She drew in a shaky breath and tried to blink away her pained tears. Violet Rose is - was Michael Myers' best friend from child hood. She didn't know what she was to him now though.

Violet looked at Michael as he sat, chained to his chair, like an animal, he had on his orange mask he had made, he made thousands since his time being here in Smiths Grove Sanatarium, he just kept looking down as if he didn't aknowladge her existence, but Violet knew that he was aware she was in the room.

She came to visit him daily, but after months of him not speaking - not even looking at her. Violet had, had enough, her poor heart couldn't take it anymore, Violet looked at him sadly "Today is going to be my last visit...i can't take this anymore...I'm sorry Michael.." She whispered to him. She stood up off of the white seat which matched the full white visiting room and walked over to beside him.

Michael remained looking down at the ground, the only thing that kept everyone knowing he was still alive was the rising and falling of his chest from his deep breaths, Michael was nearly taller than Violet by just sitting! When he was standing though he would tower over her.

Violet leaned down towards his face slowly, he still showed no movement - no reaction what so ever. She gentley kissed his masked cheek "Goodbye Mikey..." She whispered then pulled her face away and walked to the door, the guards opened up the door and she walked out.

Michael's head slowly turned watching Violet leave the sanitarium - leave him. When he could no longer see her his eyes slowly glided to the shatter proof windows, after a few minutes she appeared into view, walking down the path towards the car park. She got into her car and then drove off. Michael once again looked to the ground.