Temporary Alliance

Sakura Haku Sasuke Juugo Yugito and Gaara arrived at the alter with 3 of their 'guest'.

"Okay, what's going on?!" Yugito demanded.

"Chopper! Where are you?" Sakura yelled.

"First we get carried off, now the Sound 5 is asking for an alliance with us," Sasuke said.

"Until we get off Skypiea," Kimimaro stated.

"Chopper!" Sakura shouted.

"Hey fatty! You better of not ate that reindeer!" Tayuya yelled.

"Fatty?" Haku asked.

"Don't call me fat!" a voice yelled.

They look to see that fat man on the ship.

"And the reindeer is fine! He's just hiding from me!" the man said.

"Sounds like Chopper," Haku said.

"Hey! One of you come up here! That Gan Fall guy is here and injured," the man yelled.

"You didn't kill him, did you Jirobo?" Sakon asked.

"Please, that guy was injured when I got here," Jirobo said.

"Kidomaru should be coming back with the rest of your crew," Kimimaro said .

"Wait a second! We still don't know if we should trust you!" Yugito said.

"I agree," Gaara said, "After all, you help kill my father."

"The way I saw it, you were out for him before we were," Kimimaro stated.

"That's the old me," Gaara responded.

"I'll go up there and try to cheer Chopper up," Juugo said.

"Hey! There's the Going Merry!" someone yelled.

They turned to the Dial boat with the rest of the crew plus Kidomaru on it.

"Hey guys!" Naruto yelled.

"At least they're okay," Kakashi said.

"About time you guys showed up!" Tayuya yelled, "What took you so long Kidomaru?!"

"It's not my fault these guys picked the slowest dial boat to use!" Kidomaru responded.

"We didn't have much of a choice," Choji responded.

"At least they're full spirit," Sakura said.


Everyone gathered on the ship for negotiations.

Chopper manage to calm down once he saw his friends.

Now Naruto Kakashi and Yugito were talking to Kimimaro about his plan in the Galley.

"So you want to make an alliance," Kakashi asked Kimimaro.

"Yes," Kimimaro replied.

"I don't trust you," Yugito said.

"You don't have to trust us, just work with us until we get off this island," Kimimaro stated.

"Eh, why not," Naruto responded.

"Naruto, the sound 5 are dangerous," Kakashi stated.

"I know, but we're all on the same situation," Naruto responded.

"You do know, once this is over, we can and will capture you for questioning," Yugito stated.

"You can try, but you'll might be killed," Kimimaro stated.

"I like to see you try to kill me," Yugito said as she started summoning Matabi's chakra.

"Hold it Yugito," Kakashi responded, "We'll work with you, but we will also keep an eye on you. If you try any funny business, you'll regret it!"

"Fair enough," Kimimaro replied.

"Good," Naruto responded.

...On the Deck...

Everyone else but Chopper and Haku were on the deck.

"How is one man able to burn parts of our ship?" Kiba asked.

"Why is it Naruto talking to your leader about the alliance?" Suigetsu asked.

"Because he's the captain of the ship," Tayuya replied.

"Yeah, but we're better off having Sasuke or even Gaara negotiating," Suigetsu responded.

"I don't like it either kid!" Kidomaru complained.

Kimimaro Kakashi Yugito and Naruto finally came out.

"We decided to agree on the alliance, while keeping a close eye on each other," Kakashi stated.

"Hey! I'm going to check on the sky knight," Naruto said.

"Me too," Sakura said.


Everyone gathered in the steering room where Gan Fall and his bird were being treated.

"If it wasn't for him the ship and I would of been gonners," Chopper said.

"I thought you were the ship protector?" Jirobo asked Gaara, "Why weren't you doing your job?"

"We agreed that Chopper would stay on the ship," Gaara replied.

"At this rate we should wait until tomorrow to go back to Angel Island," Choji said.

"Hey! Maybe we should camp in the forest!" Naruto suggested.

"Why when we're safe on this ship?" Chopper asked.

"Well, except for the girl's cabin, we will be stock full of people," Choji stated.

"I vote for camping!" Kiba yelled as Akamaru barked.

"Me too!" Suigetsu stated.

"Are you three serious?" Kidomaru asked.

"We might as well," Kimimaro stated.


Everyone set up tents in the forest.

