Years Ago…

6 men with abilities beyond imagination formed an alliance to help any and every person, and formed an organization for people with similiar abilities to help out called the Ninja Core.

These 6 men came to be the first six Kages: Hokage, Mizukage, Tsuchikage, Raikage, Kazekage, and Hoshikage.

19 Years Ago…

The great Gold Rogers, king of the pirates, was captured and executed by marines. Before he was captured, he hid his notorious treasure known as One Piece somewhere in a series of islands known as the grand line.

Roger's last word was: anyone who find his legendary treasure will be the most notorious pirate known.

Since then pirates from around the world search world wide for the infamous treasure.

7 Years Ago…

The Nine-Tail Fox attack a small village of Fuchsia. A man known as the 4th Hokage only had one way of stopping the tailed beast, and sealed into a new born baby.

The 4th Hokage's final wish was that the boy will be treated as a hero. However the villagers only saw the boy as a demon and only few saw him as a hero.

Present Time…

On the pirate ship filled with pirates, a seven year old boy with blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, three lines on each cheek that resembled whiskers, wearing an orange t-shirt with a red whirlpool on the front, blue pants, and sandals; stood.

"Hey Naruto! What are you up to now?" one member asked.

That's right, the boy's name was Naruto Uzumaki.

"I've had it with you guys! Now you'll have to take me seriously!" Naruto yelled holding a small blade, "This is how tough I am!"

Naruto stab himself on the other hand with the blade, causing it to bleed.

The crew yelled as Naruto screamed in pain.


In a bar in the village, the crew gathered to drink as the captain talked to Naruto. The captain's name was Iruka, as he had tan skin, a scar on his nose, a headband tied around his forehead with a leaf symbol, his hair tied upwards, wearing a grey vest over a black shirt, black pants, and sandals. Iruka and his crew had stayed in the village for a year, and they never mistreated Naruto or the villagers.

"How's that wound of yours Naruto?" Iruka asked.

"Great! In fact, it's already healed!" Naruto replied showing his hand, revealing no cut or scar.

"Wow! You're a fast healer," Iruka responded.

"Told you!" Naruto said and asked, "So … can I join your crew?"

"Just because you're a fast healer, doesn't mean you can join my crew," Iruka replied.

"That's not all I can do! I can duplicate myself, and I can manipulate wind at will," Naruto answered.

"Is that so?" Iruka asked sarcastically.

"Its true!" Naruto yelled.

The crew tried to make Naruto happy by telling him about the pirate life, but it only made Naruto even more determine.

"Listen Naruto … you're a good kid, but you're too young for the pirate life," Iruka explained, "Wait 10 more years."

"I'm not a kid!" Naruto yelled, "Just let me join!"

"Okay … here have some milk," Iruka replied handing Naruto a glass of milk.

"Oh boy! Thanks!" Naruto responded taking the glass.

"Got you kid!" Iruka yelled, "Pirates don't drink milk!"

"That was a dirty trick!" Naruto responded.

"The captain is doing what's best for everyone Naruto," Iruka's first mate explained, "It's not an easy life."

"Yeah yeah," Naruto responded thinking, "He's probably just doing it to make me look dumb."

A girl name Ayame with brown hair came up.

"Hey Naruto … do you want anything to eat?" Ayame asked.

"Yeah! One large bowl of Miso Ramen," Naruto replied, "Just put it on my treasure tab."

"Treasure tab?" Iruka asked, "How are you going to pay that off?"

"With the treasure I'll find when I become a pirate," Naruto replied.

Ayame gave Naruto his bowl of ramen.

"Hey Iruka … how much longer are you going to stay here?" Naruto asked.

"Well … we been here using this village as a base for a year … so probably after 2 or 3 more voyages," Iruka replied.

"Then I'll use whatever it takes to show you that I'm ready to be a pirate until you leave for good," Naruto responded.

Just then, a bandit with black hair wearing robes and his men came in and walked toward the counter.

"My name is Higuma the Bear of the Mountain Bandits," the man name Higuma said, "We won't cause any harm … as long as you give us 10 barrels of Sake."

"Sorry … but we ran out," Ayame explained.

Higuma look and saw Iruka's crew drinking Sake.

"What are they drinking then?" he asked.

"They're drinking the last bit of it," Ayame replied.

Naruto finish his bowel of ramen, and wanted more, but noticed that Ayame was busy. Naruto then turned to a red fruit that was next to Iruka.

"Maybe Iruka won't mind," Naruto thought as he was still hungry.

"Here! You can have this!" Iruka said holding up a bottle, "It's still unopened."

Just as Naruto ate the fruit; Higuma broke the bottle, splashing Sake all over Iruka.

"My head is worth 8,000,000 berries! I'm a wanted man who killed fools like you!" Higuma threatened Iruka, "You watch yourself, if I were you!"

Higuma and his men stormed out of the bar.

"Well … that didn't turn out as I hope," Iruka said, "Sorry about the mess Ayame."

"It's okay," Ayame replied and turned to see that Naruto was swaying, "Are you alright Naruto?"

