And with each tree that fell the Once-ler's company grew, by the time that it reached the sky, Tuftsy was through. She had it up to here, and it was at this time she wanted to make it clear.

But one little thought rang in her head, the one that kept him from being kicked out before. The fact that he wanted to be appreciated deep down and nothing more.

"Lorax, I know what I will do." She said allowed to the mustached creature beside her, "I am infiltrate his company, and try to reason with him in person from within. Hopeful, with any luck I can get him to realize all that this is killing the forest…and its…" she felt herself pause as the animals gathered round.

"Its best we not jnix, ourselves by talking so loud." She smiled softly, dawning human clothes, and tucking her tuft into a thneed she had bought.

"Do I look human? " She asked the creatures of the wood, they would have given proper replies if they could. But she shooed them away, and told the Lorax to stay.
"You will look after them now, I know you will. I didn't want to say it allowed but I am afraid the Once-ler might have already been able to kill."

"Now, do you go saying things like that kid, we can still save this forest you just need to stay hid."

Tuftsy would not hear it not at all, she was already set and she would try her best…even in the event of the fall.

She walked up to the company that stood in the wood, and opened the door. She was appauled by this human structure, no wonder she had never dared to venture in them. This place was a false shrine to the woods, that made this Once-ler look as a deity would.

She hid her disgust, and made her way to the counter with much haste. " Hello, I would like to apply for job." She started, quite simply.

The woman at the table looked up from her book, and stuck up her nose. "There are no openings, besides you don't look like you could manage the work load."

"Excuse me Miss. But if I remember correct there was a secretary position open. " Tufsty did say, looking causually at the things that lay on the desk.

'So this is his mother, this horrible snoot, no wonder he is trying so hard to make her see that he has more value than a worn out boot. Humans make me ill how little they no, if I was not here to see your son, I would promptly let you know. Strung high in the tree, left to the mercy of the animals that have been kicked from their homes, so you could collect on your son. I can't wait to get this done.' Tiftsy thought to herself.

"Ooooh, I guess his old was not cut out of the work, fine I guess we can give this a shot, you head down the hall and try not to get lost." She gestured her away, while applying spray to her hair.

Tuftsy scurried away feeling ill from the spray.