"After that night at the hospital things slowly turned back to normal. I was welcomed back at the station with open arms; I also got all the money that Lassie took from me. My relationship with my dad and Gus slowly repaired itself. My mom came down and visited more and Dean had her wrapped around his finger. The Chief gave me back the clearance that I had before; the mayor started hiring me on private cases from him. And the Psych business went up by at least 30% according to Gus.

As for me and Juliet we got side tracked. We didn't get married 5 months later, Juliet said she wasn't ready. But I stayed with her and Dean until I was ready to live on my own. Dean stayed at Juliet's house until he was 6 months, then he would spend two days with me and two with her. Me and Juliet's relationship was never like had been in the beginning. Sure we loved each other but the trust bar was low for both of us. When Dean was three we finally got married, and to this day we still are married and very much in love.

2 years into our marriage we found out she was pregnant with Twins, and 9 months later Shawn Henry Spencer Jr was born along with his sister Taylor Jane Spencer."

"That's my mommy," Clair laughed.

"That's right baby girl that's your mommy," I tickled her.

"Clair! Come on honey," Taylor called.

"Sorry but we have to leave Dad," she said to me. I stood up and walked over to her.

"You be back soon," I said and we hugged.

"I will be," She turned and hugged Juliet.

"I'll see you later mom,"

"Bye doll," Juliet's said. Taylor walked out of the house and buckled Clair into her seat.

"Bye Gampa! Bye Gamma!" she screamed. Juliet and I waved to her as the car pulled out of the drive way. I grabbed Juliet's hand and she smiled at me we walked to the back porch and watched our family. Dean and Jr were talking by the grill; their wives were talking by the pool. Our grandkids Jack, Micah, Karen and Maddie were all in the pool laughing and playing together.

"We did good," Jules said.

"No Jules we did fantastic," I pulled her into my arms and kissed her just as I did on our wedding day.

Thank you for reading.