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Pearl's POV

"Twins!?" A woman's voice breathed out. "I thought it was only one child!"

Another woman's voice said "Well you have a beautiful healthy boy and a girl. Congratulations Ms. Jackson! What are their names?"

The other woman lightly breathed out "Pearl, and Perseus."

The nurse said "Nice names. I'll go get the papers."

The sound of footsteps signaled the nurse had left and I heard a deep male voice. "Twins. You don't know how dangerous this is Sally. They'll have to be separated."

Sally's voice grew more determine. "NO, I want them both. I won't have you take either of them away from me."

"I'm sorry. But one demigod is dangerous enough. Twins? Of one of Big Three? My brothers will no doubt be able to discover them soon enough. I won't be able to be with you all the time. And its draining enough of my power as it is to mask their birth. I'll have to have one of them taken from you and placed into the care of someone else. I can take the girl. Girl demigods tend to be noticed by monsters earlier and it's harder to mask their scent from monsters than male demigods."

I felt a strong, but gentle hand pick me up and hold me to his chest. I heard the woman crying softly and continue to refuse to let the man take me. I slowly opened my eyes to see a man's hand reach over to the woman and lightly touch her head. She gently fell back against the cot, unconscious.

The man's hand gently caressed her face and softly said "I'll just take any memory of Pearl from you and the nurse. I can't let you go looking for her or telling our son of her. But if you ever get the chance to meet her, you'll remember."

I was suddenly jolted awake to the sound of loud music and people laughing. My eyes quickly flew open only to see everything as a blur. When my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, I saw Annabeth and Percy leaning over me, holding a glass of what looked like iced apple juice with a straw in it, nectar.

I sat up and looked around. "Are we…in a bar?" Annabeth nodded. "Yeah, we needed a lot of nectar to help your leg." I looked down at my leg, and saw the veins around it were bright purple. I felt queasy. "Are you sure it's working? My leg looks disgusting" "Yeah it's definitely working. When we first got here, almost your whole body was like that. The nectar we had with us was only enough to keep you from dying until we got here." Percy explained.

I shook my head "Wait, why does a bar in Philadelphia have nectar? Isn't that just for demigods and stuff?"

Annabeth shook her head, "Any bar or club Dionysus has been to has nectar. Besides most bars already have it because his kids are usually the owners."

"Ok…" I said. "So how long until the poison drains out of my leg?" Annabeth sighed, "We're not sure, it took a few hours for it to drain out of the rest of your body. It could take a few more minutes or a few days. We're not sure."

Suddenly, a tall young woman who looked about 22 staggered over to us and hugged Annabeth tightly. "Hi there guys. How are yooouuuu doing tonight? I feel great. Enjoying your neeecctttarr?"

This woman was obviously drunk and was probably a half-blood if she knew about nectar. She pulled away from Annabeth and slid down to the floor. "Umm, why don't you sit down Miss….?" Annabeth said. The woman smiled broadly and sat down right to me. "Forget the Miss. My name's Brandiee. And how's your nectar? I allllwwwaaaaayyyysss put nectar in my drinks! It gives it more kick!"

Brandiee start laughing hysterically and her glossy black hair whipped me in the face every time she turned her head. We smiled casually, trying to keep this woman from drawing attention to the underage kids in the bar. Annabeth was the first to break from our shock and calmly said "Its fine. Uh, are you here alone?"

Brandiee nodded furiously. "Yeah, I almost always come here alone, but I usually leave with someone. If you know what I mean" She winked and laughed again. "And don't be all surprised a half-blood is at a bar. It's not uncommon for a daughter of Dionysus to be seen drinking."

"So you're a daughter of Dionysus? Can you like make really good wine or something?" Percy asked.

