"Last time on Total Drama Island: the campers were tasked with competing in three trust themed exercises to show how well they could cooperate together. Some passed with flying colors, while others showed that they probably shouldn't be trusted. Meanwhile, we saw some interesting developments happen between Heather and Cody. It all came down to the blind toboggan race, where Duncan decided to frame Eva by throwing the challenge, allowing the Screaming Gophers to win. Thanks to some clever lies, Duncan was able to convince Bridgette to help vote off Eva, sending everyone's favorite hothead down the dock of shame. Will Duncan's decision to throw the challenge come back to haunt him? Will Heather successfully sway Cody away from Gwen? And who will be the next person to walk the dock of shame? Find out tonight, right here on TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!"

*** Opening Credits ***

The camera opens inside the boys cabin. Everyone was still sleeping in their beds. Ezekiel began to stir and sat up. He reached for his hat that was laying on the ground next to his bed. When he put it on, brown mush started seeping out and got all over him.

"What the heck?" he asked as the substance started falling to the ground. "Who put all this mud in my hat, eh?"

"Huh?" Harold began to wake up and jumped down from his bed above Ezekiel's, only for him to land in the mud. He slipped and fell, covering himself in it as well. Duncan, who had just woke up to see the spectacle, began laughing.

"Ha! Consider it your wakeup call, dorks," he commented before laughing some more.

*** Confessional: Duncan ***

"Now that Eva isn't around to be their bodyguard, I can mess with those two nerds as much as I want! Man, life it great."

*** Confessional: Harold ***

"So I get paralyzed for one day, and when I come to, Eva has somehow been kicked off while Duncan's still around? How does that even happen? GOSH!"

*** Back at the cabin ***

DJ and Geoff were beginning to wake up while Duncan kept laughing at Ezekiel and Harold, who were both trying to get the mud off of them.

"Man, what's your problem, eh?" Ezekiel asked. "What did we ever do to you?"

"It's a joke, you dork," Duncan replied. "What are you gonna do, go cry about it to your ugly girlfriend?"

The other gasped at this. Ezekiel stared at Duncan in shock.

"What did you say, eh?"

"You heard me," Duncan said. "It figures that the best an awkward freak like you could do is get the gross chick in braces."

Ezekiel glared at Duncan and balled his hands into fists. He tried to lunge at Duncan, but the others held him back.

"You take that back, eh!"

Duncan smirked as Ezekiel failed to reach him due to DJ and Harold restraining him. Geoff motioned for Duncan to leave the cabin, which the two did. DJ soon followed while Harold stayed behind to calm Ezekiel down.

"Ha! Did you see the look on his face?" Duncan asked with a chuckle once they were outside. "What a loser."

"Dude, that was totally uncool," Geoff commented as him and DJ looked at Duncan in disappointment. "I'm all for a good prank, but there's a line you don't cross when you're messing people."

"Yeah, and trash talking their lady is definitely over the line," DJ added.

"Oh, give me a break," Duncan replied while rolling his eyes. "All I've heard from the two of you are 'ladies this' and 'ladies that.' I'm starting to think you two don't even care about the money."

DJ and Geoff exchanged looks of confusion.

"Dude, you've been acting way off since you started your thing with Eva," Geoff said. "She isn't even here anymore and you're still acting all angry. What gives?"

"What gives? I should be asking you two that. I'm just having some fun. Now that I've gotten rid of Eva, there's no reason not to."

DJ raised an eyebrow at this. He began to think over something.

"Duncan," DJ said. "Did you throw the last challenge to set up Eva?"

Duncan glared at DJ with his jaw dropped. He scoffed.

"Tell me you didn't just say that," Duncan replied. "You're really starting to believe what she said?"

"After how you've been acting, I'm not sure what to believe," DJ said in a matter of fact tone. "Listen, I want to trust you and I want us to stay friends that make it to the end together, but if we're gonna do that then we can't hide anything from each other. If you threw the challenge just tell us. If not, then we'll forget about it."

