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Warning: Slight Language

Word Count: 2,161

Slave Owner

Chapter One

"Attack!" One man yelled, and an army of men ran, with weapons held high.

The earthlings, were fighting against invading aliens. The Saiyains. The bad part about this war, was that the Saiyains kept slaughtering the Earth's people. The ones that rebelled against them, ended up murdered, covered in blood. No one could stop them from taking over the Earth, because they were the strongest race in the universe. Once the Earth was taken over, most of the women were taken back to planet Vegeta, and became slaves.

Eighteen Years Later...

ChiChi's POV

Today's the day, where I get sold to another master. I was terrified. I was afraid, of who will buy me next. Will he be evil? Nice? Rude? Cruel? Fair? I kept thinking about what kami has in store for me. I don't want to keep going through hell. Not anymore.

In the past few masters, I've been beaten, raped, tortured, betrayed, and I never want to go through that again. I know this will all happen again, but somewhere inside me, I have a feeling I won't go through this stuff again. I feel a strong hatred inside me for the Saiyans. I think they're ugly bastards. Who in the world has tails? It's creepy! I don't wanna see human beings with tails! It's disgusting! What do they even use them for? What's their use for it? Is there even a reason for one?

I am currently being taken to the block, to be sold to a new plantation. I have no idea who will be there, and who will own me. I just hope my new master won't be as bad as the others I've had in the past. It must be lucky, being a Saiyain. You don't have to be treated like trash all the time. Do I wish I was born a Saiyain? No way in hell. I'd never want to be a slave owner, and treat people poorly. It's not my style.

I'm put into a cage, filled with other human beings. Mostly girls, but men are better in strength, so they would need men to do certain jobs right? Almos evey person in the cage is either crying, screaming, or banging on the bars begging to get out. These actions just show how weak you are. And, it will backfire on you when you get sold to a master. He or she might treat you differently based on you looks, actions, and emotions.

I watch someone being taken to the block."Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the first human being! Do we have any takers?"

No one raises a hand."Alright, alright, details. This woman here, look at her figure! Doesn't she look like she would do good in the house? She hasn't lost any limbs, and she could be useful in a lot of things! Do we have a bid of 500?"

A man raises a hand."Fife-hundred!"

"Wonderful! We have one bid of 500! Do we have any offers any higher? How about 750?"

"Seven-fifty!" Another man shouts. The price raises up to 1,200, and then no one raises a finger.

"Anymore offers? Going once, going twice, SOLD! One thousand, two hundred dollars!"

Everyone claps in the audience. I just frown, and roll my eyes. I wonder how her master will treat her? Bunches of slaves are sold throughout the hours, and eventually, it's my turn to go up. I swallow a big gulp, getting a little light-headed. I was feeling a little fear, as I made my way up to the block. I look at all the Saiyains in front of me, and I keep a plain, normal face. Don't show emotion, don't show emotion!

The announcer gasps."Gentlemen, get a load of this young lady here! Don't you think she's gorgeous? Get a look at her body!"

Perv. That's a man I don't wanna be sold to. All I'm focusing on, is how I can get my hands on his neck, and snap it. I notice all the Saiyain men's eyes are looking at me, and I start to get furious. Stop looking at me! These people were REALLY pissing me off, but I just stay calm, in front of everyone. I don't want to make a scene, so I just stand there, with the same expression on my face.

Someone raises a hand."I bid 1,000!"

"We have one thousand already! Anyone have a higher offer?"

"One thousand, five hundred!"Someone else yells.

"Two thousand!" A man with spiky hair shouts.(Have a guess? :D)

"We have 2,000! Anyone else?"

"Two thousand, seven hundred fifty!"

"Woah! Does anyone have a higher offer?"

The man with the spiky hair stands."Three thousand, five hundred!"

Wow, these men really want me to be their slave. It doesn't really surprise me, since this has happened other times. One time, two men kept offering higher bids for hours! The price went up to about 15,000! It's crazy!

