Tsunade sat at THE desk scowling. She had sworn that she would never ever see this side of this particular piece of furniture again, and less than six months later, here she was. Of course it was only for a little over a month, but still...

The reason she'd been chosen for this particular task had been because she was the only person her successor could trust to hand the desk back as soon as this farce was over.

What farce was Tsunade referring to if you may ask?

Why the fact that Uzumaki Naruto, Rokudaime (Danzo didn't count) Hokage of Konoha was participating in the Chunin Exams, in hopes of finally earning that particular rank, after having gotten tired of the ribbing from the other Kages who wouldn't stop pointing out the fact that the young Kage who had helped defeat Madara and the mysterious Tobi and derail the Moon's Eye Plan was still technically a Genin.

As Tsunade sat at the Hokage's desk grumbling, Naruto was making his way through the halls of the twice rebuilt - three times if one considers all of the damage that had been done during the infamous Day of the Fire Jutsu during the Nidaime's reign which had led to Elemental training being covered after Academy graduation - Ninja Academy in order to reach the room in which the first phase of the Chunin Exams was taking place with two thirteen year-old Genin trailing behind him. As he moved through the halls, he could hear the frequent whispers of "Isn't that the Hokage, what's he doing here?" that trailed in his wake. He did his best not to wince at this.

What he was doing here was earning his Chunin rank the traditional way so he didn't end up with the moniker of "Eternal Genin" after Maruboski Kosuke died since a certain someone had forgotten to give him a field promotion, and promoting oneself was just not done, even if you were Hokage.

Naruto was struck with a sense of deja vu as he entered the room in which the first phase of the Exams was to take place. While the people were different, and the Academy had undergone a number of changes when it had been rebuilt, the room number was the same as it had been when he'd taken the Exams when he was twelve. Rather than swallowing his fear of the larger and stronger people in the room and putting on a show of not being completely intimidated like he had done when he was twelve, he looked around and found that almost everyone in the room was doing that to him.

Oh, yeah, right. He was a Kage Class ninja and they were all about where he was when he was a kid, and they all knew it.

"Are you here to proctor the Exams?" one of the smaller ninja who looked to be a rookie from Suna asked nervously.

"Well, uh, you see, um, eheh." Naruto stammered, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

It was at that point that Morino Ibiki appeared at the head of a group of Chunin.

"Settle down you brats!" Ibiki snapped. "You too Hokage-sama!"

He most definitely didn't like the look of the smile on the T&I chief's face, nor the gleam of wicked humor in the man's eye.

"You will now get in a line and head toward the front of the room in an orderly fashion where you will be given a number by one of the proctors. That number will correspond with your seat for this portion of the exam." Ibiki said, smirking evilly.

The sense of deja vu grew stronger as he took his number and sat down at his assigned seat where his test and a pencil were waiting for him. As he listened to Ibiki give the rules, he had a feeling that someone or something out there was messing with him. When he turned his paper over he knew.

These were the same damn questions as last time. It was the same freaking test!

He was so going to kill Tsunade.