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Dawn-17 will be 18 though
introduction then ash's pove

It was getting dark as are native trainer we all know as Ash Ketchum from pallet town was traviling to hearthome city for his 3rd gym badge accompied none other than his best friend Dawn berlitz and his gym leader friend brock they were walking and Dawn started complaining "come Ash can't we just stop for the night its getting dark ?""but Dawn were almost there" dawn puts on her best puppy face "please Ash pretty please"
Ash could feel his blush creep onto his face it wasn't to long ago he developed feeling for the bluenete "fine" "yey" Dawn jumped and gave Ash a hug that made Ash blush even more and then brock but in "i don't want to interrupt enything but we need to set up camp and have dinner so can you and dawn go get firewood please?""Sure me and Ash can handlethat right Ash" still in deep thought about the hug he snappedout off it "huhh y-y-yea w-we g-got it-b-brock" "lets go "dawn grabs Ash's hand and all ash is thinking is she's holding my hand then i snapped out of it when i heard her voice""huh i said""umm...Ash " she said "umm...y-yea -d-dawn?" "you can let my hand go now" this caused Ash to go pure red like a tamato berry he said "o-o-h s-s-sorry" "No need to worry ash we needto find firewood brock will be waiting to get dinner started .

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