While the Living Mourn-

This is my first Draco and Harry Fanfic. I'll just let all the readers know now that I prefer a BottomDraco, he will also be a little or alot OCC (depends on your point of view). Harry is going to be a bastard for the first three chapters.

Warnings: Mpreg, Sucidal thoughts, Violence, Child Abuse, Twincest, Foul Language, and Infidelity

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, (mentioned)Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Ron/OMC, Fred/George (Fred didn't die in Final War), Molly/Arthur, Lucius/Narcissa

I do not own Harry Potter, Sadly.

"You're going back to her aren't you?" Draco asked it almost seemed hopeless to hope he'd stay. It had been a game they played often. It began with an agreement on both parts. However that was before he learned of his engagement to the Weaslette. He knew they were together. And who didn't they were the golden couple. Harry the knight in shining amour and Ginny the beautiful maiden. The story of their courting and eventual marriage was a field day for reporters and the public alike. No one talked about anything else. And soon enough the babies came along and everyone had been pounding at the door to catch a glimpse of Harry's first born, the horribly predictably named baby. Everyone wished to coo at the sweet child their Hero named, James Potter. And soon the pattern was almost cyclical with the birth of the next two. Albus Severus- Draco could barely contain a shiver at the idiotic combination, he did all he could and simply snorted in his lover's face when he told him "Yessssss," he hissed, "because you and Severus were so close, I'm sure he's smiling in his grave," was all that he said, and everything in his tone suggested otherwise- and of course Lilly Potter only 9 months and some weeks younger than Albus a small freckled fiery red haired baby. Need more be said?

"Yes, I am. She's my wife, baby." Draco seethed at the word it almost burned him to hear it. A confirmation of what he already knew. And how couldn't he, he always knew. Harry never let him forget it. He guessed it was Harry's way of apologizing to the red head. A way to show she never left his mind, even during sex. Harry made sure when he had Draco in his arms he gasp the red headed bitch's name in his ear. He'd moan it; scream it, until he finally came. Draco long ago when Harry finally said "I do," promising his devotion and love to Ginny and Ginny alone. Draco long ago accepted the fact that he would never hear his name gasped or moaned in adoration and pleasure or a declaration of love for himself cross those lips.

"I want you to come to Albus and Lilly's party today." Harry of course wasn't asking. He was assuming and expecting confirmation. Draco knew well that he would go. Harry never cared much toward Draco's threats to tell Ginny of their affair. Harry's only respond was simply "You wouldn't risk your job. Do you really think that anyone would want their child to be taught by a slut, let alone a faggot?" Draco could argue of course that if people were willing to forget his status as a Death Eater they would be just as accepting if he was to tell. Wishful thinking, it would be brilliant if he actually believed it, but he knew the only reason why people even allowed his presence was because of the extremely generous charity funds he made after the war. That and of course Harry being his new very friendly friend made everyone nearly forget about his past. Everyone had been ready to just escape the war.

Too much pain had occurred and just about everyone had been ready to forgive and forget. Everyone besides the Weaselys, their many of their spouses, and the two thirds of their golden trio when Harry's friends and family realized Harry was not going to drop the blond pureblood they reluctantly welcomed him into the family. But Draco was under no illusions he knew there was too much bad blood between them for Draco to ever be fully accepted. That however did not stop them all from putting on a friendly face for Harry. Draco however was blunter and plainly told Ron and the rest of his freckled siblings just where they could shove their 'friendly' gestures and conversation. Harry of course had been furious with Draco and that caused him three hours of torturous pleasure leaving the blond at the brink of an orgasm only to pull away with a manipulative and angry glint in his eye while an irritatingly arousing smile played on his lips. "What wouldn't I give to be able visit my favorite group of socially incompetent, financially unstable, fashion disabled, small minded freckled, and horrid red haired family of Weasels?"

Harry glowered at the wide smile Draco threw at him. "Draco," was the only word Harry said to the platinum blond. Draco sighed, "I agreed I'd come, didn't I?"

