Past the lands held dear to humans, and into the valleys of the where the scent of butterfly milk fills the breeze. There is more than one mythical creature that speaks for the trees. One mustached and one with hair like Truffula tufts they lived in the forest quite peacefully, until one day a stranger entered the forest.

'Who is this?' The woman with hair like Truffula tufts asked gently as the humming fish began to sing for this new person in the woods. She stayed hidden, an easy feat considering that she looked like most of trees, excluding the golden color of her eyes, and the faint pink on her lips. She watched from afar as this stranger started to sing.

'Perhaps humans are nearly as bad as I thought they were.' She thought quietly slipping closer, and watching the long legged figure prance about as some of the animals started to follow him.

She giggled lightly to herself at his antics as he shook his hips and essentially yodeled before getting to his cart and began to fling things out without looking.

She jumped a bit seeing that the animals were in a bit of danger, still waiting to see that would happen to this stranger in her home. She crept closer and whispered to a humming fish, "Keep an eye on him." The fish gave an affirmative hum as a reply and she nodded, before slipping back into the woods.

The figure was wearing striped pants in a horizontal fashion that only made him look taller, and a waist coat with a white undershirt, and a fedora… 'Well at least he is fashionable.' She thought, now focusing more on his face as he screamed as the animals tried to attack him that lead to them being feed junk food instead.

'Don't feed the Bar-ba-loots, anything other than fruits.' She glared, but withdrew the harshness when she saw the innocent gleam in his sky blue eyes, hopefully ness. 'How can I be mad when someone is so glad, he seems too happy to be here with all the trees, maybe he'll leave once he gets want he needs.' She thought finding herself rhyming again as she sighed and the wind blew.

At least the animals had gained a new friend, she once again started to wander close, he looked focused, and possibly nice. She watched him pull on some gloves and pick up an ax. The animals watched in mild horror as he took the time to make the arch for the chop a few times.

'You better not do what I think you are about too.' She felt herself draw closer, examining him again, before he finally chopped the tree. A single strand of orange silken hair fell from her head flowing before her golden eyes. She watched it drift to the forest's floor, as she touched her chest feeling a pain deep within her. She regained herself and watched him drag the tree back over to his shelter, which had the name Once-ler upon the door.

'Mr. Once-ler I'll spare you the fate of meeting me, and let you meet another that speaks for the trees.'