Duncan folded his arms an mumbled under his breath. He looked at DJ and Geoff in frustration. After a moment of silence he sighed and threw his hands up in the air.

"Alright, I threw the challenge to get rid of Eva, you happy?" Duncan asked. "I had to do it. We couldn't trust her. Who knows what a loose canon like that could have done if we kept her here. I saw an opportunity and I took it."

"Whoa," Geoff replied. "I can't believe you gave up on the challenge for that."

"Hey, I told you guys the truth, didn't I? Isn't that what you wanted?" DJ and Geoff looked unsure of how to respond. "Listen, are you two with me or not?"

After a short pause, the two silently nodded at Duncan.

"Good. I'm gonna go take a leak. See you guys around."

Once Duncan was gone, DJ turned to Geoff.

"Alright, I know we told Duncan we're with him, but we really need to watch ourselves around him," DJ whispered. "I don't know if we can trust him after all of this."

Geoff nodded in agreement.

"Totally," Geoff replied. "Maybe he'll calm down once more time has passed since Eva getting the boot, but for now we gotta keep an eye on him. Whatever happens, the two of us stick together."

The two friends fist bumped and went back into the cabin.

*** Confessional: DJ ***

"I wish I could still trust Duncan. Really, I do. When things first started out, he was a great friend, but now he's kind of, I don't know, lost it. Until he gets better, Geoff is the only guy here I fully trust. Hopefully Duncan turns things around."

*** Outside the cabins ***

Gwen and Trent were cuddling on the steps of one of the cabins. LeShawna walked out and greeted them.

"S'up, y'all?" LeShawna said as she sat next to them "What's happening?"

"Just enjoying the view" Trent said while looking at Gwen, making her blush.

"Oh stop it," Gwen replied with a playful push. "That's so cheesy."

Trent chuckled and began talking with LeShawna about something. Meanwhile, Gwen looked over at a nearby tree, only to see nothing there.

"Huh, that's weird."

"What's weird?" LeShawna asked Gwen, getting her attention.

"Cody usually hangs around that tree while we're talking here. He likes to watch me and stuff."

"That's kind of creepy," Trent replied.

"Yeah, I told him to cut it out, but I didn't expect him to actually do it. Even after her helped set us up, he's obviously still been crushing on me."

"Well maybe he finally got over you," LeShawna suggested. "Sounds like he's finally moving on."

"Maybe," Gwen said. "I hope so. He's kind of weird, but he's a nice enough guy."

"Plus he helped bring us together," Trent replied before giving Gwen a kiss. "So he's cool in my books."

"Totally," Gwen said with a smile. "Still, I kind of wonder what he's up to. Haven't seen him all morning."

*** In the cabins ***

Cody was alone in the cabin, still in his pajamas, looking up at the ceiling in deep thought.

*** Confessional: Cody ***

"I haven't gotten Heather out of my head ever since she got all close to me the other day. It was totally out of left field and Heather doesn't really seem like the kind of girl that would be into me...and yet she was totally flirting with me. She kind of brought up a good point, too. Even after I helped Gwen out with Trent, she never once invited me to hang with them and LeShawna...man, I don't know what to think anymore."

*** Back at the cabin ***


A startled Cody fell out of his bed and looked up at an annoyed looking Noah.

"Get dressed, Cody, it's going to be time for today's challenge soon. What have you been doing in here anyway?" Noah asked.

"Nothing, nothing," Cody replied. "Just, uh, thinking."

Noah rolled his eyes and helped Cody up.

"Listen up you little cockroaches," the voice of Chef said through the speakers outside. "I want all campers to report to the dock of shame at 0900 hours!"

Noah and a now dressed Cody looked at each other with a puzzled look.

"That means now soldiers, NOW!"

Cody and Noah took off, making their way to the dock of shame.

*** At the docks ***

The campers were all lined up on the docks while Chef, wearing a military outfit, walked by them. He was holding a megaphone.

"Line up and stand at attention," Chef barked out through the megaphone. "You call this proper formation? Feet together! Arms down! Eyes forward! Chin up!"

