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It was way too damn hot for Sanji to be saying he was getting cold and snuggling next to him whenever they sat on the cook's couch to watch Love in Raftel. Of course Zoro never said anything, he didn't even protest when Sanji brought out a blanket and covered the two of them, snuggling next to his side and pretended he was freezing to death.

The great thing about it was that Zoro didn't need an excuse to put an arm around him. He certainly didn't have to do that lame yawning thing in order to hold the cook, which was nice. He loved holding the cook, even if the heat did make it slightly uncomfortable.

The show was getting more interesting. Robin was off with Usopp and they were at it like rabbits. Franky and Luffy's biological father, Bon Clay was dying and Nami was trying to get herself in his will. Brook was wanted for hitting Marco with his car but luckily Chopper surgically reconstructed his face so he wouldn't be recognizable.

Zoro lifted his hand uncertainly, cautiously running a hand through Sanji's hair. When Sanji didn't react violently towards his advances he continued to do so. He looked down at the blond, feeling the way his body was pressing closer to Zoro with each passing minute. He thought back to the night Sanji first called him and was happy he didn't ignore his call.

When he first answered his cell phone he did it to be polite, already planning on telling the person they had the wrong number and politely hang up on their ass. He certainly didn't expect a call from some guy with the nicest baritone he ever heard. He certainly didn't expect a guy with a voice like that to ask for a conversation because he was bored.

Usually, people like this needed professional help and good kick in the ass for disturbing him in Zoro's humble opinion, but Zoro didn't get angry with him because his tone made him change his mind. So he talked. Well, he mostly listened to him, because talking wasn't really Zoro's thing.

He even sacrificed sleeping some nights just to be able to talk to him and Zoro didn't sacrifice sleep for anyone. Except of course for some cook he barely knew but he knew he had blue eyes and Zoro liked blue eyes. Of course blue eyes mean shit if he didn't like the person, but he did like the cook.

Zoro grinned, continuing to run his fingers through golden locks while they both watched the shitty show. Lately his nights weren't exactly ideal but he didn't mind it as much as he thought he would.


They were watching the final episode of Love in Raftel.

Sanji was curled up on Zoro's side again, with Zoro running his fingers through his hair like he had been doing lately. He had been coming over every day for two weeks now. Things were moving slowly, almost too slow for Sanji in his humble opinion. Usually this slow pace drove him insane but he was also torn with enjoying the slow developing moments between them.

Last night for example, when they went out on his balcony so Sanji can have a cigarette, Zoro had leaned over and kissed him. It was sweet and gently kiss, almost timid, and Sanji wished he would he would have kissed back on time because he didn't react much, standing there in shock, leaving Zoro to awkwardly pull back and look sorry. After that kiss, the night had been strange and when Zoro left to go home it left Sanji wanting for more.

Sanji shifted closer to the man, his body practically latching onto him. He occasionally looked over at the man, watching his profile and wondering what he was thinking. Zoro's face never revealed anything and sometimes that could be a bad thing, especially when Sanji was trying to figure out if Zoro planned on kissing him again. He wished he would. He hoped he would because that would be awesome.

Some minutes later the show ended.

Robin ran off with Usopp, travelling the world and lived happily ever after.

Luffy shot Franky to win the family fortune, which lead to Nami shooting him for shooting her lover, Franky, which of course landed her in prison. The family fortune went the father's mistress, Kokoro.

Brook, now with his new face, moved to Columbia to become a drug lord and brought Chopper with him so Choppers could perform brain transplants on other drug lords, to wipe out competition.

Sanji couldn't believe they had watched the show till the end.

Zoro yawned, then looked down at Sanji. The blond lifted his head from his shoulder to look at him, a grin on his face. "Kokoro huh? If that isn't a plot twist I don't know what is."

Zoro made a face, clearly grossed out by her. "That was gross."

Sanji curled closer to him, breathing in his scent. "Hey, Zoro?"


"Why'd you kiss me yesterday?"

He felt Zoro's body tense under him. He made sure not to move either, to wait patiently until Zoro said something. Zoro's hand that had been running through his hair stopped, and his chest rose when he took a deep breath. "I've been really wanting to do that since I met you, hell, ever since I heard your voice over the phone." Sanji lifted his head, looking up at Zoro. The other man offered a thin apologetic smile. "Sorry."

