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"What do you think your doing?" Yelled Fang. "You kill him, then what? I'll kill you. Your outnumbered here."

Without a single word or change in emotion, she slowly returned the bowstring back to its resting position and reached behind her, to her quiver. She grabbed another arrow, placed it above the other, and turned her bow so now both Iggy and Fang were caught in the crosshairs.

Fang's smirk faded rapidly.

"Look," said Alex, hands still held up, in clear sight, "we are not going to hurt you, promise. Please just put down the bow, and let us talk to you." His voice had taken on a soothing, persuasive tone. "Just come on down from there. We're on the same side here, come on."

The girl, looking skeptical, lowered her bow and sighed. "You make one wrong move, I'll put one of my arrows through each of your foreheads, and not even give it a second thought."

"Alright, that seems fair," said Alex agreeable, ignoring Fang's incredulous look.

"Your kidding. That does not seem fair." Fang looked furious. "She SHOT Iggy, she just tried to shoot us, and now she claims she will if we do anything she doesn't like. We're the victims here." This was all said at a tone that the crazy archer girl couldn't hear from her 10 foot high perch.

"Let's just give her a chance to explain herself. Maybe she's one of us. We could use her help, you know." Alex clearly had a soft spot for her already. This would not go well.

"Explain herself? Why? So she can lie some, then shoot us? No way."

"She's not going to shoot us. She's just scared. Did you see her backpack? The way she was acting? She isn't angry, Fang, she's scared. She's probably on the run, too, like us. Give her a chance."

Fang let out a gust of air. "Fine, fine. But if she grabs that bow again, I'm throwing you in front of me."

"That won't matter. By the time you register me taking aim, you'll already be dead." Fang started violently. He hadn't seen nor heard her slipping up next to him. "And for goodness sake, my name is Arrah. Enough with this "She" thing."

"Alright, Arrah," said Alex cheerfully, "tell us more about yourself."

Something was off with the way Alex was speaking, Fang noticed. He sounded too...chipper. Fang shook his head, dissmissing it. He barely knew the kid. How would he know?

Arrah took a deep breath. "What all do you want to know?"

"Start with the wings," Alex said soothingly. "How did you get them? I have them too, see?" He spread his black wings, not black, Fang noted, they were a Teal color, so dark, they appeared black, not the other way around as he had originally thought. "So does he," Alex added, gesturing towards Fang.

"The hard expression on Arrah's face had faded gradually as Alex spoke, and now she looked completely calm. "My wings are this color because I have peacock DNA. There's something else too, so I can actually fly for longer periods of time, faster too."

"What about where you live?"

"I live a few miles that way." She pointed with her thumb, over her shoulder. "But I ran away."

"Who did you live with?"

"My...parents..." Arrah trailed off. She suddenly stiffened. "What are you doing?" she snapped, sounding suddenly furious.

"What do you mean?" Alex looked sympathetic.

"Stop it! Stop talking like that!" Arrah was boiling with rage.

Fang chose this moment to step in. "What do you mean?" She was suddenly freaking out, for no reason. Alex had just asked her some questions... questions. Fang was confused. What were the questions about? The memory was hazy, but it had only happened...when? He couldn't remember. "Why are you so mad Arrah?"

"Can't you hear what he's doing? The way he was talking? All soft and quiet like that, what was he saying?"

"What do you mean? He's not saying anything!" Something was wrong with this girl.

"Not now, a minute ago! I was talking about...about... See? What are you doing?" She was yelling at Alex now. What did he do to deserve that?

Fang turned to Alex. "What is she talking about?" Alex looked completely bewildered.

"What are you two carrying on about? I was asking her questions about her wings and her parents. I don't know what's so confusing about it."

"Your voice sounded funny," croaked Iggy. Everyone, completely forgetting that he was even there, jumped.

"What do you mean?"

"It just...changed. It became all smooth and convincing."

Fang's heart sank in dismay. He'd read about this in Itex's files. Occasionally, experiments were given special powers. Powers of persuasion. Itex could use them, and with their powers, could obtain information from anyone.

Fang turned to Alex. "Congratulations, Alex. Your a charmspeaker."

Alex blanched. "A what?"

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