As Chef gave these directions, he smacked anyone who wasn't standing with proper posture with a stick. Harold, who was having the hardest time standing correctly, received multiple hits from Chef.

"Oh, this is gonna be a fun day," Gwen whispered to Trent.

"What did you say to me soldier?" Chef asked with the megaphone right up to Gwen's face.

"Uh, nothing?" Gwen carefully replied

"And you will continue to say nothing until I tell you that you can say something!"

Chef eyeballed the contestants, who all looked at him nervously, hoping they weren't going to be yelled at next.

"Today's challenge will not be an easy one," Chef said, still talking through his megaphone. "In fact, I do not expect everyone to come out of it alive."

"That don't sound too good, eh," Ezekiel whispered to Harold. Chef heard this and struck Ezekiel in the back with the stick. "Ahh! That hurt, eh!"

"My orders are to make sure that all of the maggots in front of me drop out of my bootcamp except one. The last one standing wins immunity for their team."

"Uh, what happened to Chris?" Heather asked.

"Rule number 1," Chef said, ignoring Heather. "You will address me as Master Chief. Have you got that?"

"Yes Master Chief!" the campers all yelled in unison.

"You will sleep when I tell you to sleep, and you will eat only when I tell you to eat."

Chef pointing his megaphone at Geoff.

"Is that clear?"

"Yes Master Chief!" Geoff quickly replied.

"Rule number 2," Chef continued. "When you are ready to give up, you will walk to the end of the dock and ring the bell."

Chef pointed to a bell at the end of the dock. The campers all looked at it.

"Which brings me to rule number 3," Chef said. "We have to get one quitter before the end of the first day. That means the first day won't end until someone drops out. Now get your butts down to the beach, soldiers, now now now!"

The campers did as they were told and quickly ran to the beach.

*** Confessional: Gwen ***

"I have to say, whoever's sick, twisted idea it was to put him in charge of this challenge, I have to say...I'm a little bit impressed."

*** On the beach ***

The campers stood behind two large canoes placed on the beach. They each were colored to represent one of the teams. Chef stood on the other side.

"Listen up," Chef said. "Each team must hold the canoes over their heads. I catch you taking your hands off the canoe, and you WILL be eliminated. And remember, no one eats lunch until someone drops out."

Chef chuckled to himself while the campers all looked around at each other.

"Canoes up!"

On Chef's command, the two teams hoisted up their canoe.

"This isn't too hard, eh," Ezekiel commented.

"Yeah, piece of cake," Trent added.

Hours passed, and the scorching heat combined with the strain on their arms was beginning to take its toll on the campers. LeShawna could hear her stomach growling and Noah was having a hard time keeping his arms raised.

"Come on you sissies, it's only been three hours," Chef barked out.

"Looks like they missed lunch today," Chris commented.

"Mhm, guess they just weren't hungry. Unless someone wants to quit now."

The camera zoomed out to reveal that Chef and Chris were sitting on top of the canoes, increasing the strain on the campers. LeShawna's stomach continued to growl but she shook it off and looked forward with a determined look. The others looked around and reluctantly decided to keep their arms up as well, passing on the offer for food.

On the Gopher side, Cody was placed behind Heather. After fighting the urge to do so for quite some time, Cody finally couldn't stop himself from staring at her butt. Noah, standing behind Cody, noticed his friend gawking at Heather's posterior and lightly kicked his leg.

"Dude, stop staring," he whispered. "You need to focus."

Heather heard this behind her and grinned. She looked back at Cody who was now facing staring forward.

"You see something you like, Cody?"

"I, uh," Cody's face was a bright red as he struggled to find the words to respond. Heather giggled and faced forward. Noah raised an eyebrow at Cody, who just shrugged.

Day turned to night, and none of the tired campers had dropped out yet. Chef was now sitting in a chair and retelling a story from his days in the war.

"Twenty five of us went to the jungle that night. Only five came back out."

