The Queen's Tryst
Naruto x Elyon
Story Start

Her ideal partner was someone tall, with blond hair and vibrant blue eyes. That was something she had mentioned in the past to her best friend Cornelia. Elyon wasn't sure why what it was about those specific features that sparked her interest. Sure they were fairly common, but for Elyon it was the gentleness from a partner with those features she craved and not the attraction.

''It has been so long since I've seen you.'' Elyon said as she closed the doors to her bedroom. ''I was beginning to think I have lost your interest.'' Elyon said. She had recently turned seventeen and peace seemed to be the mood for the realms over the course of the past six months.

''You'll have to forgive me my Queen. I am a traveler. I was merely keeping the peace.'' the person replied as he walked around Elyon's spacious room. ''I'm surprised they don't have guards stationed in your room.''

''Not from a lack of trying.'' she said as she walked over to the man and wrapped her arms around his form.''Join me...won't you Naruto?'' she asked as the person turned around in her arms and looked down at her eyes. He leaned over, his forehead brushing against her sandy blond hair as he captured her lips in a sweet kiss. After a few seconnds it broke. ''As you wish.''

The two of them sat on Elyon's spacious bed. Her hand gently stroked his cheek. ''I wish you would visit more. There is still that offer of being my general.''

''Still trying to get me to play the role in that fantasy I see.'' he playfully remarked as he leaned over and kissed her neck causing her to squeak.

''You are absolutely shameless.'' she said as they fell back onto the bed.

''I am absolutely yours,'' he replied as he used his finger to pull loose Elyon's robes.

''Just as I am yours.'' she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a passionate kiss. Hands roamed as gasps and groans escape her mouth. His fingers trailed along her taunt breasts and naked stomach. ''Please...make love to me.'' she pleaded as the last of her clothing was taken off.

''As you wish.'' he said, moving between her legs.

Elyon gasped at the sensation of being filled. She softly whimpered as he pushed forward, filling her to the brim. Her lips captured his as he moved against her. Their bodies moved in a passionate dance as their feelings for each other was expressed through their love making. That morning when Elyon woke up she was surprised to see her lover was still there. Sitting up, holding up her bedsheet draping her form she snuggled up to him. ''You stayed?''

''Yes...I suppose, staying around wouldn't be too bad.'' he said as he leaned over and kissed her once more. 'Maybe being a general won't be so bad after all.'