So this story got deleted :( but luckily I downloaded a back-up :). I am going to edit it a little bit (not too much.) Thank you all for all of your reviews, subscriptions, and favorites.

Fang's POV

Damn. If Max knew the effect she had on me… No. I will not let her have that type of advantage over me. I can't help but stare. Her long, tan legs, her deep chocolate eyes, her perky breasts. You would have to be blind not to notice (no offense intended, Iggy). Crap. She caught me looking at her. She shot me one of her Max glares. Shivers went down my spine.

Fang, Ew! Angel thought into my head.

Maybe, Angel, you should stay out of my head! I thought back.

Okay, okay! Lesson learned, stay out of your head unless I want to be scarred for the rest of my life, she though back. Having a mind reading little 7-year-old twerp has its disadvantages sometimes.

"Breakfast!" Iggy yelled. I don't know how he does it, but that kid is one heck of a chef. If Max was more feminine (not in a bad way of course) it would probably bug her that a blind guy could cook better than her. But considering she can kick his butt from here to the end of the freaking world, she doesn't mind. I sat down at the table, taking four waffles and about a pound of bacon with me. Max sat down next to me and had an irresistible grin on her face. She whistled to get everybody's attention.

"I have made a decision," she declared, "I think my Mom deserves a visit!" All the kids cheered. Dr. M is the closest thing any of us have to a Mom. She also makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. I think they might beat Iggy's cake…

"So it's agreed? We leave at three, start packing" Max said. I looked at Iggy. I could tell what he was thinking from the look on his face. Ella. Ella is Max's half-sister. Her and Iggy had high school musical lovey dovey crushes on each other, everybody knew about it but them. I guess the Igster still isn't over her. Can't say I blame him, Ella and Max do share the same genes… No. That's wrong on so many levels. Plus, she is way to young for me, and I could never do that to Max or Iggy. Stupid raging teen avian hormones.

After practically inhaling 9 waffles and almost a pound of bacon, I went upstairs to pack. I didn't know how long we'd be there, but knowing Max it will probably be awhile, so I got my duffle from under my bed and filled it with clothes. Max came into my room, shut the door, and surprised me with a kiss. I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her onto my lap. Our tongues fought for dominance, but I quickly won. I threw her onto the bed and straddled her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and rolled herself on top. It was all so perfect and then… Something, well, interfered. I felt the bulge sitting uncomfortably in my jeans. Shit. Max couldn't see it. I pulled away and told her that I needed to get into the shower. She gave me one last peck and left my room.

I wanted to punch a hole through the wall. Max just, well, she just turns me on. Knowing I needed to get into the shower or Max might be suspicious, I stripped and turned the water on as cold as I could bear. This boner needed to go, now. I gritted my teeth as I stepped in. I deserved this. I let my hormones get in the way. Max isn't ready for sex. I loved her, so I respect this. When she is ready, and only when she is ready, will I take her virginity. That sounds so criminal of me. Well technically, she would be taking mine too…

Max's POV

"Everybody packed and ready to go?" I yelled. Within seconds the Flock was downstairs, duffels in hand, eager to visit my Mom and Ella.

"Nudge," I said, sensing a slight tone to my voice "How many clothes do you need? We will only be gone for around a week!"

"Max, Its not just clothes, I have my make up and my shoes and my–" I don't want to know just get in the car" I said, cutting her off. I love Nudge, but I swear her mouth was hyped up by whitecoats…

"Can I drive?" asked an overly eager Iggy

"Of course not!" I exclaimed

"It's because I'm blind, isn't it?" he ranted

"No, its because I am sure Ella would prefer you and the rest of the Flock alive" I defended. Iggy blushed, and I tossed the keys to Fang, "Lets get a move on it!"

After four hours of the Nudge Channel, Gazzy and Iggy making evil schemes to get revenge on me for not letting Iggy drive, and Angel popping into my head, we finally arrived at my Mom's house. As soon as the car pulled up Mom and Ella burst through the door, arms opened, and attacked me and the rest of the Flock. "Max, Nudge, Angel, Gazzy, Iggy, Fang, its so good to see you guys again" exclaimed my Mom. I hugged her and wouldn't let go. "I missed you Mom," I said.

We walked into the house and the smell of chocolate chip cookies was overpowering any other thoughts in my head. "I knew you were coming and were going to want some cookies," said my Mom. That's one of the things I love most about her, she really cares about us.

After I wolfed down a tray of cookies and received various burns on my tongue, I unpacked my stuff into my room. Mom had some renovations done recently, which were totally unnecessary. She built an extended wing in her house (no pun intended) with four extra bedrooms for us. Nudge and Angel got the pink one at the end of the hallway, next to them were Iggy and Gazzy (poor Angel and Nudge), and across the hall was my bedroom, and of course Fang's. Speaking of Fang…