Nights were starting to get hotter so Sanji started wearing his tank tops and boxer shorts to bed instead of his t-shirts and sweat pants. He lay in bed on his back, limbs spread out, occasionally looking over at his alarm clock sitting on his dresser. It was two thirty in the morning. He reached for his cell phone and marked the saved number on his cell. It was the only contact that didn't have a proper name, mainly because he had no idea what the guy's name was.

He dialed the number marked simply under 'guy.' He flipped over in bed to lie on his side, nestling his head into the pillow, resting his cell phone on his pillow as well and putting it on speaker. He heard the dial of the phone ringing, once, twice, waiting for the guy to pick up.

Mystery man answered on the third ring.

"Yeah?" he asked in that deep voice of his.

It had happened a month ago. It was during a night when he couldn't sleep. His insomnia had started two months ago and he was dying to get some sleep. He had tried drinking hot beverages before bed, counting sheep, taking a nice bath beforehand, rubbing his belly, anything short of voodoo to get some rest. At one point he had called a hotline for people with insomnia. That had proved pointless because those people were so dull to talk to, but not dull enough to actually make him fall asleep.

"Hey," Sanji said, smiling inside. "I didn't wake you did I?" Sanji asked. He asked every night, even though when he called he always hoped the guy was awake, not really caring if he was waking him up or not. He just wanted to talk to him for some reason.

There was a short chuckle on the other end, husky in a way that made Sanji shiver. "You never do." He was silent for a bit before he asked the same question he did every night. "Can't sleep tonight?"

Sanji had been sleeping. Quite well actually. He had been able to sleep since last two weeks ago, all because of him. He was truly tired some nights but he called him anyways because he wanted to hear his voice. He didn't call every night because that would have been too needy, too creepy. Sanji settled for making phone calls three times a week, random days to throw off the guy.

Three in the morning was usually the time he called because that had been the time he had called him the first time. Only on two occasions had he not answered Sanji. Mystery guy hadn't called back but Sanji hadn't expected him to. Sanji was always the first to call him anyways.

"No," Sanji lied.

Mystery guy clicked his tongue on the other end. "That sucks," he said.

"Yeah, I know," he said with no real disappointment in his voice, hoping mystery guy wouldn't notice it. "That's why I call you dipshit," he smirked.

"Yeah, well, dipshit at your service."

Sanji laughed softly, shifting his head on his pillow, moving closer to his cell like a person would move closer to someone during conversation. "You actually seem kind of nice for a dipshit."

"What makes you say that?" he heard him ask, genuine curiosity in his voice.

"For starters, you were the first guy I called at three in the morning asking for a conversation without hanging up on me."

One night he had dialed random numbers to see who would be willing to talk to him. He was tired and just a tad lonely and just needed someone to talk to. Seven random numbers were dialed, and all of them had hung up on him, some after cussing him out for disturbing their sleep. The eighth number he dialed happened to belong to sexy voice, and he actually talked to him.

"That doesn't make me nice," he heard the other man scoff. "If anything it makes me a dumbass for talking to a whack job."

"I agree, who talks to strangers over the phone?" Sanji teased.

"Says the guy calling up strangers."

For a month they had been doing that, insulting each other. Sanji knew they both didn't mean it; it was all for fun and he loved it. Most days he couldn't wait until the next time he talked to him on the phone. Most nights they talked about movies, music, their favorite foods, books they liked, simple things like that. Noting personal so far, not that Sanji minded, as long as he talked to him.

"You really should see a doctor about that," the guy muttered.

Once in a while he would suggest something about his insomnia, or even ask him if he was getting checked out because he didn't sound normal. Sanji was never sure if he was insulting him or actually concerned. Either way, the gesture was somewhat touching. Somewhat.

"Later," Sanji said. "So dumbass, what movie are you watching now? I can hear your T.V."

Usually when he called the mystery man was either eating, working out, or watching a movie. He never really thought there was someone out there who worked out at three in the morning but he shrugged it off every time, after jabbing fun at him and calling him a muscle head of course.

"I don't know actually," the guy said. "I just turned on the T.V. and just left it on."

"What's it about so far?"

"Hmm, well so far there's a girl who's crying every time she's on. So really it could be about anything."

Sanji laughed. "Ok, talk me through the movie."

