It had not been a good day for the Killer Bass. It was only the first challenge and they had already tasted defeat. They were put at a disadvantage early on thanks to their performance in the cliff jump challenge and failed to catch up and defeat the Screaming Gophers. Now the team faced elimination, and only had until the end of dinner to decide who would be the first person voted off of Total Drama Island. Ezekiel and Harold were on their way to the Mess Hall for dinner. The two both looked tired and disappointed over their loss.

"This stinks," Ezekiel said with a pout. "We should have won that challenge."

"You said it," Harold replied. "I mean, I know we had more people sitting out the cliff jump on our team, but I thought we'd be able to catch up for sure. We should have been able to win."

"I know, right? I mean, the other team is the one with six girls."

Harold stopped dead in his tracks. He looked back and gave Ezekiel a puzzled look. "What do you mean by that, Zeke?"

"Well I mean, boys are stronger and smarter than girls, eh," Ezekiel replied with an eyebrow raised. "Everybody knows that. Their team had more girls, so we should have won this challenge easily."

Harold's eyes went wide and he quickly looked around to confirm that no one else was listening. "Those are some pretty sexist comments there, Zeke. You don't really believe all of that, do you?'

Ezekiel scratched his head with a puzzled expression of his own. "Well, yeah, eh. That's what my parents told me growing up."

Harold's confused expression was replaced by one of understanding. "Oh yeah, you were home schooled your whole life in the prairie, weren't you?"

Ezekiel nodded with a grin. "Yes sir."

"Which means you haven't seen much of the real world outside of where you were raised, right?"

"Sounds about right, eh."

Harold looked around again and brought his voice down to a whisper. "Alright, I'll just let you know now, your folks are pretty wrong about girls. That might be a lot to take in since it was how you were raised, but trust me when I say that they can be just as strong and smart as guys can. They give some of harshest wedgies, too."

"The harshest what now?" Ezekiel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Never mind, the point is, that kind of mindset could get you eliminated around here. The girls on the show with us would probably tear you apart if they heard you saying stuff like that. Like Eva."

As if on cue, the two found themselves directly outside the Mess Hall where some of their teammates were also arriving. Eva and Tyler were approaching the door and the jock suddenly tripped and fell on to Eva. She simply glared back and pushed him off of her.

"Watch where you're going if you don't want a black eye, klutz," Eva barked, making Tyler gulp and scoot back defensively.

"S-sorry. Lost my footing." Tyler quickly scampered inside with Eva rolling her eyes and following behind him. Ezekiel watched the scene curiously and thought over Harold's words. Suddenly, a realization seemed to occur to him as he went wide eyed and slapped his forehead.

"I guess you're actually right, eh. That girl is flat out scary." Ezekiel glanced at her inside of the Mess Hall. "She's probably stronger than most of the guys here."

"Not to mention more aggressive," Harold added. "Could you imagine what she would have done if she would have heard you make a comment about women being weaker or less smart than men?"

Ezekiel shuddered at that thought.

"Point taken. I guess... I guess, I have a lot to learn about the world." Ezekiel shook his head, then smiled at Harold. "Thanks for the talk, that might have saved my skin in the future, eh."

"Don't mention it." Harold patted the home schooled kid on the shoulder and returned the smile. "If you need any more advice, just let me know. I can be like your teacher when it comes to learning about the real world!"

"Sounds good to me. Hey, I guess we should be getting to dinner, eh."

Harold nodded. "Yeah, let's go."

*** Confessional: Harold ***

"Yeah, it's no surprise that Ezekiel is confused with the real world, what with him being so secluded from it and all. Thankfully, he now has me as a teacher, and with all the mad skills I have, I'm probably the best mentor he could ever ask for. With my advice, what could go wrong?"

Crickets began to chirp during the awkward silence after Harold had said this before the confessional ended.

*** Mess Hall, Killer Bass table ***

Courtney looked around at her team and smirked. "Alright guys, time to lay out a game plan. Who are we going to vote off?"

The remainder of the Killer Bass stared at her angrily.

"What?" Courtney asked with a confused expression.

"What? WHAT?" Duncan banged his fist on the table in frustration and glared at the CIT. "What do mean 'what,' princess? If it wasn't for you we'd probably have won this thing."

"Dude's right." Geoff added. "You totally bailed on us when it counted."

"Hey, last time I checked, I wasn't the only one here wearing a chicken hat." Courtney shot back defensively, pointing a finger at DJ. "He didn't jump either."

