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She was going to kill him.

"I hear you liked a man with a rebellious streak, Effie?" She could see his pupils dilate with mirth when he held her gaze for a second too long.

She narrowed her eyes at him, trying to ignore the shiver across her skin, "Cato's not rebellious."

"He's brutal. And he's good with a sword." Katniss added morosely, pronging a bit of food with her fork.

Peeta hummed quietly in agreement, "And every other weapon."

"I think the Capitol is rather taken with him." Effie added brightly, then saw the downcast look on the blonde boy's face, "And of course you too Peeta." Effie smiled reassuringly.

He smiled back gratefully.

"Oh I forgot." Haymitch said, waving his fork around in mock contemplation, "The ladies of the Capitol do love a bad boy, don't they Effie?" He loved that spark in her eyes when she got angry at him; blazing right from the core.

She glared at him when the other two weren't looking, his smirk driving her mad. It made her even more mad that her heart was thumping that little bit harder too.

He'd been trying to wind her up all day; "If you're implying your own arrogant, rebellious personality was an auspicious moment during the games, then you're wrong."

He's got that steely look in his eyes. You can see the confidence in his body language when he sits opposite Caesar, his long blonde hair hanging a little in front of his amazing eyes. He doesn't give anything away. He does this thing when he flicks his hair out of his eyes all coolly which I looooveee.

"Well I won, didn't I?"

Effie responded with a sarcastic smile.

"Are you saying Peeta needs to be more like Cato?" Katniss asked incredulously.

Effie cut in before Haymitch, "No my dear, he doesn't."

"Good. Cause I won't anyway." Peeta added sullenly.

Everyone was silent for a moment; the younger two pushing their food around their plates.

"I saw our merchandise earlier too. All the promotional stuff." Peeta said, trying to lighten the mood.

Effie groaned internally, she could even feel the flush travelling up her throat. She risked a glance at Haymitch, who had a smug grin pasted over his face when he looked back at her.

"Really? They do that?" Katniss frowned.

I got his poster! I got his poster! Oh myyy he looks incredible in it. My friends are jealous because I managed to get one of those massive, life size ones! I'll need to move stuff around on my wall so I can fit it in near my bed.

"Yeah, I was just talking to Portia earlier. She said by this point they'll be plenty of footage from training they can use for our images. They'll make banners and posters and all the rest of it."

"Great." Katniss murmured.

"You'll look beautiful Katniss." Peeta whispered, his voice hushed.

Effie and Haymitch watched her try and cover up her slight blush; she fidgeted, "Yeah. Well. You'll be fine. All blonde hair and blue eyes."

"You like blue eyes, don't you Effie?"

She felt her blood stream turn to liquid fire with annoyance. Liquid fire that was, annoyingly, running south. He was really, really not holding back. . . she suppressed a shiver of fury and arousal as she met his piercing gaze across the table. If only the table wasn't in the way. . .

He looks at the camera briefly, his lips drawing into a knowing smile, and oh myyyy, his eyes! They're breathtaking, I can feel my heart flutter. He's just so gorgeous. I really hope he wins.

Effie kicked him instead, and he yelped at her infliction, a sugar sweet smile plastered on her face as she picked up her tall glass, "I appreciate beauty in many forms thank you Haymitch."

He grinned as he purposefully played around with his food, waiting for her manners snap. She rolled her eyes and bit her tongue, watching as Katniss lifted an eyebrow at Peeta, who then spoke up.

"Is your room the one at the end, Haymitch?"

"Yeah. Why?"

Peeta's expression was just about neutral, but he was smirking as his spoon went into his mouth, glancing over to Katniss who was trying to cover her laughter with her napkin, "Oh, it's just that we saw you skulking out of someone else's room this morning. . ."

Effie's felt her cheeks grow hotter as she took an unusually unswerving focus at the contents of her bowl.

Haymitch trying to keep his tone nonchalant, "Effie and I had to do a bit of rescheduling last night, isn't that right Effie?" He said, looking over at her, an almost imperceptible smile tugging at his lips.

All eyes were on her all of a sudden, and she, despite her blush, tried to remain professional; her voice remained clipped, "There were a few things needed to be changed for today. We don't just trail around after you all day without any structure."