Everyone, in the bar, turned to Naruto; who was slightly pale.

"I don't feel so well …" Naruto said before fainting.

"Naruto!" the crew yelled.

In Naruto's Head…

Naruto was in what seem to be a sewer.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked.

Naruto walked around until he found a cage.

"Why is there a cage here?" Naruto asked.

"Because I'm sealed in you idiot!" a deep voice yelled.

"Hello?" Naruto called, "Who are you?"

The Nine-Tail Fox appeared in the darkness with it's tails lashing around.

"You're …" Naruto responded.

"The Nine-Tail Fox," the demon said.

"No way! You're suppose to be dead!" Naruto yelled.

"I wish … but the 4th Hokage sealed me into you," the fox demon explained, "And now, because of that devil fruit, you can control my power."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"That fruit you ate was the Kyuubi-Kyuubi Fruit, one of 9 Biju Devil Fruits that grants the eaters the power of one of the Tailed beast," Kyuubi explained, "However, if the eater of the fruit is the Jinchuriki of that tailed beast the Fruit power is similar to, the power is transfer to the Jinchuriki to use without a need of trade of chakra."

"Huh?" Naruto replied.

"Normally, when a Jinchuriki uses the tail beast's chakra, the tail beast can consume's the Jinchuriki's chakra in return. However without control of it's power, the Jinchuriki would only be able to cotntrol the Tailed Beast's chakra to an extent," the Nine-Tail Fox explained, "In your case, before you ate the Kyuubi-Kyuubi Fruit, you could only control my chakra until the cloak of chakra forms with 3-tails. After the 4th Tail, I have control over your body."

"So I now can control you?" Naruto asked.

"No! You can only control my power!" the Nine-Tail Fox replied.

"But if I can control your power … doesn't that mean I can control you?" Naruto asked.

"No!" the Fox demon yelled.

"Okay, okay," Naruto replied, "So … is your name really 'Nine-Tail Fox', or is that something made up?"

"That name was given to me by the humans. My birth name is Kurama," Kurama replied.

"Okay," Naruto responded and asked, "So Kurama … how do I wake up?"

"Just wake yourself up," Kurama replied, "Focus on reality."

"Alright," Naruto responded, "Thanks!"

Naruto focused before disappearing.

"Why did I get an idiot for a 3rd Host?" Kurama asked himself.


Naruto woke up finding that everyone was surrounding him.

"Are you alright Naruto?" Ayame asked.

"Yeah … I just had a conversation with Kurama," Naruto replied, "But you might know him as the Nine-Tail Fox."

"What?" one of Iruka's crew members asked, "How is that possible?"

"Truth is … Naruto is the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tail Fox," Ayame replied, "That's why he's hated by the villagers."

"But you don't hate him?" Iruka asked.

"No," Ayame replied, "I'm one of the few villagers who sees him as a boy."

"What did the demon told you Naruto?" Iruka asked Naruto.

"Just that I now have control over his power," Naruto replied, "Something about a Devil Fruit I ate."

"Devil Fruit …" Iruka responded and turned to see the fruit he had was gone, "Naruto, did you eat the fruit that was next to me?"

"I was hungry, and Ayame was busy," Naruto replied and asked, "Am I in trouble?"

"No, but now you'll never be able to swim, enabling you from becoming a pirate," Iruka replied.

"What?" Naruto responded.

Days Later…

Naruto was walking through the village with a grin on his face. The villagers was glaring at Naruto, as usual, but today Naruto was in too much in a good mood to let it affect him.

"You should stop hanging around those low lives Naruto," the mayor told Naruto, "You should find a better life choice."

"Yeah yeah," Naruto responded leaving.


Naruto walked into the bar, hoping Iruka had return, but found he hasn't.

"How are you doing Naruto?" Ayame asked.

"Good, but I still wish I can leave this village with Iruka," Naruto replied.

"I'm sure they'll be back," Ayame told Naruto.

"Yeah … I guess," Naruto responded.

"Make way for the terror of the highlands!" someone yelled coming in.

They turned to see it was Higuma.

"No pirates today? Smells better, especially without that idiot captain," Higuma said, "We were in the area, and we thought to stop by."

Naruto glared at Higuma as he and his gangs of bandits took their seats.

"Now serve us!" Higuma ordered.

Time Later…

Ayame manage to run away from the bandits, and rushed into the mayor's office.

"Mayor!" Ayame yelled, "We got a problem!"

"What's wrong Ayame?" the mayor asked.

"It's Naruto … and the mountain bandits …" Ayame replied.


The badits were beating Naruto up as he was still able to stand.

"Should we help?" a villager asked.

"No way! Let them have their way with that demon," another villager replied.


Higuma threw Naruto into the ground.

"You're a waste of my time," Higuma said, "And you call that idiot your hero."

"Take it back!" Naruto yelled.

"Huh?" Higuma replied.

"Captain Iruka isn't an idiot!" Naruto yelled.

Suddenly chakra surround Naruto until his who body turned yellow with a slight red glow.

"What the …?" Naruto responded, "What just happened?"