"True, but when it comes down to the future, I think we'd all rather have the big guy on our team rather than you," Eva replied, arms folded and expression stoic.

Courtney scoffed. "You can't be serious. I was a CIT. You can't get rid of me, you need me!"

"What we needed was for you to jump today, but you didn't," Tyler responded.

"This is ridiculous." Courtney looked at Katie and Sadie pleadingly. "Girls, you don't think I should be eliminated do you?"

"Well... you really should have jumped for us," Katie shyly replied.

"Yeah, it wasn't THAT bad," Sadie added. "And it could have totally got us the win."

"But DJ didn't jump either," Courtney yelled, nearly ripping out some of her hair in frustration. "He should be the one voted off!"

"Hey I have my reasons for not jumping, alright?" DJ said with a hurt tone. "I have a fear of jumping into water from high places."

"How do you get a fear like that?" Harold asked.

"I, uh, don't want to talk about it," the brickhouse quietly replied.

"Well there you go, he had a good reason not to jump. You just decided not to," Duncan barked at Courtney while pointing a finger at her.

"You guys are making a HUGE mistake if you vote me off, you know that right?"

"Sure," Duncan replied. "We'll see."

*** At the Bonfire Ceremony***

"Welcome campers to the very first bonfire ceremony!" Chris grinned at the teens excitedly, but the Bass were obviously not as eager as their host at being the first team to eliminate someone. Many frowned while others glared at him. Chris then held up one of ten marshmallows on a plate that he was holding.

"This right here is a marshmallow. In camp, it is a tasty treat that is eaten around the campfire. Here, it symbolizes survival. The right to stay in the game. When I call your name, come up and receive a marshmallow. When you receive one, you are safe. The person that does not receive a marshmallow must immediately walk the dock of shame, board the boat of losers, and leave. And they can never come back. Ever."

The 11 campers all looked around at each other with determined expressions. They nodded at their host and the mood turned serious.

"The first person safe is...Geoff."

"All right!" The party boy jumped form his seat and ran up to get his treat. He stood next to Chris as the host continued to call out names.


The jock pumped his fist and let out a whoop.

"Katie, Sadie."

The gal pals squeed and hugged each other before running up.


Geoff flashed the surfer a smile as she grinned back and stood next to him.

"Ezekiel, Harold."

Harold stuck up his hand for a high five. When Ezekiel simply looked at the hand curiously, Harold just grinned and motioned for his new friend to join him with the others.


The punk smirked confidently and ate his marshmallow on his way up.

"And Eva. You all are safe."

The super athlete's stoic expression didn't change but she nodded at the host as she took her symbol of immunity and joined the others. With everyone next to Chris, the campers all turned their attention to DJ and Courtney.

"Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the evening. The contestant who does not receive the marshmallow will be eliminated, never allowed to return to the island again."

DJ and Courtney looked at each other with worried expressions before turning to Chris and watching in anticipation. DJ was sweating while Courtney began biting her nails.

"The final marshmallow of the night goes to...



















DJ let out a sigh of relief and stood with the rest of his team as he took his marshmallow. Courtney's jaw dropped and she looked at her team in shock.

"Courtney, looks like you're getting the boot tonight," Chris said with a smile.

"This is insane!" Courtney stomped her foot on the ground and glared at the others. "You people can't get rid of me. I was a CIT. A CIT!"

"And tonight you're also eliminated," Chris replied, chuckling. "Probably should have jumped for the challenge. Dock of shame is that a way."

Chris gestured towards the dock of shame as Courtney finally reluctantly stood up and began to walk to the boat of losers.

"You'll all regret this. This team will crumble without me!"

"Whatever you say princess," Duncan replied as Courtney boarded the boat of losers and was taken away from the island. "Good riddance."

"And with that, campers, the rest of you are safe. You can head on back to your cabins."

The remaining ten Killer Bass did as Chris said and made their way back to their cabins as Chris turned to the camera to sign off.

"And there you have it! The very first elimination of the season. Who will be the next to walk the dock of shame? Tune in next time to find out, right here on TOTAL... DRAMA... ISLAND!"

Remaining Contestants:

Killer Bass: Geoff, Duncan, DJ, Harold, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Eva, Bridgette.

Screaming Gophers: Owen, Gwen, Trent, Cody, Izzy, Beth, Justin, Noah, Heather, Lindsay, Leshawna.

Elimination Order:

22nd Place: Courtney