The announcer clears his throat."Anything higher? Going once," He says, and pauses for a few moments. The room stays silent. I guess I'm going to him, the man with strange hair! Parts of his hair were in different directions, it looked hard to tame it,"going twice,"He says, and pauses once again."SOLD! To Kakarott!"

Kakarott huh? Never heard of that name before. Well, I better prepare myself for the worst.

End of ChiChi's POV

ChiChi was pushed over to Kakarott, and her hands were put behind her back. Kakarott took hold of her, and put two fingers on his forehead. ChiChi looked puzzled. What's he doing? In a flash, she appeared into a another room. She looked around, trying to figure out where she was.

"Hey, wench! Come here!"

ChiChi swallowed hard, and walked slowly over to where Kakarott walked off to. He had a serious look on his face, and looked down at her carefully. ChiChi stared down at his feet, and sweat began to form all over her body. What's he going to do with me?

"I'm hungry! Go make me some lunch! You know how to cook right?"


Kakarott smirked."Good, then get to it! I'll see you when lunch is ready!"

ChiChi nodded, and headed towards the kitchen. When she finished her cooking, she set it on the table behind her. Kakarott came in, rubbing his stomach. When he sat down, he attacked the food, and ChiChi looked at him startled.

Kakarott noticed her staring, and gave her a look."What are you staring at woman?"

ChiChi scolwed at him, getting furious."Woman? Is this how you treat every girl you come across? My name is ChiChi, got it?"

"Sure, whatever. With that attitude of yours, I wonder if any men like you."

"What? Take that back!"


"Do it!"

"Make me."

ChiChi's face turned red with anger, and slammed a fist on the table. This caught Kakarotts attention."You jerk! I made you lunch, and this is how you treat me?"

"Well, technically you're a slave. I can treat you however I want."

ChiChi growled at Kakarott, and gave him a death stare. Kakarott looked at her, and smirked. She was impressing him, the fire in her eyes, the anger. He was pleased with the meal she made him, and thought for a moment she might want some too. She needed to eat after all. He shoved some leftover food across the table, closer to ChiChi. He gave her a look, insisting on eating the platter in front of her. Kakarott just crossed his arms across his chest, and stared at her. ChiChi raised an eyebrow, still looking at him.

"Aww, is Kakarott all full?" ChiChi cooed sarcastically, and Kakarott gave her an annoying look.

"I was offering you food! Are you gonna take it or not? I will just eat the rest of it if you want!"

"Okay, okay, I'll eat it! Stop being such a grumpy guss!"ChiChi replied, and sat down across from Kakarott. She looked up at him, and looked at the plate in front of her,"Uhh, thanks."

"Don't mention it."Kakarott growled.

ChiChi scowled at him."Jerk." ChiChi mumbled, and started to eat off the platter.

Kakarott raised an eyebrow."What was that?"

"Nothing!"ChiChi said immediately, and ate faster.

"Nothing eh?"Kakarott said, his smirk returning, "You mumbled something, didn't you?"

"No I didn't!"

"Yeah, right."

"Just leave me be!"

Kakarott stared at ChiChi for few seconds, and stood up from the table."Hmph, fine then. I'm leaving, so clean up."


"What is it woman?"

ChiChi sent him another glare."Would you stop calling me that! Please! My name is ChiChi, bastard!"

"I can call you whatever I please. And you don't call me a bastard!"

"Well it suits you! You're personality, and acts need an adjustment!"

"Whatever. What was it you were going to ask me?"

She growled, and took a few seconds to calm herself."Umm, you can tell I look kinda filthy right? I was wondering, now I'm in a new place and all, am I allowed to take-"

"Are you asking to take a bath with me?"Kakarott interrupted, and smirked at her.

ChiChi blushed a light pink."No! I was asking to just take a shower, WITHOUT YOU!"

"Sure, I don't care."Kakarott said with a frown, a little disappointed.

ChiChi stuck her tongue out at him, and then smiled. Kakarott just growled, and left the kitchen. ChiChi was pleased with herself when he left the room. She chuckled softly, and started washing dishes from the table.

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