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1 – The Auction

The room was in deep darkness, the bright lights bringing all the focus to illuminate the little stage where the subject was on display. For those that actually were behind or on the stage, it was impossible to distinguish the buyers' faces, but everybody knew that the majority of them were vampires.

"Five hundred thousand for the gentleman in the front row. Do I hear six hundred thousand?" said the auctioneer's annoying voice.

Jacob couldn't see if someone raised the offer from his spot on the backstage, but it obviously was met, because the auctioneer called a higher price. He watched quietly as the girl, Isabella – if he remembered her odd name right – stood in the spotlight with her head up, eyes cast down and completely naked, making it easier for her potential buyers see the quality of the "merchandising".

He had never been to an auction before, though he had been taught how it worked since the beginning of his education. He guessed it was Isabella's first time too, due to the way her hands shook as they dangled at her sides.

He noticed Isabella's creamy face tinting violently pink, obviously uncomfortable at being naked in a room full of people observing her. Jacob thought it was cute how being naked still affected her. He, on the contrary, had gotten used to it. He felt inexplicably sympathetic for her and hoped – although he knew it was a naïve thing to do – that she would go to a good home.

He wished that things could have been different for that girl; that things could have been different for him, as well as all the other slaves waiting besides him to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

But they weren't. As simple as that.

To escape the auction's tension, his mind wandered to his past, to the brief better times he once knew. He remembered his dad, but not his mom; she had died while giving birth to him. He knew that he had two sisters; he couldn't remember their names or even their faces, though. He did remember being loved.

Jacob knew he had a family, but he was taken far too early to be able to clearly remember them; there were only faded memories of foreheads kisses, tight hugs and good smells. Sometimes, when he was alone in his hard bed at the slaves' training lodging, it was those memories that lulled him to sleep. He knew his parents were born slaves too, and his siblings had most likely been sold as well. He wished he could remember them better. He wished the entire slavery thing had never happened.

There was a history to slavery; a history of a big war between vampires, werewolves and humans, which the vampires had won, of course. But, it had ended hundreds of years before Jacob was even alive, so it wasn't important to him. The only important thing, for him, was its consequence. The world became divided between owners and slaves. And the dominant race became the vampires.

Jacob, like most slaves, had been bred and trained for their life long jobs, and they were taught about the war to know their place, and sometimes, to carry on a conversation, if that was what their owners wanted.

Only a few humans born into money were saved from slavery after the war, due to complicated deals and political arrangements, but since there weren't many rich humans left, most of the slave owners were vampires.

It was commonly known that the lucky slaves were the ones sold to humans; they tended to be kinder with their own race. The leeches, as Jacob secretly learned to call them – on the other hand treated their servants like pets – some of them even gave them dog houses in the backyards of their mansions.

Jacob had learned early to hate the bloodsucking bastards, with their red eyes and arrogant attitudes. They were the ones that enslaved humans and acted like they owned the world, which ultimately, Jake supposed, they did.

Many slaves were used only as food. There were "farms" where the bloodsuckers "cultivated" humans. Jake had been born in one of them, as the majority of humans alive had, and he had seen the horror on his comrades' faces as they slowly were drained off of the very thing that kept them alive.

Therefore, it was a good thing to be chosen to be a domestic slave. Although it wasn't forbidden, it was considered uncivil to feed from them and vampires loved nothing more than their polite façades. Unfortunately, that was the only advantage of being a domestic slave. One could do anything that pleased their masters if no one else saw. And it was well known how much vampires took pleasure at seeing humans suffering.

That was why he was in that dark room, waiting for his fate. He would be a domestic slave.

"Sold for two million!" the auctioneer excitedly said, taking Jake out of his thoughts.

He watched with barely contained disgust as a leather collar with some initials that he couldn't read was fastened around Isabella's pale neck by a human female that escorted her out of the room. He couldn't be sure, but as she turned to leave the stage, he thought he saw a silver reflection along her face coming from her eyes.

Every pet owner usually brought collars with them so they could claim their new property right away; Jake knew it very well. But actually seeing the collar against her alabaster skin made his stomach turn. That vision made his fate real, made him think about what would happen to him. He was momentarily thankful for the light meal he was offered that day, otherwise, he was pretty sure he could throw up due to anxiety.

"Next we have a rare Indian breed. Seventeen years of age," the auctioneer announced, and Jacob was led to the stage, taking Isabella's former place on the center of it.

He closed his eyes as he felt the threadbare robe being removed from his arms by the staff man that was escorting the male slaves.

"As you can see, it's a fine piece; bred and raised to be the most perfect slave. The bidding starts at four million," he proclaimed.

Jacob had learned about The Room. He knew about the bright light's trick that clouded your vision, not allowing the slaves to see the buyers while they had a perfect view from all the angles of your body with the help of mirrors strategically placed at the back of the stage. He could hear the clicking of buttons – the silent biddings to possess him.

Apparently, Jacob's value ranked high because he could hear the auctioneer raising his bidding to eleven million. He was shocked to hear it; the other slaves were sold for four million tops. He kept his face up and eyes down as he listened to the constant clicking.

"Sold! For fifteen million!" the auctioneer yelled, obviously delighted.

And that was it. Jacob Black had officially been sold.

He watched as the same female servant that escorted Isabella rushed out from behind a mirrored door. She looked up at him with a small, almost apologetic smile.