The movie actually ended up being a re-run of some drama, Love in Raftel. Until that time he hadn't pictured the mystery guy to be into dramas and he thought he would change the channel as soon as he found out, but he didn't. Mr. Sexy Voice was actually watching it.

"I can't believe you're watching that show," Sanji laughed lightly.

"Shut up, it's very interesting," he said. "Very addicting," he added.

For the next hour the guy talked him through the drama, adding his own commentary and cracking jokes about the characters he didn't like. They bid each other goodnight when the drama was over and Sanji fell into fitful sleep.


Work had been tiring. One of the new waiters didn't show up to work so Sanji had to fill in as a cook and waiter. It had to be during one of their busiest nights as well. It was tiresome but Sanji always felt accomplished after a long day's work, even if he did stumble into his apartment barely awake. Even so, he took off his suit jacket and checked his pocket for his cell phone.

It was barely one but he figured he could still call. Maybe mystery man wouldn't mind an early conversation. He fell back on his bed, laying his cell phone near his ear and listened to the dial, hoping the guy would pick up. He answered on the fifth ring.

"You called early Mr. Insomnia," he pointed out.

Sanji grinned. "I thought you would like hearing the sound of my smoothing voice."

He heard a short chuckle. "You know me so well."

There was a crunch on the other end. "What are you doing?" Sanji asked.

"Eating," the other man said, no doubt with food in his mouth. "I just got home and was hungry."


"Yeah," he said before the sound of him chewing something on the other end was heard. "Oh hey," he said, "are we watching something tonight?"

"Maybe." He said. "Yeah," he said. He shifted on his mattress, lying on his back and staring at the ceiling. "What are you eating asshole?"

"Some chips. And a sandwich," there was another crunch, probably the chips. "A beer too."

"That's not a proper meal," Sanji muttered.

"Really? Don't they serve sandwiches in cafes and stuff? That shit is expensive as hell too," he heard the other man say.

Sanji smiled. "Yeah, well, sandwiches are so easy to make though."

The other man grunted. "That's why I'm eating it."

"Hey, are you gonna watch a movie tonight?" Sanji asked him. "Or Love in Raftel?"

"I'm watching it right now actually."

Sanji laughed, making fun of the guy for watching such a show, not that the other man seemed to care. For a while Sanji wasn't sure if the guy was even paying attention to him or not, but he asked if he wanted to know what was going on and Sanji had to admit that yes, he did want to know.

Mystery guy talked him through the episode like usual, taking the time to answer some of Sanji's questions, like who was that Chopper character and asked if Nami was hot or not. The episode was getting interesting, though Sanji was reluctant to admit it.

He heard the man gasp. "What happened now?" Sanji asked him.

"Robin is in the hospital right now, it doesn't look good."

"Shit," Sanji muttered under his breath. "Is Franky in the hospital with her?"

"No, he's off sleeping with Nami, her best friend."

"That bastard."

The other man chuckled. "I think we're getting too into this." Another crunch.

"Well, I just like hearing you talk about them," Sanji said in order to save face. He didn't think he was ready to admit he was on the border of getting addicted to a drama series. He expected the other man to retort with something like a laugh and telling him to just admit he liked the show too.

Instead, sexy voice asked him something. "Hey, you have a T.V. right?"

"Of course I do. Why'd you ask?"

"Turn on your T.V." the man said. "Watch it with me. It's easier than explaining everything to your ass."

Sanji thought about it. There was something strangely touching about it. "Fine, ok." He got out of the bed, holding his cell phone to his ear. "What channel is it on again?"


"He's not gonna do it."

"He's gonna do it," mystery guy said, sounding assured.

"No," Sanji scoffed. "He raised him, he just can't kill him just because Bonney told hi-"

Just then a gunshot was heard. Sanji's eyes widened as he stared at his T.V. screen. He couldn't believe it, Paulie had actually shot his surrogate father, Koshiro. "No," he said under his breath.

He heard the guy snicker on the other end. "I told you."

Sanji huffed, not believing he could have been so wrong about Paulie. He had actually like the character. The end started to show and Sanji slid further down on his couch. "Oh that shit sucks," Sanji muttered.

The two of them were way past addicted when it came to the show. They didn't even bother denying it anymore, since whenever Sanji called the mystery guy already had his T.V. on and urging him to turn on his T.V. as well. He was too invested into a show and sometimes Sanji found himself talking about the characters to his co-works as if they were real, and though he got strange looks he didn't mind.

