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Rated 'M' for sexual situations and lemons, very bad language and eventual violence.

I don't wanna spend my life, jaded, waiting

To wake up one day and find

that I let all these years go by


- Wasted, Carrie Underwood

Victoria's POV

I lay on the ground after I had been disposed of so carelessly by Edward and that ugly one with the sharp cruel features. She came over so often implying that she would happily take my place. However, had she known how it felt to be tortured, used and, dare I say it... raped?

It had started out as an outlet for our anger and our passion and slowly it began to destroy me inside, destroy any fragment of stability I had left in my body. I spent my days in a whirlwind of chaos and pain. I began to feel it what was I deserved as I wallowed in the darkness, watching the iron in the skies fade to black, as my life had.

Fading to black.

I lay among a pool of my hairs, the wig next to me of that girl.

Would I sit here and allow Edward to ruin me? Could I allow that to happen? Didn't I have any power left?

And then it came to me - the only thing I could do.

I had one last resort. The chances of me being killed were dreadfully high but I had no doubt that no existence at all would be better than being Edward's bitch forever.

It was a case of what I cared for more. And that last shred of self-respect and self-preservation won out.

Before I knew it, I was packing up a few clothes hurriedly. I knew they would be gone for days but the anxiety scalded my bones like hot water. Burns like that never leave a person. You remain scarred for eternity.

I went to the fireplace where the embers of a dying blaze remained, there for Edward's pathetic show and disposed of that terrible wig that had been the bane of my existence for so long.

I slipped out of the dead house with the shadows of a smile on my face, feeling exhilarated, free for the first time since James had been killed.

James. What would he have wanted? I thought to myself as the wind allowed my hair to fan out. But James wasn't here. He had left me in this miserable world because of his thrill for the chase.

It was up to me now.

I set off running then, tearing through the forest, one with the world again. I'd always been faster, faster than any other vampire I'd ever met.

Speed and evasion. That was me. I had a talent for it the same way that psycho bitch's was seeing the future.

Well, see this, bitch.

At some point, I must've crossed over the Canadian border into the US but it never occurred to me when. I was too busy enjoying the wind in my hair, the knowledge that my clothes were not about to ripped off my body at any second, I would not be... entered within the next few days. I could just exist.

My life's purpose had become distorted in the infected wounds of other people's actions and betrayals. I no longer knew what I wanted in the long term but for now this was exactly what I wanted.

I had always been one for revenge, exacting its sweet poison with perfect precision. But what does one do when there is a need for such revenge on both sides?

I had already decided in my heart.

Alice's POV

Aro took Edward's hand, seeing what I could not, watching every one of his memories play out in his head.

"I see," he muttered finally, a deadly look in his eye.

"So you see, sir, we have from a reliable source that they've created one of those," I said sadly, pain engulfing my tone. I had already "seen" it that he would take Edward's hand and not mine.

"Whilst I argue that your source is not so reliable and would be extremely prone to lying, I cannot see that being your fault. That's all you have to go on," he said, smiling sweetly. "I know you two would never harm a fly. With this in mind, we must also consider that it must have been a terrible hardship for you both to suffer seeing your mates 'trade off' as it were to each other. It speaks a lot for their personalities that they would do such a thing to the both of you, such lovely people. It wouldn't surprise me if perhaps they had ventured into the... for want of a better word, darkness. We must protect our world from this danger. They are out of control."

We waited for his verdict silently. I had already seen Victoria leave the house. Where she was headed yet, I was unsure since she herself hadn't fully made up her mind. This was crucial to us.

"Serious action must be taken."

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