"This way," she said, leading him out the room.

Jacob raised an eyebrow, surprised.

"Where was his collar?" he thought.

He followed the girl past the door and into the dark corridor behind the stage, ready to meet his new owner.

The backroom wasn't as special as Jacob thought it would be. A plain gray hallway with black doors leading to the bidder's boxes was all that it consisted of. Jacob kept his eyes on the floor, though he managed to be aware of everything going on around him. He had learned a long time ago that his senses were much more accurate than most Humans, and after years of practice, he was able to see what was going on around him without really looking up.

"Thank you for your business, Mr. Cullen," he heard a male voice saying, as he entered the room he was designed for.

"Of course, Mike. I wouldn't have gone anywhere else. Yours are always the best products," a deep masculine, velvety voice answered.

Jacob guessed that that was his new owner. The tiny girl in front of Jacob stopped dead in her tracks, her face and eyes immediately going to the floor. Jacob almost smashed against her little body as he stopped too, and faced the ground, but he managed to watch with his perfected senses as both men turned to the room's new arrivals.

"You may leave us now, Jessica. Thank you," the man called Mike said.

And, with that, the girl turned on her heels, scurrying back down the hallway, leaving Jacob's bare body as the main attraction of the room. He barely managed to keep from squirming under their burning gazes.

"He's pretty," the smooth voice of his new owner said, and Jacob could see that he had turned to look straight at his naked body.

"We knew he'd be very popular," Mike said, with obvious desire.

"It's best for all of us if you keep your thoughts at a more respectful level, Michael," Jacob's owner hissed menacingly over his shoulder, making Mike jump.

"Of course. My apologies," Mike promptly answered, bowing his head and turning pale.

Jacob wondered what had just happened.

"Should I leave you to your new property?" the employee asked, his voice trembling a little.

"Yes, thank you," replied the smooth voice.

As Mike left the room, Jacob's owner stepped closer to him.

"I'm Edward Cullen. I understand your name is Jacob Black," he half-asked, and Jacob nodded. "Look at me."

He finally lifted his eyes off the ground and could plainly see his new owner. His worst fears became reality. It was, in fact, a fucking bloodsucker. He had to take deep silent breaths to keep from hyperventilating as he studied his owner's perfect features.

He had a lean body covered in a classic suit, flawless pale skin and an oddly reddish colored hair that was practically begging for a comb. But it was his eyes that really drew Jacobs's attention. They weren't red like every single vampire Jake had ever seen before; they were more of a gold honey color. Jacob didn't know how that was possible because vampires had red eyes due their diet of human blood. That singularity put him on edge.

The silence that had settled in the room pulled Jacob out of his bout of nausea. Well, that, and the cold hands touching him. They slid down his bare stomach stopping right above the patch of black pubic hair before resting on Jacob's hips, thumbing the protruding bone there, burning Jacob's skin under its path. His skin was strangely warm on the path his owner's hands traced.

"Down," growled his owner.

Jacob immediately did as he was told, kneeling before him, keeping his eyes and head down as he watched expensive shoes walk around him before stopping at his back. Then, his cold hands were back, resting on his shoulders for a moment before long fingers started gliding up his dark skin to his neck.

His fingers pressed into the sensitive skin there, making Jacob shiver before silently cursing his skin for betraying him. Jacob gulped and took another breath, trying to get the nervous nausea to stop, trying to think about something else other then that vampire's hands on his neck.

"So responsive," the leech cooed down at him, obviously talking about his body's reaction to his touch, not just his obedience. "As soon as I saw you, Jacob, I knew you would be a perfect fit. I even enjoy the bit of attitude you have left."

The vampire's fingers came around to cup Jacob's chin, forcing his head up towards his new owner, but he kept his eyes away from those of his owner. He knew looking his master in the eye was something punishable by death. He wondered how Mr. Cullen knew about his attitude problem. Maybe he had been warned before signing the ownership papers.

"Look at me, boy," the vampire said, though his voice was kept light, not at all the harsh command that Jacob had come to expect.

He obediently raised his eyes, looking at his owner directly for the first time. He immediately hated himself because he became mesmerized by his beauty. His owner was unbelievably fucking beautiful.

"How could I think something like that about a fucking bloodsucker?" he thought, desperately.

Mr. Cullen chuckled lightly, startling Jake a little, while pulling something out of his pocket. It was a silver collar with the letters EC engraved elegantly in cursive on it. Jacob knew enough about the class system to know the difference between the collars, and he knew that silver was the best of the best. Obviously, his master was a big deal. Jacob felt the cool silver touching his neck before hearing the tiny click of a clasp being closed. He felt his owner's icy fingertips flirt with the edges of the collar, making goosebumps form on his skin.

"Fucking awesome," he thought, feeling his cheeks burning with embarrassment for having, yet again, thought something like that about a leech.

"Up," his master ordered again, stepping away completely from Jacob's suddenly too-warm body.

Jacob obeyed once again, casting his head and eyes back down as well.

"Good boy," the vampire cooed, running a cool hand through Jacob's hair, petting him.

Jacob breathed heavily, realizing he had been holding it unconsciously, forcing himself to relax because he knew well enough that struggling wouldn't do any good. He kept his eyes down, though he didn't fail to notice that he was a few inches taller then his new owner.

"I am certain we are going to get along very well," his owner stated seductively.

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