Sanji took in a deep breath, preparing for what he was about to do, and he crawled over Zoro, sitting on his lap. Zoro looked panicked for a bit and Sanji would have laughed but he was too focused on remaining eye contact with him while he placed either of his knees on Zoro's sides, straddling him.

He wrapped his arms around Zoro's neck, smirking at him. "We didn't get a chance to finish what you started last night," he said. "And you don't have to be sorry stupid."

Finally Zoro smirked back, his hands moving to gently touch his hips, leaving his hands there. "Yeah, guess we didn't."

The cook's hands moved to grip Zoro's hair as he leaned in to kiss him. Right away, Zoro kissed back, his hands running eagerly over his sides, holding onto him as they both deepened the kiss, parting their moths to allow the other's tongue to invade their mouth.

Sanji hands trembled in Zoro's hair as he kissed him. He was a really good kisser. He titled his head to the side to kiss Zoro at a better angle, sighing into his mouth when Zoro deepened the kiss. Zoro's hands left his sides and Sanji stopped kissing him. Zoro looked at him a little before reaching into his leather jacket. He pulled out a small bottle of lube.

"I uh," he muttered. "Brought it over. I thought we would use it." Sanji snatched it from his hand, inspecting the bottle. Zoro saw his eyes narrow and he coughed, clearing his throat loudly. "We don't have to," he said, drifting off.

Sanji looked up at him and smiled. "Strawberry flavoured," he said. "Nice choice marimo."

Zoro grinned at him, thankful the cook was all on board with the whole idea. The cook smiled, his hands falling to rest on Zoro's shoulders before he ground his erection against Zoro's. Zoro groaned. Until that moment he hadn't had time to notice if the cook was feeling it or not. Guess he did.

Sanji ground his hips again against Zoro's, this time more deliberately, rubbing himself against him. He wasn't exactly used to giving lap dances, but from Zoro's face he thought he was doing ok. Zoro's hands moved to run up and down his thighs, squeezing at the muscles there, feeling his firm legs through his shorts.

"Fuck you drive me crazy," Zoro muttered.

Sanji grinned. There was that sexy voice that drove him crazy. He would have said the feeling was mutual but he ground himself rougher against Zoro, getting another low growl from the man. He grinned, ducking his head to place feather light kisses along the man's tanned, firm neck.

Zoro's hand went to his ass and he felt him squeezing and kneading it. Soon his hands were moving everywhere, to every part of him. It was like he wasn't able to get enough of him and that thought excited Sanji. He nibbled lightly on his neck before leaning back.

"We should go to my room," Sanji panted.

The other man nodded, more than happy to comply. Suddenly, those tanned hands went back to his ass and held onto him as he lifted them off the couch. Sanji was thankful he had been bracing himself on Zoro by his shoulders otherwise he would have fallen off. He thought Zoro would have waited until Sanji was off so they could walk to the bedroom, but Zoro was fine with lifting him and carrying him.

He quickly wrapped his legs around Zoro's thick waist and held on dearly as Zoro walked, carrying him towards his bedroom. He was in the hallway, and he bumped into a wall, pinning him to it to kiss him again. Sanji didn't mind too much. He gripped his hair again and shoved his tongue down Zoro's throat.

Zoro moved away from the wall and walked towards a door. Zoro manoeuvred Sanji to rest on one arm so he could open the door and was about to walk right in when he felt Sanji break the kiss and tug on his hair with his free hand, the one that wasn't holding the bottle of lube Zoro had brought with him. He looked into his eyes, waiting for Sanji to speak.

"That's my bathroom," Sanji said. Zoro looked, and realized it was the bathroom. He looked back at Sanji, to find him grinning at him. "Bedroom's that way," he gestured his head behind Zoro, even tugging on his hair a little like he was a horse. Zoro obeyed either way, moving towards the bedroom.

"Got lost marimo?" Sanji grinned.

"Shaddup," he muttered, kissing him again.

He did shut right up, kissing him deeply, thankful Zoro got the right door this time, walking towards his bed. It would probably kill the mood if he made fun of him too much anyways. When they reached the bed Zoro practically flung him on his mattress. He landed ungracefully, huffing as he sat up on his elbows. "Hey, watch it."

Zoro crawled over him, his hands and knees trapping Sanji as he smiled at him. His hand touched Sanji's cheek, his thumb touching the stubble on his chin. "Sorry," he murmured, moving to his ear to whisper to him. "I'll be gentle with you."