Kakashi and Yugito finally got everyone to listen about sharing information, which was hard to do with Kiba Akamaru Naruto and even Chopper having a blast.

They made clear observations:

One: the Mantra power that the priest uses was actually Haki.

Two: the island they were on was actually part of Jaya.

Three: Haki users have an advantage over priest.

Four: Whose side the Raiders are on is unknown.

They also learn about each other

"This sounds like a perfect adventure," Naruto cheered.

"Yup," Sakura agreed (since there was gold involved).

"Why do you only have a flute for a weapon?" Suigetsu asked Tayuya.

"None of your business water freak!" Tayuya yelled.

"She's obviously an illusion user of the sound type," Sasuke stated.

"How do you know that?" Tayuya demanded.

"It's kind of obvious considering your flute is the only weapon," Haku stated, "Only reason anyone would carry a instrument for a weapon is for that."

"Know it all freaks," Tayuya complained.

"Hey Chopper, would Ganfall be able to eat?" Choji asked.

"I think so if we're careful," Chopper replied, "I wouldn't recommend the Curry of Life considering the condition of his throat."

"Why do you call it the Curry of Life?" Kidomaru asked.

"You'll find out," Kiba said.

Akamaru whimpered as he could sense the power of the sound 5.

Of course those that could understand animals knew what Akamaru was whimpering about.

Not only that, but Juugo could sense it too.

"So we're going treasure hunting?" Sakon asked.

"Maybe," Kimimaro replied.

"Of course we are!" Naruto yelled.

"I don't know," Kakashi said, "We should plan things more carefully."

"We might have to split up again," Yugito explained.


Everyone was given different chores around the camp.

Choji was cooking.

Jirobo was actually forced to help with the cooking.

Sakura charted a new map of what Jaya use to look like using their old map of Skypiea and the map of Jaya they had.

"Hey guys! I'm done with the map!" Sakura yelled.

"Is that what you were doing?" Tayuya asked, "I thought you were just waisting time."

"Now that the map is charted, we can make plans," Yugito said.

"Why did Sakura had to draw a map of what Jaya might of look like?" Sasuke asked.

"To help us with this mission," Kakashi explained.

"Sounds stupid to me," Suigetsu responded.

"This is the curry of life? It looks like regular curry to me," Kidomaru said.

"Same here," Tayuya said.

"Try it and see for yourself," Kiba replied.

Kidomaru and Tayuya took a bite of the Curry.

Their faces turned red.

It was obvious that it was even too spicy for them.

Kiba couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Stop it Kiba," Gaara said.

"Stop what?" Kiba asked.

"You know," Gaara replied.

"It's just a harmless prank," Kiba said.

"Gaara has a point Kiba. It's too dangerous to pull pranks on the sound 5," Yugito said.

"Fine," Kiba responded.

"Listen guys! Somehow this island came to be part of Sky Island, and before that, it was part of Jaya," Sakura said.

"We know that!" Tayuya stated.

"Probably by the knock up stream," Naruto said.

"Maybe," Kimimaro replied.

"Oh yeah, the south birds I saw called the Sky Knight God," Chopper responded.

"Seriously?" Naruto asked.

"That is interesting," Gaara said.

"According to the diary there was a bell shape gold," Choji said.

"Also there was something about the south birds," Juugo reminded.

"Well I think I solved the mystery of the last passage 'in the skull's right eye the gold is seen'," Sakura said.

"Oh really?" Tayuya asked.

"What is it?" Kakashi asked.

Sakura showed them and revealed that Jaya originally look like a skull.

"So then the spot is in the right eye," Kimimaro said.

"This is why we need to split into groups of two," Yugito explained, "One will go treasure hunting, while the other watch the ship."

"For an even split, if you include Akamaru, we will have to split into group of 11," Kakashi said walking up to them with an empty plate.

"Where have you been?" Jirobo asked.

"Walking around," Kakashi lied.

"Sky knight and his bird can't leave," Hinata said.

"I guess we draw straws then," Sasuke said.

"Seriously?" Sakon asked, "You draw straws to decide who goes where?"

"Yeah, it sort became a tradition," Kiba said.

"It started with Suigetsu trying to bet who carried our bags across the desert," Sasuke responded.

"You're a strange crew," Jirobo responded.

