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E/O Challenge: Tight. "The Pie Trip". A 100-word drabble. Sam suffers after Dean recovers from a visit to a bar. No spoilers. Happy Birthday to Vanessa Sgroi!


The Pie Trip


Their latest case had been nothing more than a conwoman drugging her marks with LSD. Since being the bait, Dean had sat staring at his hands in wonder.

He jumped to his feet and started padding around the motel room. "Sammy! The demon's eaten 'em!"


"The pie!" Dean cried, his chin quivering.

"Don't worry, we'll buy more tomorrow."

Dean pulled Sam into a tight hug, "I wuv you, Sammy!"

As his brother snuggled into him like an oversized puppy, Sam vowed to tease Dean mercilessly later.

Assuming I survive the psychological scarring.

"Er, Dean, y'mind putting some clothes on?"


A/N: Vanessa wanted Dean barefoot; well he definitely wasn't wearing any socks!