Prisoner 8211312 heard a little cried out "Wait don't leave; I don't want to be alone!" he then huffed and said "Alone" he said before the two guards come in with a cattle prod. "Wakey Wakey" one of them said shocking him "Alone" the prisoner once again said "What was that, you want another" the second dick guard said "" The prisoner said "Or what?" the guard said "You'll get angry?" the second said shocking him before laughing

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" the prisoner said as his clothes ripped as his started to grow "What the hell?" the first guard said, "Oh shit he's turning green" the second panicked "Oh crap" the both said, as before them was a sight nobody could see not be scared. "Hulk hates stupid men; HULK SMASH STUPID MEN" Hulk said bringing his fist down of the guards "We just had to piss of the Hulk didn't we?" the first asked before being slammed against a wall and the other was stomped on eliminating his bones "RRRAAAAHHHH!" Hulk roared before kicking the door and the section of wall it was in out and left his cell before turning to the cell which he heard a young girl's voice "Are you in there little girl?" he asked pulling the door off to see Yukari standing there "Yeah I am, wow an ogre, never thought to see one of you here" Yukari said walking over to the door and grabbing her wand. "Hulk is not ogre, Hulk is strongest there is" Hulk declared. "Wait did you say Hulk, you're the Incredible Hulk?" Yukari asked to which Hulk answered with a nod. "Cool, but what are you doing here?" she asked as Hulk placed her on his shoulder. "Stopping evil lady" Hulk muttered "Good move, where to first?" Yukari asked.

Moving into a large hall they saw Jeeps and Tanks. "This must be the garage" Yukari said "Oh yeah, they must have this for something" Hulk said "But what?" Yukari said "There they are" a soldier said aiming a rifle at the Hulk. "You got to be kidding me" Yukari deadpanned as the bullets bounced off the armour like skin of the Hulk "Use something bigger" another said pulling out a rocket launcher and fired.

"Did we get it?" they asked as a cloud bellowed out from where the Hulk and Yukari before a tank came flying in "MOVE!" the commander said as the tank exploded sending shrapnel everywhere "Oh shit, do we really have to fight this thing?" a soldier said "Yeah we do rookie, in fact you're in charge" the commander said as the Hulk walked out of the smoke with a halved jeep on each one of his fists. "Oh crap" The rookie the unloading his clip into the beast, only to get slugged with a jeep boxing glove for his trouble. "Man down" Yukari smiled as she shot out her razor cards at the remaining soldiers as Hulk decimated the garage "HULK SMASH" was heard before an explosion

"Stand your ground men with these Mechs we cannot lose" A general said as a dozen massive human like battlesuits stood tall, "How did we not know that prisoner was the Hulk?" a soldier asked "No cares with these thing we should have no problem with it" another soldier said as the Hulk kicked the door in "What are those things?" Yukari asked. "Looks like Hulkbusters" Hulk said "Aren't those?" Yukari asked as a mech awakened "Now thing get interesting" the general said "Tin can won't stop Hulk, Hulk Smash tin cans" Hulk roared as he leaped into battle.

"That thing is no way even near human" a pilot said as his mech was ripped in two with the Hulk's bear hands before he used both halves to take down two more. "Does anyone have a change of underwear?" a second pilot said making all the other mechs move away from him. "Just saying" the pilot said having his mech shrug before the hulk busted his mech "SON OF A BITCH!" he shouted before as the hulk jumped crashing down on the last of the mech "See ya boys" The general said before being shot at by Yukari using a still functioning arm cannon of a destroyed mech. "Stupid brat" the general said aiming at Yukari before he received a wash tub to the head. "I don't think so" Yukari said as she was placed on the Hulk's shoulder before he took off.

"Where are we?" Yukari asked "Are we lost?" she then asked. "Hulk not lost, Hulk knows where he is" Hulk said "And that is?" Yukari asked. "Not near exit" Hulk said "So we are lost" Yukari sated. "Yes Hulk lost" the green beast said "Didn't you read the map?" Yukari asked. "What Map?" Hulk shot back "What about that way?" Yukari asked "Okay" Hulk muttered.

"Bring Gamma Chimera H-09 online now!" a soldier said as alarms sounded. "We'll get him now" another said as Hulk and Yukari entered. "Thanks to you we have a special reason to break out this" the commander said "So?" Yukari asked as a big Gamma radiation enhanced Chimera roared from where it was kept "A Hulk Chimera?" Yukari asked as Hulk stepped up to it "Hulk not impressed" as the Chimera finally showed itself "Oh crap!" Yukari swore. There in front of them was a genetically made beast that incorporated high tech armour and weapons "Say hello to Chimera H-09 code named World Breaker, the DNA of a dragon, orc and of course Wendigo, fused together with Gamma irradiated blood from the Abomination and fused with the latest HYDRA technological advancements, this creature will bring the world to its knees or it will break the world" a scientist said as he typed out commands on a console. "Now attack World Breaker" he laughed as the chimera picked Hulk up and threw him across the hall "HULK!" Yukari said as the cannon on the Chimera's back fired a pulse of Freon gas at the beast trying to freeze him before smashing him with its fist. "NO HULK!" the witchling said as her partner was destroyed.

"Yes!" the scientist cheered. "That hurt, monster's strong. But HULK STRONGEST THERE IS!" Hulk said leaping out of the rubble "World breaker's going down" Hulk said clenching his giant fist as he felt his strength increase. The angrier he gets the stronger he gets; in other words piss him off and your dead meat. "HULK SMASH!" he cried beating the chimera with his bear fists, each punch slashed away at the extremely tough hide of the creature. "I've got the guards" Yukari chimed throwing her razor cards at the guards who tried to get in her way. "Take that" she chirped.

The Chimera grabbed the hulk and threw him into the wall before slamming it's fist down on him repeatedly "HULK!" Yukari shouted before throwing magic at the chimera which did nothing but irritate him "Whoops" she squeaked as Hulk decked the chimera in the eye forcing the beast to unleash a unearthly howl before ripping the weapon off its back and impaled it through the armour plating on its back. "NO!" teh scientist said as teh Hulk stomped him, once again destroying a human skeleton, once again he picked Yukari up and placed her on his shoulder.

"Why do you keep placing me on your shoulder?" Yukari asked. "Don't want little witch to be injured or tire more than you already are" Hulk said before coming to a wall and pulling his fist back and letting it fly "Okay so we go this?" Yukari asked covering her eyes before seeing the outside of the base. "Yep, Going down" the hulk smiled before running towards the edge. "WHAT!" Yukari cried as snipers tried to pick them off, "OH shit, Barrier!" Yukari said throwing up a shield as the ground units that Hulk ran into was just flung away like leaves in the wind. "Oh no, don't te;ll me" Yukari panicked before she felt gravity lessen "he is, you are aren't you?" Yukari asked. "Yep" Hulk smirked before finally jumping off the floating gardens before proceeding to fall through the aerial sea of blue sky and white clouds with teh sound of Yukari's screams trailing behind the pair before she fainted.

An airship was flying underneath where the Hulk's jump was ending, a hatch opened revealing a net, safely catching the hulk and Yukari before raising up one end and making them slide out as a medical crew came over to them and took Yukair to teh sickbay. "Hulk, may I have a word with you?" a voice said making teh Hulk stop and turn "Agent Aono" Hulk said as Tsukune's uncle Ronin walked up to "Status report" he asked. "They have five girls in there two are in immense danger" Hulk said "Good thing we also have a team of five waiting to go" Ronin said smiling as a jet took off the runway of the airship.