Shot Yourself In The Foot Again

A/N: what if Sheldon said something which changed the paradigm of his and Penny's relationship. What if the whole Penny/Raj débâcle did not occur? AU season 4-5.

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Leonard, Raj, Howard and Sheldon sat round their regular table at the university, eating lunch, when suddenly they were approached by a tall man and a short young woman, someone who looked far too young to be working never mind studying at the university. Sheldon was the first to look up; his vulcan hearing giving him an almost paranoid air to him.

"Oh hello Professor Laird." Sheldon asked, polite but rather pointedly, he refused to believe the man's audacity at interrupting his lunch.

"Good afternoon Doctors Cooper, Hofstadter, Koothrapalli and Mr Wolowitz. I'm here on a rather pressing matter. I'd like to introduce your new colleague Dr Cooper her name's Angie Starr - "

Before the Professor had a chance to say anything else Sheldon had interrupted,

"sir, I believe I was working with Koothrapalli on our experiment?"

"Yes you were, Doctor Cooper, but the board has requested you replace him with Angie she is an up and coming expert on the very field in which you're studying. If you like she can show you her credentials, Harvard no less."

Sheldon sat pondering about the last time he let a woman interrupt his usual routine and all it had done was to delay him from the imminent Nobel prize he was surely due. As it was the professor kept him in a job and stopped him going stagnant so he decided he would let this woman have a trial period and if it went to hell in a handbasket, as Meemaw used to say, then he would demand she be transferred.

"Fine I accept your proposal. Now miss, please tell me more about yourself and your life and how it may help in the crusade to find the proof of String Theory."

At that Angie pulled a chair over from an empty table to join Sheldon and the boys and started explaining in great detail everything from her birth to the present day. The professor figuring out that Angie was in for a roasting slipped away before anyone noticed. It was one thing to have to approach Doctor Cooper due to matters of importance, it was another to spend more time than necessary with him.


A/N: I can only apologise for the delay in this being published and for it being rather short due to a small case of: two carpets being fitted; writer's block and work I have been a VERY busy fanfiction writer.