This is just the begining and I know Its not that good, I do promise however that I you wish to continue it will be.

My name is Isabella Marie, I dont have a last name anymore because I live in Forks orphan centre. Im 15 years old and Ive been here for just a little over a year.

Im here for many reasons, one well my father hated me when I was a child so he decided to leave my mother because of me. About 6 years ago my mother and I were driving when a drunk driver hit the car and my mother died on the spot. When my father found out he was far passed being mad at me, saying that she died because of me.

So from that day on I had to self teach everything that I should have been going to school for. The reason that I didn't just go to school? well you see my father hit me, broke bones and left scars.

Last year a man saw him hitting me through the window and called 911- the police. When they came and saw what their cheif of police was doing to his daughter they took him into custody only after firing him from said position.

They dropped me off here, and I hated it.

My name is Isabella Marie, and this is my story.

If you guys like this then I will continue but u need to tell me please. I need a Beta please