Harry smiled, "You did and I appreciate it." The blond stood and walked around the bed to where his lover stood, "How much do you appreciate it," he whispered in his ear standing on his toes his fingers dragging his manicured hand down his lover's muscled chest his defined abs rippling at his touch. Harry sighed at the touch as his pulsing cock responded to the innocent touch. Harry's head dipped to press kisses along Draco's neck and it was Draco's turn now to sigh.
Draco's sigh turned into a moan as Harry's kissed dragged lower, oh those lips like sweet drop of rain on dry desert ground. Harry gave kisses that were small and gentle.

They gathered the wood to Draco's fire. They fueled his blood south, made him sigh, arch his back, stiffen his legs, and straighten his toes to a near point in the grace and form similar to a muggle ballet dancer. Draco rocked his hips into Harry, his head falling backwards as he allowed himself to surrender completely to Harry. He was slow with his thrusts but they soon became rushed and urgent in their pace, "In me now, Harry pleassse," the blond sighed Harry loved to hear the blond beg for his cock. He wrapped his long legs around the muscled thighs. Arching his back to rub his cock against Harry's causing the best of friction. Harry carried him to the bed and laid him gently on the bed before settling on top of him. Draco shivered excited by the heavy weight that pressed him into the mattress. He felt the familar chillingly emptiness that was only fulfilled by Harry's thick and heavy cock nestled deep into his arse.

The dark haired man slid down the blond's body settling in between his thighs. His head buried in a nest of golden little hairs. Harry inhaled the scent that was so purely Draco that words escaped him. His eyes stared at the long arched erection that stood before him. He suckled on the vein that throbbed close to the blond's bollocks. Harry listened to the blond's sluggish thrusts and pleas for more. Harry drunk on something that is purely Draco kissed his way up the aristocrat's slim cock and swallowed him whole allowing the eager blond to hit the back of Harry's throat before Harry pulled away and slipped lower to the little, clean, pink, pulsing hole that was just grasping for Harry's thick cock. The brunette pressed a small kiss to the hole licking around the small hole before tongue fucking it so hard that Draco was moaning without restraint and pressing his arse as hard as he could into Harry's face, his arse sharply arching and twisting to get closer to that sinful tongue.

Harry rose himself to hover over Draco his cock, pulsing and near purple with need. Harry pressed his cock deep into Draco. Harry shivered as Draco clenched down on him. "Relax, baby..." Harry whispered pressing deeper past the rig of muscles. Draco gasped feeling full he knew that no matter how far he searched in this world that he would never find a cock so perfect for him. Harry began thrusting sharp, piston thrusts that brought him closer to an orgasm. Harry above him whimpered, "Ginny" Draco knew it would've happened soon but it didn't wilt his erection. He'd taught himself to be ignorant of what fell from Harry's lips to his ears, if not only for his sanity but for his sex life as well.

Burying his head into the Blond's neck he thrusted harder, his arms curving into Draco's own personal prison as he pressed harder moaning and screaming his cock pulsing and pounding into Draco's small bundle of pleasure that resided within him. In his own erotic prison, Draco climaxed a glorious orgasm that curled his toes and arched his pert and round arse deeper onto the cock connected to the man Draco loved who moaned another's name in his bed.

When Draco woke up he had woken up alone. But that was only to be expected. Harry never did care much for a sleepover. That was of course not extended toward the infamous arguments between Harry and his Weaslette. Harry would stay with him for days on end. That was of course until Ron fire called and yelled at the brunette to get off his arse and apologize to his sister. Draco washed his face and brushed his teeth. Pulling on his silk trousers and cashmere sweater he knew he reeked wealth and arrogance, but he also knew he looked stunning beautiful. The pants hugged his arse and the warm dark colors complimented his slim feminine figure. While his long pale hair steamed down his back and the gentle wave he spelled them softened his sharp jaw line and chin rather than hardening them as it did his father. He no longer wore robes as often as Harry had imposed his muggle customs upon him insisting that he looked much better without it. Draco sent one charming smile toward the mirror before he apparated out of his flat.