"What war were you in anyway?" Gwen asked after yawning.

"Did I ask you to speak?" Chef relied in a yell. "Because I don't remember asking you to speak."

"Whatever," Gwen said under her breath. "He so wasn't in a war."

"G-guys, I don't think I can take this anymore," an exhausted Beth said as she let go of the canoe. "My arms are killing me."

"Beth, get back here," Heather hissed out. "You can't drop out this early."

Beth was unresponsive and kept walking. Chef grinned as she walked past him.

"Looks like we got ourselves a quitter!"

Beth slowly made her way over to the bell and weakly rang it. The rest of the Gophers sighed and dropped their canoe. The Bass cheered and tossed their canoe down as well.

"Listen here," Chef said as he crouched down and patted Beth on the back. "You have nothing to be ashamed of...except being a big baby that lets their team down! As for the rest of you, head to the mess hall. Dinner is served."

The starving campers cheered and all took off to finally have their dinner.

*** At the Mess Hall ***

The teens gathered in the mess hall, where Chef and Chris stood by garbage cans.

"Alright, maggots, open your ears. You got 10 minutes to eat before night training begins, so get to it!"

Everyone began complaining, both at the small time limit and the sudden announcement of night training.

"Wait a minute, Master Chief, sir," Noah said. "Where's the food at?"

"You're looking at it," a chuckling Chef replied as he motioned to the trash cans. Harold opened a can and looked inside.

"Isn't this just the leftovers from breakfast?" he asked.

"Darn right it is," Chef replied. "When you're at war, you take what you can get."

The campers all winced. Reluctantly, they began digging through the garbage, looking for anything edible.

"Well, I can see you have things under control," Chris said. "I'm off to craft services. You coming?"

"Serve me up some of that!"

Chris and Chef left, leaving the campers to rummage through the garbage. Noah picked up a dirty banana peel and quickly dropped it.

"Yeah, this isn't happening," he said. "I'd rather starve than eat this stuff."

"Come on, man, it's not that bad," Cody replied before taking a bite of some sort of slimy green material. As soon as he swallowed, he covered his mouth and ran off, trying not to barf. Meanwhile, Duncan brought two glasses of yellow liquid over to Ezekiel and Harold, who were carefully picking out edible trash to eat at one of the tables.

"Hey guys, I felt really bad about what happened this morning," Duncan said. "Especially with you, Zeke, what I said was out of line. To make up for it, I snuck into the back and found you guys some apple juice."

Duncan held out the glasses and offered them to the two of them. Harold and Ezekiel exchanged unsure looks. Duncan smiled and the two shrugged and decided to accept his offer. They each took a small sip and immediately spat it out.

"That wasn't juice," Harold said as he spat out the last bit of liquid.

"What the heck was that stuff?" Ezekiel asked

"Hmm, must have been the kitchen grease," Duncan replied while holding back laughter. "My mistake, guys, I must have mixed it up with the juice."

Meanwhile, Gwen, LeShawna, and Trent were going through a trash can, looking for scraps.

"This is all kinds of messed up," LeShawna commented as she gave up on searching. There ain't nothing in here for us. It's all been picked dry."

"There's gotta be something in here," Trent replied as he dug deep into the can. "How about this?"

He brought his arm up and saw that he was holding some unidentifiable brown square. Suddenly. the thing began to growl, jumped out of Trent's hand, and scurried across the floor.

"I just lost my appetite," Gwen commented.

"Ditto," LeShawna added.

*** On the beach ***

Returning to the beach for night training, the campers found themselves having to dance in unison with Chef while he played music in the background. Like the canoe challenge, this was easy enough at first, but soon became quite the tiring task as time went on and Chef continued dancing.

"When...does it...end?" Cody huffed out as he struggled to keep up with Chef.

"It ends when I say it ends," Chef replied without missing a beat of the dance. "And it don't end until one of you drops out and join the loser club."

The camera panned over to Beth, who was sitting next to the bell by herself.

"This is torture," Harold complained as the group continued to dance. "I don't think I can take this anymore."