"Oh really, it took all night?" Peeta added; his eyebrows furrowed in mock confusion.

Effie cut in, "There was a lot we needed to get through."

The blonde boy nodded, "It's just it all sounded a little. . . aggressive, if you asked me."

Katniss nearly choked on her food, grinning into her glass when she finally managed to swallow it. Her and Peeta shared another conspiratorial look as Haymitch glared at the two teenagers, whilst a rather flustered Effie babbled about how she needed to continue preparing their affairs, and she dismissed herself from the table.

When she was out of earshot; Peeta and Katniss had the right to look a little sheepish, but it didn't last long when their smug expressions replanted themselves on their faces.

"Listen you two comedians." He said, pointing an accusatory finger at them both, he was supposed to be the one doing the winding up, "I don't know what you heard last night but-"

"We didn't hear anything." Katniss said, trying not to grin. The hilarity was glowing in their eyes, and they both quickly left the table. He heard a giggle or two rising from further down the corridor. Kids.


She pushed open her door quietly and left her room, looking up and down the corridor to see if anyone was around. She scurried to the main room in the darkness, the only light coming through was from the street lights outside the window.

Smoothing down her short, silk night gown out of habit, she went round the corner to the small, open plan kitchen and proceeded to get herself a glass out.

Despite the sound of running water, she heard him walking across the room. She prepared her speech, her lecture to him after his display at dinner today. . .

That was until she felt him; his hands gripping her hips as he came up behind her, as close as he could, pressing his body to hers.

"Haymitch. . ." She breathed, melting by the full force of him. His breath was hot at her ear, tickling the erogenous zone just below it, her arousal surging immediately as she was bathed in his scent of whisky and pine.

"I thought you were going to come and read me a bedtime story." He whispered lowly into her ear, nuzzling her neck, dropping wet kisses into her soft flesh.

She rolled her eyes, which was quickly quelled by her sigh; her eyelids fluttering close as she gave him better access to her neck, "I'm not reading you excerpts from my diary, Haymitch. Plus you were awfully behaved today." She tried to protest further, but she could feel her eyes closing lazily, swimming in his scent and heat, hypnotised.

Effie had to keep both hands on the counter to steady herself, her breath catching as she felt him grow harder, leaning into the curve of her behind, "Hmmm shame, the bits I managed to read yesterday sounded very promising. I particularly want to know what got you all hot and bothered over me during my interview. . ."

He pressed his nose into her hair, relishing the sweet, floral scent; one hand ghosting up her ribcage and gently playing with her breast.

"Haymitch. . . someone might see. . ."

"I don't care." He breathed, his voice thick with desire, sucking on her neck a little.

In reality, right now, she didn't really care either. Effie let out an airy sigh, her head dropping back onto his shoulder briefly; the things he did to her body. She tilted her head slightly to face him, looking at him through heavy lids at his eyes swimming with silvery lust as they met in a ferocious, hungry kiss. She reached up and grabbed his blonde hair roughly, knocking her glass off the counter, getting wetter by the second as his tongue slid across hers; his strong hands groping her body.

She felt him guide her across the room; his touch eager but slow, pushing the straps down of her night dress, the garment pooling on the floor. Effie smiled when she heard him barely contain a moan, realising she was wearing nothing underneath, his movements becoming more urgent. She turned round in his arms, deepening the kiss, her hands lacing the hair at his neck as Haymitch groaned into her mouth.

Effie's quickly dispelled his buttons, shoving the shirt across his chest and onto the floor, his pants soon after falling. She traced her fingers under the line of his boxers, the torturous movement driving him crazy, loving as he squirmed from her touch.

"Tease." He groaned out, his hands running gently down the elegant curve of her back, grabbing her behind roughly as she ground into him.

He released a strangled moan; all their clothes were on the floor now as she slowly pushed his boxers away, Haymitch kicking them free. They hadn't even got halfway back to their bedrooms; she felt the long, leather sofa at her knees.

