Alrighty, as promised, the second chapter of the day. Also, don't hate me, but I'm pretty sure I just killed the Laura-X character. Not like there was a character death or anything, but... you'll see what I mean.

"What were you thinking?"

I looked up at Logan, fighting tears. "I, I just wanted to get out," I said softly.

"Without telling anyone where you were going?" he demanded. "After what happened with Sabretooth?"

"I didn't think-"

"You're right, you didn't think!" he growled. "For all we know you could have been killed!"

I cringed. Storm spoke up. "Logan, please, calm down," she said sternly. "She obviously didn't mean any harm."

Logan shot the weather queen a look. "She pretty much ran away, was almost kidnapped, then her brother shows up; I don't care if she didn't mean harm, harm was caused because of her stupid decision!"

"I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, wiping away a tear. "I didn't think anything would happen! I just, I just wanted-"

"What, Twitch, what did you want? Huh?" Logan demanded, obviously unmoved by my tears.

I finally exploded. "Stop acting like you care! No one but Marcus ever cared about what happened to me, maybe I should have gone with him!" They both stared at me in shock. "It's not like anyone here would miss me," I added before stalking out if the room, slamming the door behind me. I almost ran into Laura-X, who growled a bit at me.

"Leave me alone," I said through my tears, pushing past her to get to my room. Instead of killing me like I had expected, she just stepped back, staring at me a bit confused as I walked away.

As soon as I got to my room, I slammed the door behind me and collapsed in my bed, screaming into my pillow. Once I was all screamed out, I lied there, suddenly exhausted. This week sucked. It wasn't until I had started to drift off that there was a soft knock at the door. Feeling rather childish, I didn't even move.

"Go away!" I snapped, but by now my voice sounded flat and defeated. I wasn't really surprised when, instead, the door slowly opened. I didn't even look up. Not until the person spoke.

"Uh, look, I don't even know your name, and I dunno why I'm even in here, but stop crying."

I sat up and stared at Laura-X in shock. She stood at the door awkwardly before walking in and closing it behind her.

"Gawd, you look horrible," she stated bluntly. I knew she had to be right. My eyes felt puffy, so I could only imagine how red they were.

"What do you want?" I asked, hiccuping a bit. She shrugged, the gestured to the bed.

"So. Can I sit or you gonna make me stand all night?" she demanded, and once again I caught that Logan-like tone in her voice. I pulled my legs up out of the way and hugged my knees.

"Sit. If you want."

She nodded and plopped down. Laura-X was a very pretty girl, now that I looked at her. Her dark hair was long and straight, shiny. She looked a bit older than me, and she wasn't wearing makeup, something I thought I was the only one guilty of. She caught me staring.

"What's with your hair?" she asked finally. I automatically caught a bit and started stroking it. "Did you dye it?"

I shook my head and sniffled. "Went white when I got my powers."

"Oh. The tattoos come with the powers too?"

I nodded again, still trying to figure out why she was in my room. "Um, why..."

She shrugged. "You're pissed at Logan. Everyone gets pissed at him. It's almost like it's a requirement at this school."

I offered a very small smile that quickly went away. "I, I wish I could just go home," I said softly, my eyes brimming with new tears.

"Then go home," Laura-X said simply. "No one's keeping you here."

"I can't."

"Oh, please, everyone says that. Know who can't go home? Me. I don't even have parents. I'm a clone for Gawd's sake."

I stared at her in shock. "You're, a clone?" She nodded.

"That douche of a Wolverine. If anyone should hate him, it's me." She stood. "Alright, we talked. Good deed of the day done. Call home and leave. No more tears." She started for the door, freezing at my next words.

"They won't answer the phone." I sniffled, fighting new tears. "They don't want me home. I'm a freak. An abomination in the eyes of God." I paused. "Least that's what they say."

The girl slowly started to turn around to face me. "Who says that?" she demanded, a deadly anger in her voice.

"My dad. The church." I looked down at my hands. "That's why Marcus had to leave. The professor found me before my parents could find out about my powers." I didn't look back up when I felt the bed go back down when Laura-X sat again.

"And Marcus is the evil brother?"

"He isn't evil!"

She held her hands up in defense. "Sorry. Look, Uh..."


"The hell kinda name is that?" she demanded.

"Nickname," I sighed.

"Oh. Well, look, Twitch. Shit happens. Trust me, I know. I used to kill people for fun. Kinda. Anyway," she went on, ignoring my shocked expression. "You move on. You find the person, people, dog, cat, whatever that won't let you down and you stick with that thing, person, group, got it?" she demanded. I nodded.

"Even if I wanna stay, I only have a month to hang. Marcus said he's getting me after. You don't argue with him."

Laura-X arched an eyebrow. "You aren't leaving unless you want to, got it? Now go to sleep or something. Don't let me catch you crying again or I'll give you a reason to cry," she threatened, standing and going for the door. She paused, her hand on the knob. "After I murder who ever made you cry."

Logan sighed gruffly at the banging on his door. He didn't want to answer, but decided he'd like to keep his door. When he opened it, Laura stalked in.

"You are a jerk!" she snapped, pointing her finger at him. He stared at the girl in shock. "That Twitch girl was crying!"

"Girls cry," he muttered. Laura glared at him before her claws slid out.

"I'ma a girl. I dare you to try to make me cry," she growled. Logan just shot her a look.

"She'll get over it. If not, she can always go home," he snapped.

"No, you dick, she can't. Something about crazy Christians," Laura huffed. Logan stared at his clone in shock, then shook it off.

"What do you care anyway?" he demanded. "You've never spoken to her before."

"I saw her crying," Laura said hotly. "So I decided to see what was up."


"You're a dick."

With that, she turned and left, slamming the door behind her.

See? Badbadbad. I dunno, do you guys hate what I did to her? I kinda hate what I did to her..