"You're going to quit during the dancing challenge?" Duncan asked after hearing Harold say this. "Are you kidding me?"

"My body's killing me," Harold replied. "I might have another heart palpitation if I don't stop soon."

"Better than you quitting. Dude, if you drop out now and we lose this challenge, your butt is going home tonight," Duncan said in a frustrated and serious tone. "You think about that."

Harold began to sweat and look from Duncan to the bell. He tried to continue dancing, but Chef showed no sign of slowing down. Keeping up was becoming harder and harder. Soon enough, he felt a bad pain coming from his chest. He grunted in pain and held his chest.

"Gah, I can't go on," he weakly stated. "I drop out."

The campers looked at Chef, who looked over at Beth and nodded. Since Harold was in no state to make it to the bell himself, Beth rang it for him.

"Get him to the infirmary tent," Chef said after turning off the music. "Everyone else needs to be at the mess hall in twenty minutes for their next part of training."

Ezekiel helped Harold to his feet. Harold looked up and saw Duncan motion his thumb across his throat, while making a slicing sound. Harold gulped and reluctantly went with Ezekiel to the infirmary tent.

*** At the Mess Hall ***

All the contestants, minus Beth and Harold, were sitting at their tables with Chef standing in the middle.

"For your next challenge, you must complete a 300 word essay about how much you love me. Anyone who falls asleep or fails to complete the challenge will be dropped out!"

"Psh, 300 words," Noah said to himself. "What is this, third grade?"

"Better make it 500 words for you, maggot," Chef yelled at Noah, who rolled his eyes.

Time passed, and the campers all looked like they were on the verge of passing out. Noah, having completed his essay mere minutes after the papers and pencils were passed out, was sitting back and patiently waiting for Chef. Cody desperately kept scribbling, trying to finish his essay before time was up. Finally, the clock struck 3.

"Times up!" Chef walked around took up the papers. Duncan smirked as he handed his to him. "I love Master Chief Hatchet, because he is very very very very very very very very very...this is just one sentence with five pages of very in-between!"

"It's 300 words exactly," Duncan replied. "You can count them if you want."

Chef grunted and kept taking the papers. He looked around and noticed that DJ and Trent had fallen asleep. He banged his fist on the table in front of Trent, waking him up.

"You two slackers are out. The rest of you get to bed and report to the playing field at 0500 hours!"

The exhausted campers made their way out of the mess hall and began going to their cabins. Heather passed by Cody and smiled at him.

"Have a good night, Cody," she told him as he smiled back. Noah looked at him, puzzled.

"Ok, seriously, what's the deal with you and her?" Noah asked. "Are you guys, like, a thing or something?"

"Got no idea what you're talking about, dude," Cody lied before nonchalantly wistling.

*** Confessional: Noah ***

"Alright, something's fishy here. No offenses to Cody, he's my friend and all, but there's no way Heather just suddenly decided to show interest in him. She's up to something..."

*** At the playing field ***

A few hours later, the still tired campers had to show up to an obstacle course set up by Chef in the woods. There was a large wooden wall, swinging ropes, tires that they needed to go through, and even swinging axes making up the brutal looking course.

"You will all run this course until you can all complete it in under one minute. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes Master Chief," the teens yelled in unison.

"Good," Chef said. "Now...GO MAGGOTS, GO!"

The contestants took off into the course. LeShawna had some trouble making it over the wall, while heather struggled with the tire. Geoff and Ezekiel carefully crawled under the swinging axes to avoid getting hit. As people kept running the course, Cody and Noah were trailing behind by a lot.

"This...SUCKS," Noah complained as he tried to catch his breath. He and Cody looked like they would pass out any minute.

"I can't feel my legs anymore," Cody added as the two approached the wall again. They looked over at Chef, who glared at them. Reluctantly, the two struggled up the wall. Once they reached the top, they both plummeted down straight into the mud. LeShawna passed by them and noticed that they weren't getting up.

"Uh, Master Chief? I think these two have a situation."

