Author's Note: The second story is up! Here is a preview of the second story in the Growing Up Series, Growing Up: School Yard Years.


Birthday Girl

(Isa)Bella's POV

Date: September 13th, 1966 (Bella's designated Birthday) Physical Age: 8

Didn't you love birthdays when you were little? I did. There was presents and cake and presents and singing and presents and games- and did I mention presents? I loved presents. Unfortunately, almost no one celebrated birthdays in my family. Mom, Dad, and my older siblings didn't exactly remember when their birthdays were, so they didn't celebrate.

Adriana, Melissa, and I had no idea when our birthdays were. I wasn't even sure how old I really was. Anyway, Adriana hated that we missed out on gifts every year. That really sucked. So, she decided she was going to have a birthday. She picked a date(April 17) and make it her birthday. Surprisingly, it worked. Probably because Adriana was a bit of a prima donna. Just sometimes... when around other people.

Well, because it worked so well for her, Melissa and I did the exact same thing. I picked September 13 and Melissa picked January 8. The dates had meaning to us, not that our family our family knew what it was. And we were not going to tell them. They supported us(they always did) in this. I loved them for that.

So, today was my birthday. We never made a (very) big deal about it. I already got a few presents, but I was still waiting for the rest. I wondered if they had something planned. I heard Mommy talk to Alice and Jasper earlier today, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Richard distracted me.

Anyway, so I was in the living room. Messing with the piano. Everyone else said it was Edward's piano, but I didn't see his name on it. He wasn't the only one who played it. Well, I didn't really play it as much as I just mess with the keys. But uhh...I could play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Sort of. The right hand part. I was working on the left hand part. Edward was helping me. He said I just needed more practice.

Since I had nothing better to do...

"Twinkle, Twinkle," I sang, playing the first four notes.

"Little star," I continued, playing the next three notes.

"How I wonder," I sang playing the next four notes.

"What you are," Melisa sang entering the room. She waved at me and sat down next to me with a big smile.

"Hey sissy!" I greeted her. She smiled at me.

"Hey! So how has your birthday been?" she asked.

"Awesome! I wonder what they have planned," I said.

"Well, we're about to find out because Mommy told me to tell you to get dressed. Ally-gator and Jazzy pants are taking us somewhere," Melissa said. I laughed a little at her nicknames for Alice and Jasper. And got excited over the news. 'Yes!'

"Yay!" I exclaimed, getting down and running to my room. Melissa followed me.

"What are you gonna wear?" Melissa asked. I looked at her as I climbed up the stairs.

"Does it matter?" I asked. Even after living with Alice for, like, forever, I still didn't have much of a passion for fashion. I just didn't see the point in it. I look at outfit my slightly shorter sister was wearing. I loved that I was taller than her. She was wearing a (bright) red, yellow, and green dress with a flower pattern that went well with her slightly tan skin. Melissa was a couple shades darker than me or Adriana. She also had pink leggings and yellow boots on, which I thought clashed but whatever. A green head band kept her long hair back and helped it frame her oval face and sky blue eyes. Someone was colorful today.

"Not to me. You know Alice will kill you if you don't look good," Melissa said. We entered our room.

"Why does it matter? We're little kids! And you look like a kindergartener painted you," I responded. Melissa shrugged.

"I like my look; it's the new trend. And like you said; we're little kids. So we have to do what they say. That includes looking our best. Even if we don't see the point in it," Melissa replied. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the closet. I looked through my part of the closet. Alice recently went shopping, so I had new stuff in here.

"How about this?" I asked. I grabbed a fuchsia short-sleeved dress with white swirls. I held it up.

"I like it," Melissa said. She walked over to her drawer. She looked though it for a few moments, before pulling out purple stockings.

"Here." She said throwing it to me. I caught it. I looked at my shoes. I grabbed my Mary Jane shoes, then I walk to the bathroom to change. After changing, I looked in the mirror.