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Annabeth's POV

"Percy this is a great date. Thanks for the picnic that wasn't ruined by Hermes."

He grabbed my hand and said "You're welcome. I was so nervous some god would come and ruin our date again….."

We strolled down the street, hand in hand when suddenly, BOOM! The apartment a few buildings down caught completely on fire and instantly became a pile of rubble.

We ran toward the destroyed building, looking for the monster or demigod that caused it. Looking around, we saw that some mortals were lying unconscious in the rubble and realized no mortals were injured. I scoured the rubble until I saw what we were looking for.

"Percy! I found something!"

He came running over, and saw it: A circle about 6 feet all around, perfectly clear of any dust or debris, surrounding a girl. She had long, dirty blonde hair that framed her face, and appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen. Her eyes were closed and appeared to not be breathing.

"We have to go help her. If she's still alive, she needs to be brought to camp."

He began to take a step toward the girl, but I hold out my arm to hold him back. "Percy, wait." I picked up a piece of debris and threw it towards the circle. The moment the rock was about to enter the circle, it disintegrated in a wall of energy that surrounded the circle.

"We still have to help her." Percy said, determined. I kissed him one last time, and he walked into the circle…

Yeah, I kinda like cliff hangers…sorry XD….but the more popular this gets the faster I'll write chapters! Hope you like it so far! Sorry this chapter was kinda short…but I like how this ended

So please keep reading till at least chapter 7! The chapters aren't that long and trust me it gets MUCH better!