When he arrived to the Burrow it took all his will power not to walk out again. If it wasn't important for his social image he wouldn't bother himself to be surrounded by such unflattering people. Though Harry was fooled Draco was under no pretenses to believe that the Weasley's were a lovely bunch. They were just as small minded and prejudice as the next pureblood family.

"Dway'co!" a little runt shouted running full force at his knees. And Draco couldn't help but laugh as the adorable little brat began demanding to be picked up. Draco lifted the child into his arms, his bright green eyes flashing brilliantly at him underneath a mop of dark brown hair his gently toned skin a great contrast against Draco's pale skin. "Oi, is that my Jamie underneath all that hair?" Draco coo'ed. He realized with time that it was near impossible to not adore this child. Harry followed at a slower pace toward the pair and Draco could feel the lust in Harry's eyes and Draco's cock twitched begging for his attention, Draco sent a mental message down to his dick and to Harry, I've got a child in my arms, you Git. But Harry's response was a teasing glint in his eyes. "Hi Dway'co," a shy and reserved little Lily whispered behind her father's leg. And Draco could spy with his little eye an adoring Albus on the other side of the field smiling shyly at Draco with stars in his eyes. "Hello Lily my dear, you simply become more stunning with every glance," the brilliant red head smiled brilliantly at the blond. Draco took at least several hours of the party playing with the children. And there was plenty of them; from James, Lily, and Albus, to Hugo and Rose, to Vicky Bill and Fluer's little girl.

And other various little bodies moving about. Draco knew he most likely knew all of them considering he made a living teaching them. However Draco spied after rough housing a sullen Teddy sulking in a corner. He walked toward Andromeda, "Is something wrong with Teddy, he's not normally so quiet." Draco questioned worried for his cousin. "I haven't a clue, dear." The elder woman said, still slender with long black tresses, she still was strikingly beautiful. "He just seems to be so very distant with everyone, he almost never talks anymore. I have no idea what to do. Tonks never experienced moods as a child. I'm getting too old for this," Andromeda admitted silently to Draco adapting her diplomatic tone. Draco craned his head understandingly toward her, "I'll do whatever I can to help, Auntie Ann." Draco said to the beautiful woman. She smiled enchantingly, "Right about now I'd adore a cup of tea." Draco let out a soft laugh his eyes wandering back to Teddy. "I get right on that," Draco said charmingly before calling to Teddy, who was now sporting black eyes and rather blue hair. "Teddy won't you help me in the kitchen, your grandmother would like a cup of tea." Draco called to the boy.

He got up hesitantly and walked to the leggy blond. "Come on lad it won't kill you." The sad little boy smiled sadly at the blond, his blue hair slowly turning blond. Teddy stood awkwardly in the living room while they waited for the tea to warm. His head was ducked and he refused to look at his cousin while he carrassed the muggle toys that were laid out beside him on a table.

"What's the matter Teddy won't you talk to me?" Draco asked. Teddy smiled a little bit but he refused to look at Draco, "Your ingoring me, are you?" Draco said eyebrow raised, he summoned his most snobby look and said, "Well color me surprised." The man smiled at the child and scooped him up in his softly singing a tune he knew would capture the young boys heart.

I've got the blues

It's long and cold, Baby I got the blues

Wrap me in your arms

Hum in my ear

Baby I got the blues

It makes my head turn into a sky

I got the old man blues

The boy could not stop the burst of giggles that escaped the child's throat. While Draco sang in a stocky deep voice that was so different from his usual feminine and high voice that it made the song so much more comical. The pair however was ignorant of Harry who was staring lovingly at the two. Because they did make such a pretty picture and when was the last time Teddy smiled and laughed that beautiful smile of his. His hair turned from blue to platinum near white color, his eyes lightened to green and harry nearly lost his breath. How perfect it could be for Teddy to be Draco and Harry's child. At night when he would leave the blond he would wonder what it would be like for the blond to carry his child the idea excited him. As to why it did excited him, he preferred not to think about it.-
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