier to help you."

"Like...like you...would be here to help me. I wouldn't...put it behind the back of my head that you were probably part of this." I reply.

She shakes her head in disagreement. "That's where you're wrong. I was given a tip by a very good family...friend of mine."

"Who?" I ask.

"Doesn't matter. I'm here now aren't I? What else could you ask for?" She smirks at me and easily tears the sleeve off her other arm. I watch her wrap it around my left arm as a bandage. There was a about a half an inch deep cut that was causing more blood that was soaking half of my upper arm. I look at her face and just stare at her complete concentration.

"Why are you doing this?"

"The things a girl does for a guy whom she's longing for." She answers calmly and continues to smile.

"What's that suppo...supposed to mean? Ahhh ouch..."

"Hold still." She tosses the other cloth aside and reaches into her shirt for something. She pulls out another cloth, but this time it was black and had a female scent to it. "I need to you breathe into this."

"What for...?"


She forces the cloth into my face, purposely aiming for my nose and without trying to fight I automatically breathe into it. I began to get dizzy, woozy and my body began to feel warm for the bitter coldness I felt before. I was growing tired, but before my eyes were shutting on their own I lastly saw that she was still smiling and that's where blurriness was coming into place. I only hope she wasn't trying to end me on the spot but trying to make it look like she was helping me so I wouldn't resist. I could feel my heart beat slowing down and my adrenaline wasn't rushing like it was anymore. With whatever strength I had left, I try grabbing on to whatever object was that was closest to me in despair which happens to be her other hand that was placed lying on my chest. My neck cocks back by itself in relaxation and my eyes shut completely. All I saw was darkness...and then...nothing...

"Sweet dreams Lover-boy."