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Slave Owner

Chapter Nine

"So, Kakarot, you're really that confident that you'll beat me? You're a fool!"

Kakarot attacked Turles, and slammed a punch in his face. The two Saiyans flew bunches of punches and kicks at each other, and they were beginning to lose some of their energy. Suddenly, Turles knocked Kakarot on the ground with both of his hands together. Kakarot, now face down on the ground, struggles to get up from the dented floor. He coughed out a bit of blood, and clenched his fist as he got up on his two feet. As soon as Kakarot got up, Turles quickly beat him into the wall, and slammed his head against his; drawing blood from his cracked skull.

Turles threw Kakarot on the ground, and kneed him in the back, getting a painful cry from Kakarot's mouth. ChiChi put her face into her hands, and screamed in fear at the sight. Turles looked back at her, and smirked.

"Don't worry, as soon as this low-class saiyan is dead, I'll get back to where we left off!" Turles cackled, and focused his sights on the conscious Kakarot. "Now, shall I end this?"

"ChiChi…get out of here…while you still…have the chance…"

"But Kakarot! You're hurt, I can't just abandon you! I-"


Turles frowned as he saw ChiChi rise up and make a run for it. "Oh no you don't!" Turles yelled, and threw a ki ball over in front of her, to block her way out. She shrieked at the sudden ation, and fell back down on the floor.

"Damn…" Kakarot mumbled softly.

"No one makes a fool out of me!" Turles said, and kicked Kakarot into a wall. Turles grabbed a hold of Kakarots feet, lifted him up, and slammed him hard down on the ground below, knocking him out. Turles chuckled. "I guess he was not match for my new power! What a loser!"

ChiChi flinched in terror, and scooted as far away as she could. "You monster!" ChiChi shrieked. Turles appeared in front of her, with a smirk on his face. She gasped, and tried pushing him away with her hands, "Get away from me, you bastard!"

Turles chuckled. "No way."

He grabbed her hands, and pinned them above her head. "No! Let go of me!" ChiChi screamed as she struggled in his grasp. "Kakarot! Kakarot you have to get up! Please! I need you!" She shouted as loud as she could.

Kakarot made slight movements hearing every word said. Kakarot slowly shook in anger, struggling to get up. "No! You…get…OFF HER!" Kakarot yelled, as his hair flickered from black to gold and back to a black color.

"So, you're still conscious eh? Stubborn fool, you hardly have the power to stand! Do you still believe you can beat me? You worthless low-class saiyan!" Turles laughed.

Kakarot clenched his fists, and his hair continued to slowly change color. "I…won't…let you…go through with this…I WON'T!"

"Ass, you can't defeat me! I am stronger than you, and always will be!"

Turles used one his free hand to squeeze one of ChiChi's breasts, and she let out a gasp. "K-KAKAROT!" ChiChi screamed. "Quit it!" ChiChi squirmed underneath Turles.

Kakarot let out a scream, and a golden aura surrounded him. He got up on his two feet, and looked over at Turles. He sped over to him, and held him up by the neck. "This stops…NOW! Don't you ever touch her ever again! I'm going to make sure you never live to cause any trouble to me or ChiChi again!" Kakarot shouted in Turles's face through clenched teeth.

Turles began to choke and try to breath in some air, but Kakarot tightened his grip on him. "P-pl-please…let me…go! I'll…do whatever…you want…just don't kill…me!" Turles gasped, trying to breathe.

Kakarot smirked. "You think I'm just going to forgive you and let you live? Not on your life!"

Kakarot let out a battle cry, and slammed his free fist into his face, and cracked his head. Then took his hand, and drove it through his chest, now limiting Turles's life. Kakarot released him from his grasp, and he hit the ground, breathing hard.

"How can…this be? I Turles…killed…" Turles panted.

"You know, the bad always lose in a fight! You shouldn't have pissed me off, maybe that would've made a difference." Kakarot said, and spit at him. "People like you make me sick!"

"I hope you go to hell someday…it-"

Kakarot threw an energy blast at Turles, and blew his body to bits. "Serves you right." Kakarot said coldly.

"Kakarot!" ChiChi said in joy, and ran over to him.

Kakarot smiled at ChiChi, and put his arms securely around her. "Hey, I won." Kakarot laughed.

"I'm so happy! I thought you were a goner!" ChiChi cried into his chest, then looked up at him confused. "Wait, how is your hair this color?" She put one of her hands through his hair, and raised an eyebrow. "This is…strange. How did you do that?"

Kakarot put a hand behind his head. "I have no clue, but I think I got so mad, and it happened! I did feel this overwhelming power inside me though, it's amazing!" Kakarot said.

"Interesting. Uhh Kakarot? Can we go back home, I'm pretty worn out, and I don't want to stay here any longer."

"Huh? Oh sure! Let's head back then! Oh, and can you cook something? I'm really hungry!"

"Really Kakarot, is that really what you're thinking at a time like this? You just fought someone! You're probably tired! Let's just go to sleep, we need some rest."

"Aww please? Just a little snack!"

"Little? You eat a lot! Fine, I'll make something when we head back."

"Yay! You're the best ChiChi!" Kakarot cheered.

"Okay, let's go back home then."

Kakarot and ChiChi headed back home, and ChiChi prepared a big meal for them after what had occurred not too long ago. After that, they decided to get some rest since the two of them were exhausted from all the events that happened this day. They fell asleep in each other's arms in pure bliss, knowing that they were in peace.

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