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Note: This story takes place from roughly 1930-1960. I have four Ocs.

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Chapter One
The Great Escape
Melissa's POV

I heard a noise. I couldn't see what it was. 'The room is too dark… Or maybe my eyes are closed.' I raised my hand to check. 'Nope still open.' I looked around. I saw the brown-haired girl in the dim lighting. Isabella was what THEY called her, so we did too. I tried to remember her eye color. It was brown, I believed. 'OH what that!' There was a louder noise. I looked toward it. Squinting, I could see the outline of someone hitting against the wall. I relaxed. It was just Adriana. She always did this. Out of the three of us, she hated this room the most.

She once tried to scratch a hole into the door. It didn't work and all that happened was that my turn was skipped and she was the next to get experimented on. I'm not completely sure what that word means. Experiment. It sounded scary. But to me, to us, it meant pain. It always lead to that. So did the word test. We all hated when it's time for one of those. Once, THEY made us run and run till we were tired and fell. Or THEY give us a bunch of weird things to eat that made us sick. Or moved us into a cold room and left us there for a very long time. Sometimes it was hot room. One time, THEY put me under water and kept me there even when I was running out of air. My chest burned so much.

We never liked those experiments or tests. Even if sometimes THEY take us outside. That pain wasn't worth it. Don't get me wrong, I liked it outside. It was warm, not cold and damp. And, and there's light. And all these colors. And these weird living things that move and run away from us. They made these weird noises. So cool. But THEY always ruined it. We tried to get out on our own, but we couldn't. We didn't know how to open it. The door. And we can't break it. Although, Adriana always tried.

Out of all of us, she got the closest to breaking the door. Once, she was hitting the door and she got mad. Like more mad. More mad then normal. The maddest I've ever seen her. It was a really bad (painful) test that day. She screamed and screamed a lot. When she woke up, she was just... Mad. She went to hit the door. Her hand was like on its way to hitting the door. Then suddenly, a weird light came from her hand. It was orange and reddish. It surprised me. When she took her hand off the door, there was like a hole there. Well, it wasn't really a hole. The door was like pressed in. Adriana stopped. I think she was surprised too. I didn't know what to do.

For a second, I thought we could leave. That maybe Adriana could get us out. But, then we heard footsteps. All thoughts about getting out and being in the warm light left me. 'Whose turn is it?' I thought. Then I remembered it was Adriana's turn. She was still standing. THEY came in. I think THEY were mad at the sorta hole thing.

The experiment and test have been worst since then. We were so scared. The next time THEY came to experiment, Isabella went to the corner and hide under something. I didn't know what it was. THEY couldn't find her at first. So the experiment happened a lot later. And it was shorter. THEY seemed mad when THEY left. And THEY walked a lot faster when THEY left.

Since then, we hid when the came for us. I hated that room, but it did have a lot of good hiding places. Because of all the things in there. I was hiding in my favorite hiding place. My hair was toward the door, so THEY couldn't see me. That much. My hair was dark like the room. Isabella was hiding under a… thing. I didn't know what it was. Adriana wasn't hiding. I guess that for the best; she was the easiest for them to find. 'It has to be her hair. It's stands out. I can kinda see it from here.'

Well, nothing to do now, but go to sleep. I hope THEY feed us soon.

'Okay, so I have ten fingers. I wonder how many toes I have?... Is that footsteps? No. NO.' It was. I looked outside of my hiding place. I saw Adriana run to find one of her own. I guess she was going to hide. 'Hope she finds a good place.' I saw Isabella look at me, she was close enough that I could kinda see her body. I bet she was sad for me. I was next. It was my turn. I curl up into a tighter ball.'No…'

THEY came in. 'Oh, please don't find me!' THEY looked around. 'Please, please don't find me! Pretty please?' THEY saw Isabella, and for a second, I worried that she would take my place. As much as I didn't want to take my turn, I didn't want her to take it! Or Adriana! 'Maybe I should just leave my hiding place...'

But then THEY moved on. So, I guessed that I didn't have to worry about that now. THEY moved closer to me. 'Oh, oh! Please don't find me! Please don't find me!' I turn my head, so it points down. I hold my breath. 'Please don't find me…'

It was no use. THEY found me. THEY said something, but I was too scared to try to understand it. One of them grabbed me. I struggled, I growled, I bit- THEY wouldn't release me. I tried everything I could think of. None of it worked. THEY carried me through a door, not THE door (the one that leads outside), but a door. A door that led to another dark room.

"Put her down on the table," one of them said. I stopped fighting. It wouldn't help. I looked over to see the 'table'. I never heard that word before. At least, I didn't remember hearing it. I've heard the words 'put her down' before. I think that means to put someone down. Or to drop them. The table looked like that thing Isabella was hiding under. So that was a table too, I guessed. Cool, I learned a new word. 'My back feels cold now. Oh, yeah. The experiment.' I forgot about that. When THEY let me go, I tried to run. To get up. But THEY grabbed my arms and legs.

"Strap her down! We don't want her running away now, do we?" I felt them hold my arms and legs down. Some rough thing was wrapped around me, just below my hands and above my feet. When THEY let go, I tried to move. The rough thing didn't let me. I kept trying. When I stopped, my hands and feet were hurting. They like burned. My eyes felt wet. I was crying. Why did this have to happen? Why! What did we do? THEY put some cold little things on my skin. I looked at them; they had strings connecting to a giant… thingy. I didn't know what it was, but it scared me. I didn't like it. I saw one of them come near me.

"Hello darling, how do you feel today?" one of them said. I didn't know what those words mean, but THEY always said them before the pain started.