Sanji's words were cut off when Zoro's hand slid under the big white sweater. Zoro had left it and he had been wearing it without Zoro saying anything, so he just claimed it as his own. Zoro's thumb pressed on the bud of his nipple and Sanji squirmed under him.

The other man smirked, and started to pull the sweater up. Sanji sat up, helping him take it off. After Zoro threw it over his shoulder Sanji helped him out of his leather jacket and red dress shirt. When that was done Zoro pushed Sanji back flat on his back, moving to kiss his cheek, his jaw, his neck, drifting down to kiss his exposed chest. He kissed his stomach gently, his fingers lightly brushing over his ribs and Sanji didn't think he would ever go this slowly.

Zoro was kissing a trail down to below his navel until he reached Sanji's green shorts. He sat up, looking at Sanji and carefully unbuttoning them. He pulled them down slowly, leaving the cook only in his underwear. Sanji knew there must be a terribly undeniable tent down there but he didn't dare look.

What he did see however was Zoro bending his head, kissing Sanji's erection through his underwear. It was unexpected, but Sanji groaned at the feeling. He sat up, wanting to watch Zoro lick his erection through his boxers, licking long trails up his shaft. He was leaking already and his boxer briefs were already wet from his pre-cum and from Zoro's salvia.

Zoro sat up again and he released Sanji from his underwear, tugging it down slowly, finally freeing Sanji from the tight confines of his underwear. Sanji sighed at the feeling, sighing even more deeply when he felt Zoro run his tongue along Sanji's length once more. Sanji 's eyes fluttered and he moaned softly between his barely parted lips.

He couldn't control the gasp that left him when Zoro captured Sanji in his mouth. Sanji's breath caught in his throat. Zoro's mouth was so hot and wet. He felt the man sucking him hard, his cheeks hollowing around his hot cock. He was breathing hard and his fingers flew to Zoro's hair, gripping it tightly, probably hurting him but he couldn't help it.

Zoro's hands were caressing his thighs; drawing shivers form him. Sanji threw his head back as Zoro continued to suck him, bobbing his head on his cock. Zoro's hand went to massage his inner thigh before slipping underneath to grab his ass again. Sanji would have made a comment about Zoro liking his ass if he wasn't so busy moaning. He felt a finger pressing at his hole and Sanji spread his legs under the larger man.

Zoro's finger circled his puckered asshole, making Sanji whine and pant hard. Zoro continued to suck him hard, probably his way of easing Sanji into it before he dove his first finger in, only halfway but Sanji still squeezed around his finger. It had been a long time since anyone had been inside of him and it felt almost strange to have a finger inside of him after so long.

That didn't stop the other man, for Zoro pushed his finger further in, past the tight ring of muscle, into Sanji's quivering hole until he was knuckle deep. Sanji was shivering with want, and just when he thought it couldn't get better Zoro crooked his finger. He wanted to cry out but didn't.

Instead, Sanji bucked his hips desperately. He didn't know if he wanted his cock to be deeper in Zoro's mouth or if he wanted to impale himself further on Zoro's finger. Either way he wanted more.

Zoro still worked him with his mouth, and fuck it was like the man didn't have a gag reflex with the way he was generously deep-throating him. His other hand held his quivering thigh, brushing his fingers over his skin gently as he dove in another finger inside of him. He worked him, crooking his fingers, then began to scissor them, simultaneously thrusting them inside.

Sanji was crying out, moaning Zoro's name and clutching at his hair, tugging and gripping and sweating and he can't stop gasping. He hated Zoro's teasing. It was driving him crazy, and he wanted more, he wanted something more.

After a few more sucks, Zoro let his member go with a wet pop, sitting up but his fingers were still inside him. Zoro was panting hard, looking as flustered as Sanji felt. Sanji whimpered when those fingers thrust inside him, hitting a bundle of nerves before pulling out completely. Sanji had to stop himself from whining that he wanted them back.

Sanji laid on the bed, trying to catch his breath, and watched as Zoro undressed himself until he was completely naked as well. Zoro got back on the bed and his eyes scanned the mattress before settling on the bottle of lube he had brought with him. That had been long forgotten, Sanji having let go it when Zoro flung him on the bed like he weighed two pounds.

Zoro reached for the bottle and uncapped it, squeezing some out on his palm. Sanji sat up on his elbows, watching as Zoro slicked himself with the lube, his thick hand wrapping around an impressively thick member that made Sanji quiver with need, and he needed him.