Effie fell on her back with a tiny yelp, her body pressed down onto the buttery leather as he loomed on top of her; body silhouetting hers completely. Effie couldn't help but sigh as his stubble brushed her body with soft kisses, running his tongue along her hip bone, smiling into her skin as she writhed underneath him, pinning her hands to the furniture. She would never admit to him how turned on she got when he took control, so masculine and feral.

He moved up her body, his tongue trailing across her sweet skin as his hands were inching up the inside of her smooth legs, steadily nestling his hips there, "I've wanted to do this all day. Watching you fidget and get all prissy and angry at me." He growled into her lips, his fingers reaching the apex of her thighs- she tried to formulate an outraged reply- but she shuddered, a cry ripped from her throat as he finally touched her there; she couldn't remember being so wet in all her life.

He grinned into her mouth, the strength of her arousal making him rock hard as she let out a breathless gasp.

He leant down to her ear, his voice low and gravelly,"Dear diary. . . that Haymitch Abernathy turns out to be as outrageously smoking as he was all those years ago. . ."

Effie's chest was heaving as she stared up at him, soft lips parted as her hand snaked towards him, grabbing him firmly with one hand as the other deftly patterned his back with her fingernails.

"Oh god Effie." He moaned, his face falling onto her neck.

"Dear diary. . . turns out he wants me just as badly. . ." She whispered back huskily as she kissed him teasingly, a smile playing on her petal pink lips, leaning further back so he had to drive forward greedily for more.

He couldn't wait any longer, and Effie couldn't help but lick her lips when she felt him against her thigh, widening her legs- head to toe, skin on skin- she sighed dreamily at the contact, "Haymitchhh. Please Haymitch."

Her voice, lustful and breathless, was all the encouragement he needed. He gently pushed into her, lifting his head and meeting her dark eyes, taking a deep breath as she swallowed hard. . . easing himself in to the hilt, his eyes did not leave hers, even when her head fell back slightly and her nails gripped his shoulders.

Her mouth formed that perfect "o" when he started moving; Haymitch nearly losing his resolve and control when she wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms gripping onto his arms, as if trying to anchor herself.

Effie's body twisted beneath him as he moved within her, frenzied kisses as she stretched deliciously for him; his hand on her waist and hers on his neck as their lips clashed. She cried out as he shifted his angle slightly, her breasts jutting out- calling for his attention- he toyed with them with his large hands whilst dropping wet kisses over her mouth and neck.

He filled her perfectly, her tight, velvet warmth accommodating him, and she pressed closer to his chest as her arms wound around his broad shoulders, Haymitch groaning with the effort of restraint into her ear as she panted desperately; she was throbbing so badly and she could feel herself edging towards oblivion.

His pace steadily increased, and Effie felt like a rubber band stretched to breaking point, every little movement and sensation elevated as he pounded into her harder and faster, Haymitch groaning from the effort of trying to hold back; a thin layer of sweat building on his chest.

His dark, clouded blue eyes met hers, their gaze intense and unmoving and he felt something shift inside him. His mind spun as she uttered his name over and over, waiting for the release she so desperately craved. He kissed her briefly, reaching down and rubbing her rougly; that was all it took, and she felt herself lose it, clinging onto his body as she tightened around him, shaking, feeling him swell and groan her name into her skin.

Both exhausted and sticky he collapsed onto her, catching their breaths as Effie ran her hand through his long, damp hair. Haymitch gave her a lopsided smile- his appreciation of the gesture only evident in his eyes.

"This sofa will never be the same again." He grinned mischievously.

"We've all got to sit on it tomorrow!" Effie cried out, her hand suddenly clasped to her mouth in shock at her own recklessness. Although he was still inside her even now.

He looked round the apartment briefly, a trail of clothes leading from the kitchen- a broken glass and the water still running. Haymitch couldn't help but smirk.

She sat up on her elbows a little, taking in the damage, "We're going have to clear this place up Haymitch . . . don't want to give Katniss and Peeta anymore ideas- no thanks to you!"

He snatched another kiss from her, and she tried her best to look displeased, and he just grinned, "Oh I don't know, I did put up your favourite poster up on the front of your bedroom door after dinner . . . it's a shame your door opens outwards otherwise you would've spotted it on the way out here."

She really was going to have to kill him.

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