Hi. So I'm not really sure what this is, but I hope you like it. I was thinking about the telepathic door lock on the Tardis in Neil Gaiman's episode (The Doctor's Wife) and I thought it would be cool if the locks on different rooms had different themes, like baking bread for the kitchen ect, but I ended up not writing about that at all. I apologize for having taken creative liberties with punctuation.

I'm not sure how much sense this will make, but I enjoyed writing it. Please review.

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Scarlet, 11, delight, the smell of dust after rain

She let them into her locked doors, but she demanded something in return; it was only fair. She let them inside of herself; they had to let her inside of them. Into their memories. Into their delight. Into their heads, to see tiny glimpses of things she knew but did not know. More than see, to feel. To feel, through them, what it was like to be alive.

Long had she imagined petrichor. She had thought it would be lovely, and it was, although, she thought something about it made it more of a taste than a smell.

And delight! Delight, to feel the bubbles of it floating and bursting through her matrix, charging her circuits till they crackled with it.

They were trying to open a door, and they did, a little door through which she could slip out and get a tiny taste of birthday cake, of a groom's nervous lips, of rain, of life.

All done. I very much hope I managed to spell petricor correctly, by some heinous oversight it was not included in my computer's spell checking dictionary.