"Marcus, stop talking to them. You know they can't under stand you. They have no thoughts, or else Aro would have heard them," another one of them said. THEY usually said that too. So, that meant the experiment was about to start.

"Maybe we should check again, who knows? They might have developed the ability to think like an intelligent creature. They are older," the third one said. 'I don't get it… why hasn't the experiment started? It should have started. Maybe THEY won't!' One of them came near me. I didn't like him. I didn't like any of them, but I really didn't like him. He touched me. His hand was cold. 'Why was he touching me?' When he touched me, I felt a warm feeling wrap itself around me. Or, at least, around my head. I didn't know what that was. But I liked it.

Whenever this one(Aro I think, that was what THEY called him) touched one of us, we felt this warm thing. Well, Isabella didn't feel it. Maybe it was because of her! Whatever it was because of, I felt better knowing it was there.

"Still nothing. Alright Caius, start the experiment," Aro said. Oh no. He said 'start'. That usually means THEY were going to start. 'No, no, no, no, no.' I tried one last time to get free. Then, bam. This horrible, odd, painful, painful, PAINFUL feeling took over me. I hated it! I hated it! I screamed. I cried. This metal, coppery taste was in my mouth. My body started to move and I couldn't control it. What was happening? 'Stop! Stop!' I couldn't stay still or quiet. I wanted to yell at them to stop, to end this horrible feeling. But I couldn't. I couldn't think of the words! I couldn't focus. 'Stop it! Stop it!' I couldn't control my body; everything was making these weird quick movements over and over. 'Please stop it!' The only thing I could do was scream. 'Stop, please!'

The experiment continued for a really long time. 'When will this stop! I want to cry! I want to get away from them. This has to be the worst experiment yet. None of the other ones feel this bad! Please be over soon. Please, please, please! I wonder what- ahh!' The feeling got worst. The PAIN got worse! Way worst! 'Stop! Please! Just stop! I want the other pain back! It hurt less.' I screamed louder. 'Please, please, stop! Just stop!' I could barely breathe.

Finally, FINALLY, it stops! I could breathe again. I was breathing really hard. My chest kept falling and rising quickly. I needed more air! I felt so light-headed. One of them got rid of the rough thing. I was too tired to try to run away. I was kinda sleepy. THEY put fingers on my neck. 'Why? Why are THEY doing that?' So tried. THEY moved their hands to my hand. I wondered why briefly, before closing my eyes. One of them picked me up. I couldn't move. I was so tired. I wanted to sleep…

I suddenly felt the floor. I think THEY dropped me. I still didn't move. I couldn't move. I heard them talk, but I couldn't figure out what THEY were saying. I heard their footsteps getting softer and softer. THEY were leaving. 'Good.' I felt one of my sisters come near me. I couldn't tell who it was. She got closer and started rubbing my back.

"Otay?" I heard. It was Isabella. I knew her voice. And I knew Adriana's voice. She wanted to know if I was still in pain. Or maybe she was worried about me not moving. I was not in pain, but I didn't think I was okay.

"No," I said softly. I couldn't say more. I didn't know what to say. I was so tired. I think she didn't either. She just sat there with me. I went to sleep.

There was a loud banging noise. I slowly woke up. My body hurt. And I was tired. Not like sleepy tired, the other kind. I slowly got on my hands and knees. Then I turned around and sat. I couldn't stand. My legs felt weak. I looked around and saw Isabella. She was sitting next to me. Right next to me. I looked over to the door. The door that lead outside. The big door. I couldn't really see who was hitting the door, but I knew it was Adriana. It had to be her. My stomach hurt.

"Otay?" Isabella said again. I did feel better. Not so tired. Not like before. But my stomach really hurt. I wanted food. Or water. That would make it stop. It always did.

"Yes," I said, and then I pointed to my stomach, "hurt." That was all I said. She just looked at me, before doing the same. 'Haven't THEY brought food and water yet? THEY always do after an experiment.'

"No food?" She said no.

"No wawer?" Again, she said no. 'Oh, I guess I'll just have to deal with the pain.' I didn't want to.

"Mad?" I pointed to Adriana. 'Why does she keep hitting the door? We know that doesn't work.'

"A wot," was all she said. I looked back at Adriana. Why was she so mad? She was really trying to break the door. She kept hitting it. Over and over. How wasn't she tired? She stopped and looked at me.

"Help?" I didn't know if I could. I was so tired and weak. But then, I remembered the experiment. That hurt. Really hurt. I wanted to get out of here. That couldn't happen again. Not to me or to my sisters. I didn't want that to happen to Adriana or Isabella. I got up. The hurt in my stomach was gone. Well, not gone. But- never mind

I went over to Adriana. I was going to help. Maybe we could. And I started to hit the door. Maybe we could get out. I wanted to get out. I hit the door harder. 'We will get out. This is not going to happen again.' Hit. 'This will not happen to my sisters.' Hit. 'We will get out.' Hit. 'We will get away from them.' Hit. 'This!' Hit. 'Will!' Hit. 'Not!' Hit. 'Happen!' Hit. 'AGAIN!' Hit. Suddenly, I feel a weird feeling in my hands.

It feels like something pushed off from them and went to the door. Like they were connected and this energy was being pumped through. I could feel it hit the door and- for a little a bit- the door stopped it. But then, it didn't. The door bent. The feeling pushed and pushed. Then, the feeling left. Like it was never there. I looked at the door. Adriana was standing next to me, perfectly still. I heard Isabella make a noise. I just stared.

There was a hole in the door. A hole big enough for us to fit through.

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