She laughed again, but this time more sincerely. "Well yes, but there's more to Dionysus then just wine. I believe you know he also is the god of "craziness"?" Most children of my father only have power over plants and such. But there are a few of us who have powerful mental abilities. It's kinda a mixture of memory manipulation and something called neurocognitive deficit. Basically, I can control, manipulate or remove a person's memories, and control a person's brain functions. It can be as little as losing your sense of balance or actually shutting down their brain rendering them unconscious. And of course don't forget the making someone go insane part. But it's only for a short while, unlike the big D who can make it permanent." "So kinda like what happens to you when you're drunk. Like not remembering what happened and having bad motor abilities?" I asked. Brandiee nodded. "Yes, only a bit more powerful and all I have to do is will for it to happen or sometimes touch you to make it happen." I looked down at my pulsing leg and saw the poison had receded to small rings circling the bite marks. I drowned out Brandiee's and Annabeth's small talk and watched as the poison seemed to disappear until all that was left were two bright purple raised bumps where the bite marks were, which would probably be there as a scar forever. "The poisons out!" I shouted gleefully. Brandiee jumped at the sudden outburst and said "Where are you guys staying tonight. You can't stay out on the streets. You'll either be jumped or be bombarded by all the hobos in this city." Percy looked down, "Well we were going to stay on the streets. I think we can handle gangs and hobos." Brandiee smiled. "Nonsense! You can stay with me overnight in my apartment on 17th Street. I actually live above a Subway next to an old church. So we get the delicious leftover sandwiches for dinner. Or I could ask my half-brother, the owner of thus bar, if you could stay here over night, but when he's drunk he isn't the best person to be around. And he's almost always drunk." "Ok. Thanks! We don't need to be at the station till 2pm anyway." Annabeth said. Brandiee's pupils widened. "Where are you guys headed anyway?" I cleared my throat, "Were on our way to San Francisco, but our train is making a stop in New Orleans for a..." "New Orleans?!" Brandiee interrupted. "Can I go with you guys? I mean just to New Orleans. That's part of the top ten bar capitals in America. Philadelphia is too, that's part of the reason I love this city, but I need a mix up. Can I head down South with you guys?" "Umm sure I guess. But we already bought the tickets so I don't know if you'll be able to buy one." Percy explained. Brandiee smiled devilishly. "Don't worry; I'll be able to get a ticket. Now you guys look exhausted. I'll hail a cab and we can head back to my apartment. " We got to the Subway where her apartment was located, and walked inside and immediately smelled the delicious smell of Subway hoagies. We walked up the small steps to a small loft above the kitchen and eating area where several beds were set up. "I used to room with a few other half-bloods but they all left so it's just me now." Brandiee explained. Once we got settled, we all crashed into the beds and immediately fell into a deep sleep. I was surrounded by something shimmering and blue, water. I continued to drift down to a large structure. I slipped through the walls to a large throne room, fabulously furnished. Sitting at the throne, was two figures, a green merman and a tall man who looked almost exactly like Percy, with a black beard, sea green eyes and a friendly smile, Poseidon, my father. I floated before him, I wanted to say something but I could think of nothing to say. "I haven't seen you in a while Pearl." He said in a deep but friendly voice. "Not since you were a baby. Look how much you've grown." Suddenly I was angry. Why hadn't he come and visited me once all these years? Why did he separate me from my family? Did he think he could just claim me and send me on a quest with my twin brother who I had never met and everything would be all hunker-dory? "Why did you just abandon me? You separated me from my family and left me to live a life never knowing who or what I was? Why?!" I yelled at him. He sighed. "You're like Percy. I admit I should not have completely left you and Percy, but to visit you would mean Zeus would realize who you were and try to destroy you. I did it for your own protection Pearl. And I separated you from birth to keep Zeus from noticing how powerful you and Percy were." I huffed. "But still, to just take me from, my mother and brother and give me to some random person. And still Zeus or someone found me and tried to kill me just a few days ago!"

The merman's eyes narrowed and he stood and shouted. Do not speak to my father that way! He is the Lord of the Oceans. How dare a puny mortal like you address him so rudely!"

He seemed as though he was going to come and slap me but, Poseidon placed is arm in front of him and said "It's alright Triton. Please leave us for a moment and collect yourself. Tritons face turned bright yellow (which I 'm guessing was his blush) but left the throne room so only my father and I were left.

"I have two warnings. One which you will need to know soon. I have already seen you have some powers that Percy also possesses, but remember twins sometimes do not always have the same powers. An example being Percy may be able to have perfect bearings at sea and you may not but may have another power. So just remember that when you try to mimic Percy's powers. The second warning being you must beware what this new danger is. I fear what it may be but it is close to impossible. But you must remember all of the options and do not focus on what you see. The danger may only be the beginning of something much larger. Percy will most likely only focus on the problem at hand, which is why you must keep a level-head and look at the big picture. You need to catch your train, so I will allow you to return. But remember my warnings. I may not see you for some time my daughter, but I will be looking over you and your brother as I always have."

His voice faded and I awoke in the apartment. Percy, Annabeth and Brandiee already ready to leave for the station.

Arriving at the station, the ticket line was extra long, and it seemed it would take too long to wait for Brandiee to get a ticket in time. "Hmmm" She thought aloud. Suddenly she walked towards the front of the line and stopped about five people away from the window. "Excuse me." She asked a woman fifth from the window. "May I get in line again? Remember I was in front of you and asked you to hold my space in line as I went to the restroom?" Brandiee's normally light blue-purple turned raven black for a moment before the woman said, "Oh, yes I remember. I'm sorry, I must have forgotten for a moment. Please, take your spot back." The woman stepped back to allow Brandiee in the line.

After Brandiee received her ticket, I asked her "Was that your memory manipulation?" Brandiee nodded as she placed her luggage on the terminal cart. "Yes, I placed a memory of me being in the line and asking her to hold my spot because I really needed to pee into her head to make her think it actually happened." "Wow." I said, impressed.

Once we got our seats on the train, I got comfortable and let the train rock me into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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