As long as he got to talk to the mystery guy with a sexy voice he didn't mind. It was great, the past few nights Sanji had called they both went straight to talking about their days and watching Love in Raftel and talking like normal friends. It had been a long time since mystery guy made suggestions on what Sanji should do about his lack of sleep.

Sanji stood off his couch. "Well, I'm gonna go out and have a smoke," he informed the other man.

"Go enjoy your smoke."

"Well," he paused, "I don't have to hang up."

He heard a yawn. "Ok."

"Hey man, if you're tired, you don't have to stay up with me," Sanji muttered, feeling guilty for keeping him up. Even though he did like talking to him he felt bad for keeping him at times. There were times he knew the other guy was tired but he stayed up and talked anyways.

"You'll be bored without me," mystery man said.

Sanji smirked; if he wasn't going to bed he wouldn't argue with him. He stepped out and closed the sliding door after him. It was a nice night. The moon was out, shining over the city and there was a light breeze. The smell of fresh air was always good to Sanji. He leaned against the railing on the balcony, lighting a cigarette. "It's nice out," he said.

"Is it?"

"Yeah, it's really nice."

"I'll take your word for it, I think I'll go out myself." He heard some noise, then some clanking. "I'll have a beer. I took two out," mystery guy informed. "I'll drink the second one for you."

Sanji smirked. "Well, if that's the case I'll smoke one cigarette for you."

"I don't smoke, but thanks for the offer."

Sanji smirked. "No problem."

He heard the sound of a door sliding on the other end and the man stepping out because he heard a car honk on the other end. "You have a balcony too?" Sanji inhaled. "Or backyard?" Sanji asked.

"Balcony, every tenant in my apartment has one."

"That's cool," Sanji exhaled some smoke. "Same with mine."

They drank their beer and smoked their cigarettes, occasionally saying something to each other. Usually this silence, especially over the phone, would have made Sanji uncomfortable, but it wasn't. It was comfortable. For the first time since moving to the city he wasn't overwhelmed and scared to be living in a new place all by himself.

"Hey man," the other man said, breaking his thoughts. "Cheers. I'm gonna drink yours now."

"Already?" Sanji asked.

"Yeah," he other man said. "Why?"

"I take it your good with alcohol," Sanji smirked around his cigarette that was now getting close to burning to the filter. "Most people don't chug a beer down that fast."

There was a soft chuckle, barely audible. "Some people think I am."

"What do you think?"

"I think my friends are light weights."

Sanji laughed, crushing his cigarette on the ashtray he kept on his balcony. "Yeah, well, you sound like an alcoholic."

The other guy only grunted in response. They settled back into a comfortable silence, listening to each other as they drank or smoked, enjoying the quiet of the night. By this time they usually hung up. After the show was over they did talk for a little but this was the longest stretch of time they had talked thus far.

Sanji didn't know if it was the tranquility of the night, or the peaceful moment between them but he got the courage to strike up another conversation with the man. "Hey, do you mind if I ask you something?"

"You just did," he other grunted.

Sanji rolled his eyes, lighting the cigarette meant for the other guy. "You know what I mean."

"Whatever, ask away."

"Why are you always up at this hour?" he asked. "I mean, you never sound like I have woken you up."

"Because I get off of work late," he said. "I assume you do too?"

Sanji smirked. "Yeah, I do actually."

"Where do you work?"

He was silence for a moment. The fact that the other man was asking him questions for the first time meant a lot to Sanji. He loved talking to the man not because he helped him go to sleep easy, but because he felt like he had a friend. He had no idea if the other man considered him his friend, but Sanji did. He hadn't talked about himself to anyone since moving to the city. "I'm a cook," he smiled. "Chef actually."

"That's nice."

There was silence on the other end. Sanji still wasn't used to the man's short responses. "What do you do?" Sanji asked to keep the conversation going, but also because he did want to know more about him.

"I'm a bartender."

"You're kidding," he chuckled. "My God you are an alcoholic."

"What makes you say that?"

"Every night I talk to you you're drinking something."

"Yeah, well, it's good to drink before bed."

Sanji snorted. "No it's not."

"Whatever shitty cook."


"I bet you are a shit cook."

