Anko grumbled as she dragged the new toilet into the boy's room. A little bastard who wouldn't be living to see Genin if she had anything to say about it had clogged its predecessor and chucked an explosive note into it in an attempt to unclog it, and she'd been ordered to clean up the resulting mess with a toothbrush. When she'd refused, she'd been blackmailed into it with the threat of an edict from the Hokage forbidding anyone from selling her dango.

It was almost enough to make her want to turn missing-nin. Almost.

When Tsunade had sent her that letter asking her to help pull a prank on Naruto who had somehow made Kage before he'd made Chunin, she should have torn it into a million pieces and told her "HELL NO!".

In the intervening years since the kid had last pulled a major prank, she had forgotten exactly how sadistic that little brat could be. That was one lesson that she wouldn't be forgetting again in a hurry.


"...And if the egg isn't fertilized..." Ibiki said as he pointed to a point on the chart, continuing the biology lecture that he had been assigned to give to this year's Kunoichi class, thanking his lucky stars that he looked so intimidating. If he hadn't been so intimidating, chances were that he would have been interrupted and constantly inundated with a number of embarrassing questions.

As the lecture continued, he found himself coming up with the perfect torture idea. Of course he would have to contact Kurenai to work out the kinks in the Genjutsu that would be involved, but seeing it in action would probably be priceless...

This was one of the reasons that he both loved and hated his Hokage. The young man was devious and sadistic.


Umino Iruka sighed and did his best to ignore the crowd of Chunin who would be sitting at the back of his beginning Academy class for the rest of the month for the part they had taken in proctoring the most recent Chunin Exams as he lectured the group of eight year-olds on what Chakra was and how to start using it. Eventually, he could no longer ignore one of his colleagues - and he used the term loosely - whom he'd hoped to never see darken the door of his classroom ever again.

"Konohamaru, you will sit still and keep quiet while I'm giving my lecture! You too Kiba!" he yelled at the pair of troublemakers who, when put together, almost added up to Naruto.


In a bar in an out of the way corner of the village, a bartender swallowed as he took his life into his hands.

"I'm sorry Tsunade-sama, but I've been ordered to cut you off at two, and all of the other bars have been ordered not to serve you after you've been cut off." he said when the Sannin had called for another round.


At the Hokage Tower, one Hatake Kakashi grumbled as he fixed the lock on the Hokage's office window.