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Around here, I'm known as the stupid one. The goofy one. The one who, could never take school seriously. The one who, always screwed stuff up. But, the truth is, I'm so much more than that. I was the one who saved my best friend from drowning. I was the one who people thought was learning too much, too fast. But one day, that all changed. I was goingto be a genius. I was going to have a successful future. But no, Aloe could never have that. He's so selfish. He only thinks of himself and if he is okay. He only cares if he will turn out alright. Not me. The story goes that, when we were seven years old, both of us were out on the waves, surfing like our lives depended on it. I was doing really well and, Aloe couldn't deal with someone doing better than him. Even at seven years old, he was still a selfish little jerk. So, he decided to cut me off on his board, thinking it would just make me fall. But instead, he made me crash into a buoy and get knocked unconscious. A few hours later, I woke up in the hospital. I couldn't remember any of the things I had learned. I looked around the room. Aloe was nowhere to be found. Figures, he wouldn't even visit the boy he injured in the hospital. However, my Grandma and my best friend Bucket, were there. Even today, I'm still not the same as I used to be. And, I'm certainly not the genius I used to be. But, my family and my best friend is the reason I'm still hanging on. I still dislike Aloe, though. He could've cost me my life just because, he couldn't stand someone doing better than him.

My name is Skinner and, this is my story.