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Draco woke up to quite the sight when he raised himself from off his bed. His room across from Teddy's. Both doors wide open, Draco would of had a wonderful view of Teddy slumbering silently in his bed. Or at least he would have if a furious Harry Potter wasn't standing directly infront his bed. His face an interesting red, his lips pursued together so tightly they made an invisible line. His fingers clenched together in a tight line. The veins in his head pulsed very slightly that they made just the slightest shiver. But not even that was the scariest thing, the scariest thing was Harry's eyes. A flat cloud settled over his eyes, his thick eyebrows menacingly over shadowed his eyes letting but the slightest gleam of light making his starking green eyes gleam. Draco looked over to the side of his bed where he saw a mop of red hair laying beside him. Draco sat up sharply and began his explaining only to stutter to a stop when Harry moved harshly
toward him.

WhenHarry stood but a hair from him. Draco tried to ready imself for the slap he just knew would come. The one that would send him falling to the ground. But even as he did this he couldn't swallow his tears or fears that bubbled in him. Harry hadn't said a word and that in it's self showed how angry Harry was. Draco flinched violently away and subtly moved with his right hand to cover his belly when he saw Harry's hand raised. Keeping his head bowed Draco missed the gleam of what he mistaked for light slip from Harry's eyes. Letting his raised hand slash through the air he hovered the rough big hand against Draco's cheek. His hand cupping the entire spans of Draco's cheek, his longest finger spanding to the outside of Draco's eye and across his bottom lip. Bowing his head down softly to touch Draco's he passed a soft kiss to his forehead and said the one word that would delay a beat in Draco's heart and forever shatter him for the rest of his


Draco's teary eyes repeatedly blinked as he stared intently into the stichting of his blanket Ron had thrown over them. He didn't know if the booming sound in his ears where coming from his heart or each step Harry took out of his life.

With every step away from Draco, Harry felt lighter. This was meant to happen Harry was certain. He couldn't keep up this charade with Draco. He needed to start thinking about what was best for his children and not himself. Sleeping with his children teacher was apart of that, he'd continue paying for Draco's rent but they would begin to maintain nothing but a platonic relationship for his children's sake.

Focusing on just himself caused his children to endure what he had to endure as a child. Harry would never be a simple person, experiencing what he did at a young age woukd forever leave a hole in his mind. As the hero Harry was to adapt in this position of leadership at the young age of 16. Losing everyone thats could even tell him the bittiest of a life his parents lived. Ending a war that killed his parents and many others. People he loved and the people that his loved ones loved.

The best thing that Harry could do was start over. Move on and start over begin the life his parents should have had. Create a new history for his future children. But now in the face of his children, his wife, his friends and family,that couldn't be possible. Stepping up the porch to The Wealsey's Burrow Harry knocked on the door. Molly opened the door surprised, "Why didn't you floo in, Harry?" Harry smiled wanely as he stepped into the Burrow.

"I'm just here to pick up the kids." Looking around the familiar setting, wondering what he would tell them. Molly frowned, "Are you sure Harry? Maybe you should just go home and rest. Leave the childr-" Harry shook his head harshly and said "No. No thank you. I need to be with my children." Seeing Molly's fallen face at Harry's harsh words his resolve collasped. "Molly I'm sorry. It's just that...I need to be with my kids right now, okay."

Molly nodded her head softly backing away, "Of course. I'll go get them." Harry smiled back at her, "Thanks, Mom." Molly's eyes grew glossy with adoration before climbing the stairs her loud voice calling for James, Albus, and Lilly. Bowing head and rocking on his heels, he's waiting for the rush in his ear to slow so that he could focus on one thing. He looked up as he heard the footsteps of his children coming down the stairs. Smiling with tense lips and red eyes he walked over to them. "Come on let's go home." Sucking on a thumb Lily reaches out and touches her father's hand, "You okay, Daddy?"

Sucking on a thumb Lily reaches out and touches her father's hand, "You okay, Daddy?"

Clutching at the small hand in his grasp Lily's image becomes blurry as he tries to see through the slight haze of tears. "I'm fine, Baby," the reassuring words spoken with a trembling voice. Molly sighed in sympathy, "Harry-". The man in question swallowed harshly and stared at her through wet eye lashes, "Not right now." Pursueing her lips and crossing her arms she turned away from them, "Fine."

Harry sighed and gently guided his children out of the Burrow. They apparated into thin air, guiding his children through into the house, "Go wash your faces and hands. I'm going to go make lunch." Harry said gently guiding the three sullen faced children toward the loo upstairs. Any remains of Teddy's blood completely gone, he didn't know who must have cleaned it. Looking away from the bottom of the stairs he walked toward the kitchenette, putting on a kettle of water for tea. He sorted the plates on the table and placed a mug for himself, a big boy cup for James, and two sippie cups for Albus and Lilly.

Settling himself down in front of his off springs after they settled down into their seats Albus already nawing at his sippie cup; big green eyes set on a pale face with a small pair of pink lips; an exact canopy of Harry. "I need to talk to you three about your mother."

Watching his children as they chewed sloppily on their eggs and jelly lathered toasted english muffin. "Yes Daddy," James answered placing his jelly fingers on the table seriously before grabbing his big boy cup, and sloshing a little bit of it on the table and the corner of his plate. Getting a bit more on his shirt as he tilted it unnessecarily back further than it needed to be. Smiling Harry watched as his first born, stared down at his top stunned and offended. Before shrugging and reaching for his man handled jelly muffin.

"Your mommy won't be home for a while okay guys. And it's not your faults at all. Okay. It's just that something called her away."

Harry waited and prepared himself for calming crying screaming children, but instead he only recieved shrugs and sharply chewing jaws and grasping little hands. They showed no pain no saddness for their mother being gone leaving Harry stunned.

Draco led Ron out of his flat politely. "I hope you feel better," Ron said awkwardly at the door unsure of what to say to the villain of his childhood, whom he had spent the night comforting and cuddling with. "I will," Draco said sadly, "You take care of the kids and wife." Ron shook his head softly, smiling sadly, "Don't think they'll be a for much longer." Draco frowned, "Is it really going to go that far, Weasely?"

"Yeah." Turning away from the blond Ron walked out the door, heading to his brother's house to pick up his kids.

"What the Hell Man?" The tall red head said annoyed as he pulled open the door. "Did you get lost on the way here and back from seeing Teddy. Oh I don't know taking a detour up Malfoy's ass maybe?"

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