Behold the ray of the afternoon sun

Pouring over the empty veranda

Golden and solid as honey

Enlightening particles of merry pollen

Close your eyes

Feel the warmth

The friendliness of the English summer

Soak it in

Let it breathe through you

Listen to the gentle humming


Gathering nectar from the flowers

You can smell those too, if you try

Feel the summer persuade all your tired senses

Make them give in to total surrender and relax

Open your eyes again:

A wobbly table

Two chairs, close, with a suggestion of intimacy

Of the people who just left

You can sense the contentment they left behind

Their happiness is still in the air

So is the discussion that just ceased to echo

One of the chairs has an odour of tobacco

The other of faint jasmine

Sunrays highlight the pair of glasses on the table

Amber substance reminds you of liquid gold

You raise your head

Your eyes meet the horizon far, far away

And between the tantalizing horizon and you;


Wild grass like an ocean as far as you can see

Caressed by the soft breeze

Glittering in all the different shades of green

Occasionally interrupted by islands of rocks

You see a track

Barely visible – but there

And footprints, too

We don't follow

For the hills are places for silent conversation

And for walking alone with the person with whom you want to share all your glasses of honey wine