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I wasn't at the mansion for long, but I had picked up some tips for staying alive with the other kids. Like, for example, look down when that Bobby kid is around. Last thing you need is to slip and crack your head open because of his ice tricks. Then there was avoid any and all physical contact with that goth chick Rogue. No one had told me why, but my guess is her powers are janky like that. I was also told that it was best not to get on that Laura girl's bad side. I honestly didn't know what to call her. Some called her Laura and some X23. It was kinda confusing. I settled with Laura-X. oh, and someone mentioned not to be surprised if the blue German kid Kurt suddenly pops outta nowhere. It's completely normal.

Then there are the rules when it comes to the teachers. Make sure to keep your head clean when you're around the Professor and Jean, and there was a no nonsense rule when it came to Storm. That wasn't a problem for me. I liked her, so the sarcasm was usually on hold in her classes. Don't challenge Gambit at poker for extra credit; you will lose and probably cry. Make sure you finish Dr. McCoy and Scott's homework, and then, the rule that everyone I've spoken to has drilled in my brain to the point it's burned to the inside of my eyelids: do NOT piss Logan off.

Logan is in charge of the physical classes, like P.E., but more hardcore. There was this place called the Danger Room, but I hadn't been there yet. The Prof wanted to measure my powers before setting my up for one of Logan's classes. So with that said, I really had no idea what the guy was like. I saw him around the school, and he always looked angry and grumpy, like he could rip someone apart… without those claws everyone kept talking about. He was shorter than most people, but he was really robust, so the word was stocky. I knew better tan to pick a fight with a stocky guy. My brother was stocky and he had beaten many an ass when he was young.

Anywho, the first time I saw him even a little pissed was because Kurt and Bobby were having a little war amongst themselves. Kurt kept sneaking up on Bobby and pocking him, throwing things at him, normal teenage boy things to piss each other off. Bobby got annoyed and started randomly blasting the mansion with ice, trying to catch the blue demon boy. Next thing you know, the whole school looks like Winter Wonderland,. Break neck edition.

I was walking down the hall to the kitchen because I was feeling in the mood for chocolate milk and Sam had ever so kindly let me in on the whereabouts to Kurt's secret stash of chocolate syrup- I made a mental note to go into town later to buy him more to make up for the difference before he could notice.

I had just walked out of the Rec Room to hunt down said chocolate goodness when Kurt poofed out of nowhere right in front of me. He had a funny grin plastered to his face, reminding me a bit too much of the Joker, and had yet to see me.

"Hey, Kurty," I said cheerfully, using the name I had adopted for the Blue Boy. He didn't mind me calling him that, or if he did, he didn't say anything.

"Hi, Twitch," he said quickly, his voice thickly accented and calling me the something everyone in the world did except the Prof and my parents. I almost forgot what my name was by then. It started with a B… I think.

Before I could start a conversation, I heard someone call out his name angrily and Kurt poofed away as quickly as he appeared. That's when I saw why.

A jet of ice flew at my face at high speed. I barely had enough time to force the matter in the air surrounding me to solidify, forming a protective and nearly indestructible yet transparent shield only centimeters from my face. I let out a breath and it came out like smoke from one of Logan's cigars. The sudden use of my nearly forgotten powers made me slightly dizzy, making me lose my hold on the matter. The shield cracked, the ice with it, before crashing to the floor. I took an uneasy step back, bumping into something, making me stumble, only for the person to catch my elbow. I looked back and saw that it was Logan that had steadied me. He did not look happy. At all.


"Drake, Danger Room," he growled, his voice low and dangerous as he released my arm. "Now."

Bobby's lopsided grin quickly melted and was replaced with a look of horror. "Twitch! I'm sorry, I didn't-"

"Drake." Bobby shut up and Logan looked around. "Kurt, Danger Room in five seconds or so help me!" he growled. At this point Bobby started running in the direction of the famed room of danger. I kinda just stared at Logan. He clenched his jaw and shook his head before stalking off after the boy. I decided then and there that I was not going to make an enemy of the mutant called Wolverine.