"You haven't tried my food!"

He heard the other man chuckle. "Well, I can't say until I try it."

Sanji hummed, crushing the last bit of his cigarette. "Yeah, until you try…"


He had missed the episode of Love in Raftel. He had come home at four in the morning, having gone out with the dishwasher Gin for drinks. He had a good time and was glad to have made a friend. While Sanji had been debating whether or to call him, he decided he should because he knew even if the guy was asleep he wouldn't wake up.

There had been times when he had called but the guy hadn't answered because he had been asleep. How someone can sleep through their phone ringing or vibrating, Sanji didn't know but he didn't press. Lucky for him when he called the guy was still awake, ready to fill him in on the missed episode.

"Wait, so Franky and Luffy are actually long lost brothers?" Sanji asked.


"They don't even look alike."

"Tell me about it. Oh, and it turns out Robin is having an affair with Usopp."

"What!" Sanji shrieked. "How did this happen?"

"After the big party back in episode twenty three I think."

"Ahh, anything else I missed?"

"Mm, Chopper is going to perform a brain transplant on Brook."

"Brain transplant?" Sanji asked. "What the shit?"

"I know," the guy chuckled. "The show's great isn't it?"

"Yeah it is," Sanji grinned, lying on his bed, settling into his pillow. He laid his cell phone on the pillow next to him and stared at the ceiling. Drumming his fingers on his chest, he took a deep breath, getting the courage to ask. "Hey," Sanji started. "I know this might be a personal question, but what do you look like?" There was silence for a bit and Sanji added, "If you don't want to answer me, you don't have to."

"No, it's nothing like that, the question just caught me off guard." There was silence again and Sanji really hated himself for asking. He heard a sigh, then he asked. "What do you want to know exactly?"

Sanji grinned. At least he wasn't asking why he wanted to know. He rolled over to lie on his side, raising himself on one elbow, grinning at his phone. "I don't know, eye, hair color. How tall are you? You know, things like that."

"Ok," he heard the man sigh. He sounded uncomfortably, and that was strange to Sanji because usually he was so sure of himself. "Well, I'm only five foot ten." He fell dead silent.

"Go on," Sanji urged.

"My eyes are grey," he said with some discomfort. Sanji could hear him breathing on the other end but even so he could tell the guy was still trying to avoid the subject of himself. "My hair color, is um," he paused and was quiet for a bit. "Green."

At first Sanji thought he heard wrong, and had to replay what the man had said in his mind, but every time he heard the same thing. "Green?" he asked disbelievingly. "What the fuck?"

"Shut up asshole," he heard the other man mutter. "I get enough shit for it."

Sanji laughed. "That's terrible." He laughed again. "So what kind of green is it? Moss green?" he asked with a smile playing on his thin lips. "Forest green? Slimy booger green?"

"Shut up."

"Ok," he said, his promise to shut up about it. "Go on."

There was silence again and Sanji could tell he was awkward. "I don't usually talk about myself," he said. "I don't like it."

"I can tell," Sanji said, smiling gently. "I just want to-" He paused, biting his lower lip. "Come on, tell me."

There was a sigh on the other end. "I'm average build I guess," he muttered under his breath. Mystery guy really wasn't lying when he said he didn't talking about himself. "Kind of tanned," he added.

Sanji nodded, then realized the guy couldn't see him, so he hummed instead, urging him to go on. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine what kind of face that husky deep voice belonged to. A face was starting to piece together in his mind, going off of what the man was telling him.

"Uh, I have short spiky hair." Another pause. "I'm kind of growing it out at the moment."

Sanji hummed again.

"Umm, I have scars," he was quiet for a bit then added. "A lot of them."

Sanji opened his eyes slowly, that he didn't imagine. "Oh," he said. He had no idea how he got them but that was personal to ask and he wasn't sure he could ask.

The other guy must have gotten awkward because he changed the subject for them. "Ok shit cook, your turn."

"My turn?"

"I told you what I look like, you tell me what you look like."

Sanji did sort of expect this, but he was still embarrassed to describe himself. "Well, I have blond hair. It's medium length I guess," he bit his lower lip. "It covers half my face, and my ears." He didn't hear anything on the other end so he continued. "I have blue eyes," he said. "I'm on the pale side." There was still nothing on the other end and he took in a deep breath, feeling nervous for some reason. "I have a slim build, a little skinny I guess." Still nothing. "I'm, uh, five foot nine."