Sanji licked his lips, raising a leg so he could push at Zoro's shoulder with his foot, telling him to hurry. Zoro did anything but that. He grabbed Sanji's ankle and he kissed his big toe, closing his eyes while he did so. Sanji was never much into feet, but Zoro looked like he enjoying himself. His lips traced over his foot, his ankle, moving to his calf and kissing it lightly.

A part of him wanted to tell Zoro to hurry up but a bigger part of him wanted Zoro to take his time in kissing every part of him, taking him slowly and loving him. Because of this, Sanji was blushing, and he tells himself it's excitement, wanting more, but maybe it's because Zoro is being so tender.

Zoro stopped kissing Sanji's calf after some time and he hooked Sanji's leg over his shoulder. He looked down and Zoro took the time to look at Sanji who was sprawled out over his bed, pale skin glimmering in a light sheen of sweat, stretched out and waiting for him with a light flush on his cheeks. It was the hottest thing Zoro had ever seen.

Sanji's erection was leaking already and the thought that Zoro was going to be inside him soon made him shiver. Zoro smirked at him, grabbing his hips and Sanji felt his heart rate elevating. Zoro doesn't press in like Sanji thought he would, instead he massaged his sides, thumbs pressing into the line when his hips sat on his legs. "You ready?" he asks.

Sanji wanted to laugh at the man's consideration, wanted to tell him he's a man, not a virgin girl, but the way Zoro's looking at him, looking like he's special, holding him like he's precious to him, Sanji could only nod in response, waiting for Zoro to move.

He felt Zoro pressing inside of him, his head pushing past the first ring of tight muscle and Sanji panted at the invasion. Zoro groaned as he pushed past it, feeling the muscle stretch around his cock as he pushed inside slowly until he's completely sheathed. Sanji moaned gently and his eyes fluttered.

How long had it been since someone had been inside of him, stretching him and filling him completely? It had been too long, and Zoro was doing a good job of filling him with desire and a need to have the man inside him thrust into him until he came screaming his name.

Zoro was completely inside but he didn't move. His hands ran over Sanji's skin. Sanji felt like Zoro is taking into coaxing Sanji far too seriously, like him feeling good is the only thing that matters to him. Zoro rolled his hips, moving inside of him, and its so gentle Sanji wonders how the man does it. Despite his muscles, his touches are soft, unbearably soft.

When his hips do start to move, it becomes really unbearable. He doesn't move at a great speed, instead goes for sensuously rolling his hips. Even so, those slow, torturous movements are enough to make Sanji writhe underneath him, moaning as his fingernails dug into Zoro's biceps.

Sanji's never had sex so slow and sensuous before, so caring, and he wanted to scream because of it. His eyes fluttered but they opened when Zoro's hand moved to touch his face, moving blond hair away from his eyes. Zoro's looking at him, and Sanji remembered how Zoro said he liked blue eyes.

Zoro smirked, starting to move faster. Sanji moaned again and Zoro leaned forward with Sanji's leg still on his shoulder. Sanji's own knee pressed to his chest but all he did was make a soft whining sound against Zoro's lips when he kissed him. Even so, he still kissed back with unreserved passion.

He groaned gently against Zoro's lips, titling his hips and Zoro gets it because he caresses his skin again before rolling his hips, plunging inside of Sanji again. His movements are slow and deliberate, rolling his hips leisurely, gently, taking his time like he had all the time in the world.

Sanji never knew this man could be so thorough in lovemaking. Until that moment he had imagined his first time with Zoro to be hard and fast, nails dragging down strong backs and loud moans, scratches and hickies all over each other. Certainty not this. He would have complained but Zoro's actions were dawdling, making him weak, and he didn't want to rush.

Even the kiss was making him weak. It's soft despite Zoro's hips starting to move faster. Zoro broke the kiss, panting into Sanji's open mouth and leaned back so their chests weren't touching anymore. He pulled out halfway before plunging into Sanji's tight awaiting heat. He let Sanji's leg drop from his shoulder, and Sanji arched his back when Zoro aims directly into a bundle of nerves. He feels more than hears himself calling out Zoro's name.

Zoro's head moved so he could murmur into Sanji's ear but Sanji couldn't hear anything. He was too delighted in the hands that were touching him, caressing him, and is too distracted by the throbbing member inside of him. Zoro kept hitting that spot and he think he sees stars. He squeezed around Zoro, trying to tell him how good it felt.