They draw straws and it was decided.

The ones staying on the Going Merry was: Hinata, Sakon, Jirobo, Sakura, Haku, Gan Fall, Pierre, Kakashi, Choji, Kiba, and Akamaru.

The second group was treasure hunting: Naruto, Yugito, Sasuke, Juugo, Suigetsu, Gaara, Sumaru, Kimimaro, Kidomaru, and Tayuya.

After it was decided, most of the Shinobi Pirates threw a party.

"Should we really be partying?" Tayuya asked, "Hard to believe this is the crew that took down Crocodile."

"Hey guys! Juugo and I brought firewood!" Choji yelled.

They turned to see that they indeed brought firewood.

Infact, it was enough for a large bonfire.

They stack up the wood and Sasuke set them on fire.

"Um guys, we're not alone," Kiba said.

They turned to see there was Sky wolves, which were wolves adapted to survive in the area.

It turned out the sky wolves were attracted by the scent of food, and after giving them what they want, they partied with the crew.

Only ones not partying were the sound 5, Kakashi, Yugito, Gaara, Juugo, and Sumaru.

"Too bad we don't have any marshmallows," Suigetsu said.

"Hey! Camping isn't anything without scary stories," Naruto said.

"Scary stories?" Chopper asked.

"Yeah, scary stories!" Kiba cheered.

So they started telling scary stories.

Naruto made up a silly one.

"Just when they thought the clown was dead, his body parts started moving on their own as if possessed by an evil spirit!" Naruto said.

"Waah!" Chopper cried.

"You made that up based off our first battle with Buggy, didn't you?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto didn't say anything but the grin on his face answered Sasuke's question.

"Figures," Sasuke responded.

"Hey, what's the point of our adventures if we can't make stories out of them," Kiba said.

Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Someone once told me, the best of stories were the ones based off of life experience," Kakashi stated.

"Stupid if you ask me," Kidomaru stated.

"We're suppose to be hiding from the priest, and yet we're out in the open partying and telling scary stories," Tayuya complained.

"Tayuya, Kidomaru, relax," Kimimaru said.

"Don't you guys ever do things like this?" Naruto asked.

"No," Jirobo responded.

"We're top notch criminals under Lord Orochimaru's command, we don't do stupid kid stuff," Sakon said.

"Well that's boring," Suigetsu said.

"Yeah, what's the point of working for someone if you can't have fun?" Naruto asked.

"Life isn't about fun and games kid," Kidomaru stated.

"Cut it out guys!" Kimimaro said, "Just enjoy the night."

"Sounds like you're having fun," someone said.

They turned to see it was Gan Fall.

Gan Fall joined into the party.

"By the way, is Conis and her father safe?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. They're at my home," Gan Fall replied.

"That's good," Hinata responded.

"I overheard you talking about this island being part of Jaya," Gan Fall said, "You know why this is holy land?"

"No," Yugito replied.

A place like this is unheard of in a sky island. Everything here should of been impossible and yet, here we are. Cause of it, we call this place Vearth," Gan Fall explained.

Everyone understood what that meant.


That night, most of the crew were sound asleep, except for Gaara.


3 of the remaining priest came to talk to their god.

Shura was one of them.

The second one has a weird hair due.

The third priest was bald.

The bald one was known as Omu.

The one with the weird hair due was Gadus,

The god was a man with no shirt and a ring attach to his back that had circles that contain three tomecs in each like the sharingan.

The god name Eneru told them they no longer have barriers and that they can attack anyone.

"One more thing," Eneru said.

"What?" Omu asked.

"There are three people you need to watch out for. They seem to posses the power of the beetle with 3 set of wings that once reside here," Eneru said, "Find out what connections they have with the beetle. It might come in handy in the future."

"Yes sir!" the three priest responded.

...Shinobi Pirates/Sound 5...

Everyone woke up to see that the Going Merry was repaired back to what it was before the bird stuff was added.

"Did you do this Gaara?" Naruto asked.

"No," Gaara replied, "Whoever did it though must of knew what the Going Merry look like."

"Hey! If we're going to bring our plan into action, we need to get this junk off the alter!" Tayuya yelled.

"Right!" everyone responded.

After somehow getting the Going Merry off the alter, they regroup one last time to discuss the plan before setting off once again.

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