There was silence for a brief minute and Sanji didn't know what to think of it. Finally, a soft chuckle was heard and he felt wildly insecure about himself. When the guy finally spoke he said something he didn't expect. "So I'm taller than you."

"By an inch!" Sanji yelled. Damn him.

The guy hummed. "Blue eyes huh?" the man asked softly, so softly it was almost a whisper. "I like blue eyes," he said.

Sanji was blushing madly at his point. "Thanks, I guess." He cleared his throat. "Grey eyes, that sounds nice."

He heard the other guy clear his throat. "Whatever. That all you wanted to know?"

"For tonight," Sanji said, feeling a smile growing on his face. "Yeah."


They weren't watching Love in Raftel; both were lying on their beds, exhausted from work. They were both complaining about how tired they were but neither said anything about hanging up and going to sleep.

"How was work?" Sanji asked sleepily.

He heard the other guy yawn. "Alright I guess. Got some pretty good tips." Another yawn. "How was your day?" His voice was deeper and lower than it usually was, but Sanji was too tired to notice.

"Busy," he felt his eyes beginning to flutter. "So many damn people with the munchies, I swear to God."

He heard the other guy laugh. It wasn't often he laughed, but when he did Sanji felt butterflies in his stomach.

"Where is the restaurant you work at anyway?"

"It's on Main," he yawned. "And forth."

"Really? I think that's close to my apartment?"

"What do you mean you think?" he asked. "And really? That's cool. We live about twenty minutes away from each other then."

"Shut up, sometimes the streets move on their own all right?"

Sanji yawned and closed his eyes, listening to mystery man while he talked. Sanji woke around noon. He sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. He had never slept that late. He looked at his pillow, his cell phone still sitting there, the screen staring at him. The line was dead.

Sanji sighed, feeling terrible for falling asleep on him.


Sanji's phone bill was getting out of hand. He was supposed to switch to unlimited minutes but had been so busy he had forgotten. The first thing he did when he got home from work was call his phone service and switch to unlimited. As soon as that was done he went ahead and called mystery guy.


"I can't believe Brook! I can't believe he ran over Marco!" Sanji ranted.

"Well, Marco did kill his wife."

"Still, Brook's always going on about 'revenge isn't the way' crap." He sighed, patting his pockets. "Fuck this shit I need a cigarette after tonight's episode."

He heard chuckling on the other line. "You're getting way too emotionally invested in the show."

Sanji couldn't argue with him, he knew it was true enough. He went outside nonetheless and started to smoke one for Mr. Sexy Voice as well. Mystery guy was drinking a lot for him, downing one hot sake bottle after another.

"It's nice out tonight," Mr. Sexy Voice said in his sexy voice. Sanji hated him sometimes.

"Yeah," he said, exhaling some smoke form barely parted lips. "Nice weather." He took a drag before he spoke again. "Hey, I'm going to ask you something."

"You don't even ask me if it's ok anyone." He heard the man sigh dramatically. "Fine, what is it?"

"You don't have a girlfriend do you?" he asked rather bluntly.

"If I did you think I would talk to your sorry ass at two in the morning everyday?" the other man scoffed.

Sanji grinned, happy the man didn't take offense to the question. "I guess not."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" mystery guy asked him, with that curiosity laced in his voice again.

Sanji was quiet for a long time. "No, I don't actually." He paused. "How did you know?"

"Just a hunch."

"Oh," he sighed. "Are you," he paused, not knowing if he should ask or not.

"I'm bi if that's what you're asking."

Sanji grinned. "Yeah, that's what I was asking." They fell into silence again and Sanji was smiling like an idiot because mystery guy with the sexy voice was into guys as well. It was stupid to be grinning like that, feeling happy like that but he couldn't help it. "So," Sanji paused. "Why are you single?"

"Heck if I know," he said casually. "Why aren't you dating someone?" he countered.

Sanji shifted. "Don't know."

I don't know but I actually wouldn't mind dating you.

Please ask me out.

That would be nice Mr. Sexy voice.

He refrained from saying that because that would just be going too far.

"Guess we're both on the same boat then," he heard the other man say.

"Yeah, guess we are."