Chef came over to LeShawna and looked down at Cody and Noah. The two were covered in mud and couldn't even make it to their feet. They groaned as they tried to get up, only to collapse with each attempt.

"Are you two soldiers calling it quits?" Chef asked, getting the attention of the rest of the campers. Noah looked around at the others and sighed.

"Y-yeah. I can't handle anymore," Noah replied.

"Me too," Cody added. "I don't think I can even get up."

"Head to the infirmary if you think you need it," Chef replied as he picked the two of them up and brought them to their feet. "Your tours of duty are finished."

The remaining Gophers disappointingly nodded their heads in disapproval. The campers still in the game chugged on through and were all finally able to complete the obstacle course in under a minute. Chef looked at the group of them impressed.

"You've done well, maggots," Chef said. "Tomorrow at 0700 hours the seven of you will compete in one final challenge to determine which of you will win. For now, go hit the Mess Hall for some breakfast."

*** At the Mess Hall ***

The campers met at the mess hall where they were being served bowls of white pasty mush for breakfast. Ezekiel tried to pick up his spoon, only for it to life his entire bowl. He turned the bowl upside down, and the mush didn't budge.

"This stinks, eh," he commented.

"Better than eating garbage," Bridgette pointed out.

As Harold struggled to eat, he noticed Duncan whispering something in Geoff's ear. Harold sighed and pushed his bowl of mush away.

"Not hungry, eh?" Ezekiel asked.

"It's Duncan," Harold said to Ezekiel in a low voice. "He thinks I should be the one to go home today after I dropped out. If we lose the challenge, I'm good as gone. This bites."

"Well, we'll just have to make sure that we win, eh. We got the numbers advantage," Ezekiel replied, trying to cheer his friend up.

"Yeah, but still, it sucks being this helpless. All Duncan has to do is ask Geoff, DJ, and Bridgette to vote with him and he gets what he wants. If we lose, I'm gone, and I wouldn't have been able to tell her how I feel."

Harold paused then went wide eyed after he realized what he said. Ezekiel raised a confused eyebrow.

"Who is her?" Ezekiel asked. "Does this have to do with that girl you told me and Tyler about a while ago, eh?"

"Y-yeah," an embarrassed Harold replied. "There's a girl here at camp that I got a mad crush on, but I haven't been able to make my move. I've been sending her some romantic poems, but she doesn't know they're from me yet."

"What kind of poems, eh?"

"That's private," Harold replied in a matter of fact tone. "My point is, I really don't want to get kicked off before I can tell her."

Ezekiel glared at Duncan, who was now whispering in DJ's ear.

"Leave it to me, eh," Ezekiel said. "I'll make sure we win. Duncan isn't getting his way."

*** Confessional: Ezekiel ***

"After what he did to Eva and what he said about Beth, I'm not about to let Duncan eliminate my best friend, too, eh. I don't care what he takes, I'm winning this challenge, eh."

*** Outside the cabins ***

Cody and Noah were walking together towards the cabins.

"I'm gonna head to the bathroom," Noah said. "See you around."

Noah walked off, leaving Cody by himself. Cody kept walking and eventually passed by Gwen, Trent, and LeShawna. When Gwen saw Cody walking by them without any sort of greeting, she got up to check on him.

"Hey Cody, what's up?" Gwen asked. "Haven't talked to you in a while. How've you been?"

"Oh, NOW you want to know how I've been," Cody replied in an annoyed tone. "You know, I used to think you were the best person here, but I don't think I appreciate how you've been treating me."


"Just leave me alone," Cody replied. "I'm over you."

Cody walked off, leaving Gwen, Trent, and LeShawna to be very puzzled. Heather and Beth, watching nearby, grinned at the scene.

"And with that, Cody is no longer a member of Team Gwen," Heather commented. "All according to plan."

*** The next day ***

After a day had passed, the campers met Chef at a large tree for the final challenge. The seven teens still competing were dangling upside down from high up the tree, with Duncan, Ezekiel, Bridgette, and Geoff on one side, and Gwen, LeShawna, and Heather on the other.