"You're using my chakra idiot!" Kurama's voice echoed in Naruto's head.

"Kurama?" Naruto thought.

"Who else?" Kurama replied, "When you're in this form, I can communicate to you."

Naruto understood what that meant.

"What the heck are you?" Higuma asked.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm going to make you pay!" Naruto replied.

"Use my power to transform into Tailed Fox form," Kurama ordered.

"How do I do that?" Naruto thought.

"Just picture youself as a fox form, and dig deep into the power," Kurama replied.

Naruto obeyed and focus.

A puff of smoke covered Naruto. When the smoke cleared, Naruto looked like a 7 year old size baby fox with 9 tails.

The bandits burst out laughing.

"What the heck?" Naruto yelled.

"I guess that was too much for a 7 year old idiot," Kurama responded.

Higuma picked Naruto up by one of his tails.

"Hey! Let go!" Naruto demanded.

"I don't know what you are, but you're no threat," Higuma told Naruto, "I'm going to kill you now."

"Hey Naruto! What happen to that power of yours?" someone asked.

Naruto turned to see Iruka and his crew amongst the crowd.

"Captain Iruka!" Naruto yelled.

"I thought you can duplicate yourself and manipulate wind," Iruka told Naruto.

"You again!" Higuma yelled, "You better back off or else!"

Iruka step forward and a bandit aim his gun at Iruka.

"Didn't you hear him?! Back off or I'll blow your head off!" the bandit ordered.

"You should know … guns are dangerous," Iruka said.

Just then one of Iruka's crewmen shot the bandit with his gun.

"That wasn't fair!" one of the bandits yelled.

"We're pirates! Nothing about Pirates are fair," the first mate stated.

"You can throw drinks on me, beat me up …" Iruka said "But NOBODY HURTS MY FRIENDS."

"Captain Iruka," Naruto responded.

Higuma laughed at Iruka.

"Don't think that some pirates like you can take me down," Higuma said and ordered his men, "Kill them!"

Iruka's first mate took down the bandits one by one.

"Hey kit! This will be a good time to transform back to normal," Kurama responded.

"Oh right," Naruto said and focus to his human form.

Higuma threw a smoke bomb into the ground causing smoke to appear. However, Naruto transformed back to normal as his tails disappeared.

"Come here freak!" Higuma shouted going for a grab.

Naruto made the hand sign.

"Shadow Clone Technique!" Naruto yelled.

Naruto made a shadow clone and snuck away.

"Got you!" Higuma shouted grabbing the clone and run off.

"Naruto!" Iruka yelled.

"What?" Naruto asked.

Iruka turned to see Naruto was standing next to him.

"How?" Iruka asked.

"I created a shadow clone to escape," Naruto replied.

"Cleaver," Iruka admitted.


Higuma was about to throw the clone into the sea when it disappeared.

"What the …" Higuma responded.

Suddenly a huge alligator like fish came up from behind Higuma.

"Wahh!" Higuma yelled as the monster ate him alive.

Next Day…

Iruka and his crew were set to leave for good.

"Are you really going?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. We used this village for a base for too long," Iruka replied and asked Naruto, "Are you still planning to join us?"

"No way! I decided to become a pirate my own way!" Naruto replied back.

"Oh really … what about the no swimming thing?" Iruka asked.

"I'll be a pirate even if I can't swim!" Naruto replied, "And when I do become a pirate, I'll fully master Kurama's power, have the best crew in the world, find One Piece, and become the greatest Kage ever."

"Kage … huh?" Iruka responded, "Well then … I got something to give to you for for good luck."

"Really?" Naruto asked, "What?"

"Close your eyes," Iruka told Naruto.

Naruto closed his eyes and soon felt something being tied around his forehead.

"You can open your eyes now," Iruka said.

Naruto opened his eyes and saw that Iruka was no longer wearing his headband.

"Where's your headband captain?" Naruto asked.

"Right here," Iruka replied flicking the headband tied around Naruto's forehead.

"Captain!" Naruto responded.

"You can keep that headband until you achieve your dream," Iruka told Naruto.

"I will," Naruto responded crying with joy.

Iruka and his crew set sail once again, as Naruto watch.

10 Years Later…

Naruto had learn a lot since Iruka left. With Kurama's teachings, Naruto mastered using his power. Naruto was also taught how to use his wind power, by some relatives he met over the years.

Now, 17 year old Naruto Uzumaki was on a small raft, sailing out to the sea, wearing a black t-shirt, an orange sleeveless jacket that had a red whirlpool on the back, blue shorts, blue shoe-like sandals, and the old headband Iruka gave him tie around his forehead.

Suddenly the sea monster, that took down Higuma, came at Naruto.

"The local sea monster," Naruto greeted, "I'm not scared of you!"

Naruto's body transform into a yellow color with a red glow, which he called Jinchuriki mode, and made some hand signs.

"Wind Technique: Air Bullet!" Naruto yelled taking a deep breath.

Naruto blew out a ball of wind that hit the sea monster directly, knocking it out.

"Watch out world!" Naruto yelled, "Naruto Uzumaki is coming!"

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