It was a good thing he had switched to unlimited when he did because their conversations were starting to get way longer than usual. Sanji wasn't even that big on talking on the phone, from what he got form the other man he wasn't either.

They used to sit on their own couches, watching the same thing. Now, they still did, but talked for hours on end and Sanji couldn't help imagining what it would be like if they just watched the damn show together, as in sitting together in the same apartment and not through the phone and actually had a conversation face-to-face.

"Hey," he began, already feeling unsure about what he was planning on saying. "I know this sounds weird, and I don't know you well, like in person or anything, but do you want to come over to my place sometime?" he bit his lip. "So we can watch the stupid show together I mean."

"Yeah," the other man said, sounding almost as unsure as he feeling, and maybe sexy voice with all the confidence in the world was feeling shy and embarrassed too. "I wouldn't mind."

Sanji smiled, and that feeling in the pit of his stomach was coming back full force. "Great. Tomorrow night sound good?"


He rushed home after work, running all the way from the Baratie to his apartment on the other side of town. Taking a cab would have been the best solution to this problem but he had to make a few stops to some convenient stores to buy some ingredients for dinner. Sanji didn't know if the mystery guy would be hungry but he figured he might as well cook something.

After all, there were times he had been eating while talking to him on the phone. He ran to his apartment after buying some food. He went to cook right away, looking at the clock about every three minutes. Mystery guy said he would be there by two. It wasn't an ideal time to have dinner with this guy but he figured he might as well. He had even went and bought some wine at a liquor store.

He marinated some lamb in wine and added garlic and thyme. Sanji never heard of the man eating anything above the quality of take out or microwavable meals, so he hoped he would like this meal. Maybe he should have asked him what he liked.

Sanji nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a knock on his door. Sanji was glad the food was ready, so he downed the flames from the stove and made his way to the door. He paused in front of it, his hand hovering over his doorknob. Taking a deep, shaky breath he opened the door. He had gone this far, surely opening the door wouldn't be too bad.

Opening it he held back a gasp. He was, well, he was hot. Way hotter than he imagined whenever he closed his eyes when he talked, when he imagined what he looked like. He was tanned, and defiantly not 'average build' like he had said. He could see clear muscle definition under his black shirt. He was wearing a leather jacket and was practically bugling out of it.

Sanji hoped to God this was mystery guy and not some lost delivery boy knocking on people's door to ask for directions. But he did have green hair, and that was too much of a coincidence. He looked up, looking into his eyes and grinned when he saw him staring at him.

The guy grinned. "Are you the shitty cook that suffers from insomnia?"

Sanji broke into a toothy grin, smiling brightly at him. Until he had spoken he hadn't really realized that they had never actually exchanged names with each other. "That's me. You wouldn't happen to be the alcoholic bartender that talks to strangers at odd hours in the morning would you?"

The guy made a show of thinking about it. "Yeah, sounds like me."

Sanji knew then it really was him, not just because of the affirmation from the man but because he would recognize that sexy voice anywhere. He thanked his lucky stars because this man was even more gorgeous than he expected.

He couldn't believe the guy he insulted on a nightly basis, the man that he talked to about himself, his first real friend in the city was this good looking. Sanji wished he had had the courage to ask him over sooner. They stood there, smirking at each other. Sanji noticed the way the guy was looking him over, as if he was inspecting Sanji, though Sanji couldn't call him a creep because he was going the same.

Sanji gulped, looking into his eyes. "What is your name anyways?" he asked.

That snapped the guy out of his thoughts. He looked into Sanji's eyes and Sanji remembered that he had mentioned he liked blue eyes. "Zoro," he said, sticking out his hand.

Sanji stuck out his hand, closing his hand around the other man's. "Sanji."

Zoro grabbed his hand, closing his fingers delicately around his and brought Sanji's hand close to his face. He smiled charmingly at him as he gently kissed his knuckles. "Nice to finally meet you."

His face felt hot and his stomach was doing that weird thing again. He tugged his hand away before he turned a bright cheery red. "Yeah, you too asshole."

Zoro grinned back at him, straightening his back. He stood quietly in the doorway, occasionally looking past Sanji and looking into his apartment.

Sanji smirked at him and leaned against the doorframe. "Well, are you coming in?" he gestured his head towards the inside of his place.

"Thought you'll never ask."

Sanji smiled, stepping aside to let Zoro in.