"What you are experiencing is an ancient form of torture," Chef explained. "By now all the blood has begun rushing to your head. The next stage is nausea, followed by dizziness and a flushed appearance. As the blood begins to pool in your eyes, you may experience fainting spells."

Duncan, appearing to go through all these symptoms as Chef listed them, passed out as soon as Chef was done and fell off the tree.

"Is he alright?" Bridgette asked.

Noah walked over and inspected Duncan. After a quick once over, he flashed a thumbs up.

"He's fine," Noah said. "Give him a minute or two and he'll be back on his feet.

The remaining six campers held on to the tree and focused. Ezekiel and Geoff were somehow able to keep their hats on with ease. As some time passed, LeShawna began to feel woozy and fell off. Bridgette also fell soon after.

"Looks like we got two maggots left on each side," Chef commented. "But which team wants it more? You maggots better hold on tight! That drop don't feel so good, does it soldier?"

Chef looked down at LeShawna, who was still reeling from the experience.

"Yes Master Chief," she weakly replied.

"It's no sweat, bro," Geoff said. "I live for the head rush! And it feels...so...good."

As his speech began to slow, Geoff finally seemed to pass out and fall off the tree, leaving only Ezekiel left for the Bass.

"Things aren't looking too good for the Bass right now," Chef said. "What about you two maggots? You got what it takes to hold on?"

Chef looked up at Gwen and Heather, who both seemed to be doing well. However, the nausea suddenly started getting to Heather and she had to slide off before she got sick. Only Gwen and Ezekiel remained.

"You got this, Zeke," Harold cheered. "Keep it up!"

"Rock on, dude," Geoff added.

"You doing alright up there, Gwen?" Trent asked.

"Oh yeah," Gwen replied. "I could do this all day. You don't stand a chance."

Ezekiel saw Duncan glaring at Harold and got a determined look.

"Bring it on, eh! The Zeke is taking you down!"

The two stared each other down and held on to their side of the tree. Hours passed, and the two of them still hadn't budged.

"These two are determined," Chris said as he joined Chef to watch. "One of you just fall already!"

"Feeling woozy over there, Zeke?" Gwen asked. "You're welcome to jump off anytime."

"You wish, eh," Ezekiel replied. "I ain't budging."

The two began to sweat and were slowly losing their grip on the tree. Soon enough, they were both beginning to slide off the tree. Ezekiel was able to catch himself at the last minute and held on, but Gwen was unsuccessful and she fell, making Ezekiel the sole survivor.

"Looks like the Killer Bass win," Chris exclaimed, to the cheers of the Bass. Ezekiel slid off and high fived Harold. Duncan looked a little disappointed, but still clapped with the rest of his team.

The Gopher collectively groaned as they realized they would be voting someone off tonight. Trent helped Gwen up.

"You kicked some serious butt out there," Trent said.

"Ugh...thanks," Gwen said as she stretch and tried to recover. "Sucks that we lost, though."

As the Bass were all congratulating Ezekiel for winning, Chef approached him.

"Well done soldier," Chef said as he saluted. "I'd go to war with you, anytime."

"Uh, thanks, eh," Ezekiel replied. "I'd, uh, go to war with you too."

"Glad to hear it, soldier," Chef said as the Bass continued cheering and left. A single tear ran down his eye. "Glad to hear it."

*** Outside the cabins ***

After waiting some time for Cody to be alone, Heather got a chance to talk to him.

"Heather, glad I caught you," Cody said. "Listen, I've been thinking-"

"You wanna start a showmance and work together?" Heather replied. "Yeah, that's what I was thinking too."

"Seriously?" an excited Cody asked. "Cause like, we don't got to if you don't want to."

"Oh I want to," Heather said with a flirtatious voice.

Cody had a goofy grin.

"Awesome! For a second there I thought that you would-"

"But if we're going to be together," Heather interrupted, "then we have to be on the same page. You see, I've been working with Beth since the start of the season, so I'm gonna need you to vote with us for this to work."