He crawled at Zoro's chest, trying to feel the firm muscle, wanting to touch him, wanting him closer, wanting to hold him because he knows he's going to come soon and he wants to hold onto him when he does. Zoro doesn't move from his spot, from leaning over him. Sanji was about to grab him when Zoro hit that bundle of sensitive nerves again and Sanji's body lunged forward and he grabbed on because the feeling was too intense, his fingers digging into Zoro's shoulders.

Zoro sat up completely, wrapping his arms around Sanji and taking him with him. Their chests are pressed against each other's again and they could feel each other's rapid heartbeats. Zoro moves his hips up, higher to get in as deep as he can go and that's all it takes for Sanji to come. He's crawling at Zoro's skin, touching him everywhere, not getting enough of that bronze skin. He came panting Zoro's name into his ear.

It's quiet sex; but it's fulfilling. Zoro doesn't make much noise when he comes moments later. Zoro held him tight as he came, shooting thickly, deep inside of the cook and it felt so hot to Sanji.

They panted together, coming down gently, and Zoro rubbed his back, holding him gently and he's murmuring praises again but Sanji can barely process it because that was the best sex of his life. When he does come down from his bliss much later, he processes Zoro's words, something about him being sexy and something about good. He hopes he meant the sex.

They hold each other, sweating and panting and trying to catch their breath.


Zoro had his back against the wall, sitting on Sanji's mattress with Sanji sitting between his legs, hugging him around his middle, pulling Sanji so his back was pressed against Zoro's chest. Sanji smirked, his hand reaching behind him to tangle his fingers in Zoro's hair.

"Hey Zoro," Sanji said, the first one to break the silence.

"What?" Zoro asked, kissing his shoulder fondly.

Sanji's fingers tightened in Zoro's hair. "Thanks for picking up the phone that night."

Zoro chuckled. "No problem." His hands rubbed at Sanji's abdominals. "I should thank you for calling me really."

"Damn right you should," Sanji grinned. He pressed his back more fully against Zoro's chest. "Zoro?"


"Stay over tonight," he said. He wasn't sure if Zoro was planning on leaving but he wanted to make sure. It was a good sign he was staying just to cuddle with him for so long after sex. "I can make you breakfast tomorrow morning," he said.

He felt Zoro smile against his skin. "I'll stay over as long as you promise not to hog the blankets."

Sanji sat up straighter, ungluing himself form Zoro's chest so he could turn around and look at him. "I meant for you to sleep on the couch," he said with all seriousness in his tone. When he sees Zoro's crestfallen look he breaks into a smile. "I was kidding!"

He laughs when Zoro pouts at him, obviously not liking his joke. Zoro pushes at his shoulder playfully. "Asshole."

Sanji continues to laugh at him, occasionally nudging his shoulder with his but the man continues to pout, but he seems to try to get pity from Sanji rather than it being actual disappointment. Sanji gives in, kissing Zoro on the cheek.


"What?" Zoro asks, reaching out for him, ready to grab the cook and bring him closer.

The cook narrowly avoids being dragged back by Zoro's big hands and Sanji smirks at him. "Let's get to bed asshole, I'm tired."

"So I wore you out, did I?" Zoro asked, a huge smile on his face.

Sanji narrowed his eyes. "Don't make me send you to the couch."

They moved over so they could get under the covers. They settle on the mattress, pulling the covers over themselves and shifted closer to each other so Zoro could throw his arm over the cook's stomach and Sanji could hook a leg over the bartender's hip.

They were silent for a long time, and Zoro enjoyed the heat radiating from the other man's body, breathing in his scent, happy just to be there. He had thought Sanji was asleep until his voice broke the silence again.

"Zo-ro." he murmured into the darkness.

Zoro refrained from rolling his eyes. "What?" he asked.

"Goodnight Zoro."

Even in the dark Zoro could see Sanji's smiling face. He realizes this is the first time they can say goodnight to each together without hanging up on each other. He couldn't remember how many nights they had said that to each other over the phone. He couldn't remember how many nights – or mornings- he stayed up, thinking about how he wished he could say that to the cook but in different circumstances.

Zoro smiled, his thumb rubbing at the cook's smiling lips. "Goodnight Sanji."



A.N. I made Sanji keep saying Zoro's name because I found it so cute when they were washing dishes together and Sanji kept saying his name over and over again, in case you were wondering. And Sanji's outfit was from Strong World, just without the tie.

I hope you all like it!