Throughout the un-bashful bashing of decades, through glass box and monochrome film came the telling of ethreal ages. Stories of men and women unafraid and unchallenged by the deepest depths of terror, horror, and ill-willed twists of fate. In a bygone era of heroes and madmen these stories have stood the test of time and still echo their teachings and their justices to new generations.

They continue to inspire and to challenge the very fabric of time and space. Journeys into wondrous lands and bounties that are boundless to that of the imagination. These tales of triumph and tragedy still usher true, even in today's world of maniacal mad money and terrible tapestries woven and wrought by the tinkers of deception.

They stand the test of time. They tell of tales of courage, family, and of believe in not only oneself but one's creator. They are the very pits of penance. The highest echelons of embroidered equality. Stand before them and try not to be in awe, dazzle, or pure wonder at the characters and their stories. Victories and defeats held together through the threads of time and the inspiration of many actors and actress. Writers and creators. Showmen and designers.

One man put it all together. One man found his niche in eternity. In a time when the world needed stories of such godly caliber. One man dared to submit for your approval. That one man was named Rod Serling and that submission took place in The Twilight Zone.

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