"No problem! Consider my vote yours. So who we voting for tonight?"

"Well we need to vote for someone that the others would be voting for," Heather pondered. "So the best choice is Noah."

"Noah?" a surprised Cody asked. "But he's my friend."

Heather stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

"Sure, he may be your friend. But what would you rather have in this game? A friend? Or a girlfriend."

Heather pulled Cody in and gave him a big kiss. Cody was taken back, but was enjoying every last second of it. He was complete mush by the time Heather broke the kiss.

"So who are we voting for tonight?" Heather asked.

"Noah," Cody replied, grinning from ear to ear.

"Good boy," Heather said while patting him on the head. "That's what I like to hear."

*** At the bonfire ceremony ***

The Screaming Gophers gathered at the bonfire, with Chef standing behind them, still in his military outfit. Chris had six marshmallows on his tray.

"Chef put you guys through a lot these past couple of days, but now it's time to get down to business. Only six of you campers will continue to be campers after tonight. Remember, if I do not call your name and give you a marshmallow, you must walk the dock of shame, board the boat of losers and leave. And you can never come back. Ever. Gwen, after your performance today, you easily earn the first marshmallow of the evening."

Gwen and Trent exchanged smiles and Gwen happily got up and took her symbol of immunity.

"Heather, LeShawna, Trent."

Each camper gladly joined Gwen as their name was called.

"And Beth," Chris said. "You guys are safe."

Beth cheered and ran up to join Heather with her marshmallow. Only Cody and Noah remained.

"Noah and Cody. The two of you both failed big time during the obstacle course and made yourselves look like serious weak links. Now one of you will be going home because of it."

The two friends nervously looked at each other and back to Chris. Cody glanced over at Heather, who gave him a wink.

"The final marshmallow of the night goes to...







































Cody and Heather gasped. Noah breathed a sigh of relief and proudly stood with the rest of his team.

"Sorry, bro, looks like the rest of your team saw Noah's brains as more of an asset than you," Chris said. "Snapping at Gwen the other day probably didn't help."

"Sorry man," Noah said as he walked over and patted Cody on the back. "But I saw you kissing Heather earlier and I knew something was up. Had to do what I had to do."

Heather was dumbfounded. For the third time in a row, her plans not only went down in flames, she had to watch a potential alliance member walk the dock of shame. She was having a hard time fighting the urge to scream.

"Well, I may not get the million bucks, but at least I got a girlfriend," Cody said, confusing everyone except Heather and Beth. Cody ran over to Heather. "One last kiss before I go?"

Cody closed his eyes and puckered up for a kiss. Heather just glared and folded her arms. Chef and Chris took Cody by the arms and dragged him down the dock.

"Hey Heather, call me," Cody yelled as Chef and Chris tossed him on to the boat of losers. Heather was still too busy seething to respond in any way. The boat drove off, and Chris approached the remaining six Gophers.

"Well then, looks like the rest of you are safe...for now. Go ahead and return to your cabins."

Gwen, Noah, LeShawna, and Trent did as Chris said, but Beth stayed back as Heather wasn't budging an inch.

"Look on the bright side, Heather," Beth said. "We can still-"

"Shut it!" Heather stomped the ground and gritted her teeth. She stormed off and Beth ran after her. Chris chuckled at this.

"Looks like things keep going from bad to worse for Heather," he commented. "Twelve contestants remain. Can Heather turn things around? Will she ever call Cody back? And who will be the next to walk the dock of shame? The answer to most of these questions and more, next time on TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!"

Remaining Contestants:

Killer Bass: Ezekiel, Bridgette, DJ, Harold, Duncan Geoff

Screaming Gophers: Gwen, Beth, Trent, LeShawna, Heather, Noah

13th: Cody

14th: Eva

15th: Owen

16th: Lindsay

17th: Tyler

18th: Katie

19th: Izzy

20th: Justin

21st: Sadie

22nd: Courtney

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