Finally, the MariMima fanfic I've wanted for so long! I have not seen a single fanfic starring these two on this website for some reason, so I simply had to write my own sooner or later. It's also the only one I write that takes place exclusively in the past (A Scarlet History jumps from Remilia telling the story in the present to the story itself in the past, and I was trying to do a similar fic starring Sanae) so that's also cool. Oh, for readers of Unexpected Expectation, you know that thing Mima smokes from? It'll be a very long time before she gets that; she stole it during the Mystic Square incident, and this starts a couple years before Story of Eastern Wonderland…before Highly Responsive to Prayers even.

It had always been her dream. Magic, that is. But because of that very dream, the name Marisa Kirisame was one that wasn't spoken proudly around the Human Village. Humans and witches never got along, and everybody in the Human Village, including Marisa, knew that fact perfectly well. But Marisa didn't care. She wanted to grasp the magical forces of the universe and use them how she willed. Other folks, including Marisa's own parents, did not approve of this dream. And now today was finally the breaking point, both for Marisa and for the humans that tried to tolerate the girl and her dream.

BOOM! Marisa's newest attempt at trying to grasp magic, gone just as wrong as all the others. Where once stood a tree and Marisa Kirisame, there was a pile of ash and a girl whose face and hair were both covered in soot beyond recognition. She'd been ordered by not just her friends, not just her parents, but everybody in the Human Village, to not make these attempts at becoming a witch. They simply told her that there was no place for such people in the Human Village. Today Marisa had gone against those orders. People were bound to find out; when something in the village exploded, odds were that it was Marisa's fault. And sure enough, as though on cue, two women showed up at the scene. One wore a blue dress with very light blue hair that bordered on white, and the other wore a white shirt and red baggy pants. Keine Kamishirisawa and Fujiwara no Mokou; the two people most known for protecting the village, and the two people who originally told Marisa to not practice here.

"Marisa," Keine said with a mix of exhaustion and anger. "We've been over this a thousand times and more. There's simply no place for magic here. Or have you forgotten about last week's incident when you tried the exact same thing?"

"I haven't forgotten, Ms. Keine." Despite the obvious pile of trouble she was about to wind up in, Marisa couldn't help but grin at the image of that scene from last week. It had been a school day, and Marisa tried to use magic during class, which had ended…well, not too well. Keine's desk had exploded, and the look on Keine's face was priceless until Marisa was punished by the teacher's famous headbutt. "And did I mention how absolutely lovely your new desk is?"

"Don't try buttering me up, Marisa; it's not going to work today. I asked one thing of you; everybody asked one little thing of you, and that was to not try and become a witch. Humans and witches have been at odds for the longest time now, and it's too dangerous for somebody as young as you."

"But that's the problem," Marisa complained. "It's too safe around here; one could say life here is actually pretty dull because of the safety. What about the shrine maiden? She's just as human as I am, but she's out solving Gensokyo's problems all the time."

"I've been to the Hakurei Shrine," Keine said. "And the shrine maiden has a daughter as well. That daughter stays at home and doesn't go out and try to become a witch. In fact, I believe you're the only child in Gensokyo who does want to be a witch. I'm done asking you Marisa, as your teacher I'm telling you that you can't try to become a witch any longer."

"She's right," Mokou said. "You'll only get yourself hurt in the end. For your safety and for everybody else's, you have to stop."

"I won't stop," Marisa said. "And you know I won't. If I just stopped because people told me to, I wouldn't be so close like I am now. I'm almost there!"

"Sorry to hear that, but we can't have you jeopardizing the entire Human Village because of your own personal dream. If everybody else were fine with it, that would be different, but your actions are unnerving and a little frightening, other humans have told me."

"They're not scared. They're jealous. Jealous because I have the will to keep trying after so many failed attempts and despite everybody telling me I can't or shouldn't do it. I'll become a witch, you can both bet your lives on it."

"Your mother would be turning in her grave if she heard that," Keine said sadly.

"Don't you dare bring her into this! She was the one person who ever told me to pursue my dream, and to never look back! How dare you twist her memory like that!" The tone in Marisa's voice made it perfectly clear, even if she was only a child and Keine and Mokou were both adults. Keine had just crossed a very sensitive line. "It's because of that memory that I keep trying; the only thing I could ever do to upset her in death is to give up! I swear on my life, and yours, and the lives of every person in Gensokyo. I will become a witch. I don't care if I have to sell my soul and destroy every last shred of humanity I have, I will become a witch!"

"…very well," Keine said, clearly hurt. "If that's what you're certain you must do."

"I'm glad you finally understand, teacher."

"We'll have to kick you out of the village."

"Wh…what did you say?"

"We'll have to kick you out of the Human Village. Everybody has told you at least a hundred times each, witches and humans-"

"Don't get along, I know! Humans hate witches because they supposedly steal the souls of mortal men and place wicked curses on anybody who stands in their way. They're the wretched ladies of the night who have sold their souls to become more powerful, doing anything to get more power; madwomen driven by a lust for infinite power. You've given me this lecture plenty of times. But if kicking me out is the only way I can become a witch, then by all means, remove me. I doubt I'll be missed that much, anyway."

"I'm sure your father will miss you, Marisa. I know I will."

"Ever since I decided to become a witch, he could care less." Wiping the soot off her face and out of her short red hair, Marisa said "If this is the way it has to be, so be it." And with that, she made her way out into the forest.

Late that night…

Marisa couldn't sleep. Not out here, where any given youkai could eat her at any given time. The moon hung full over the Forest of Magic, so at least she could see fairly well in the moonlight. She had to find a special spot; one that would be hard to access, and one that she could easily practice magic in. Once she found such a place…

"Oh, my," a voice echoed throughout the forest, registering in Marisa's ears as coming off from every direction. "What's a young human child doing all the way out here?"

Marisa stood strong, and kept her mouth shut. If she ignored it, whatever it was, surely it would leave her alone. …right?

"Humans are such weak and frail things; they die far too easily. If they get sick, they die. If they get old, they die. Hunger, fatigue, injuries, poison, drowning, burning, electrocution, falling, I could go on all day about things that could kill humans. So tell me, little human, what's a child doing in the Forest of Magic at this late hour, when the youkai run freely and are on the hunt for prey?"

"…I was kicked out of the Human Village," Marisa said. Clearly, whoever owned this voice wasn't going to leave Marisa alone if she kept talking like that.

"Oh? A child, kicked out of home by mommy and daddy?"

"Shut up," Marisa yelled, suddenly angered. The line had been crossed.

"Ooh? Did I pinch a nerve? Is it because of your father, or…your mother?"

"I told you to shut up!"

"Oh, dear. It is your mother, isn't it?"

"Be quiet, or else!"

"Or else what, human? You don't even know who I am, do you? I bet you don't even know where you are, or who you are."

"My name is Marisa. Marisa Kirisame. And if you keep talking about my mother like that, I'll blast that smug little voice right out of your throat!"

"Well aren't you violent?" The owner of the voice materialized in front of Marisa. A tall woman with bright green eyes and long green hair. She wore a blue dress and a cape to match, and a blue hat. "One could even say, given that you're a human child threatening to rip my throat apart, psychopathic is an accurate term."

"So you finally showed yourself," Marisa said. "Now then, who the hell are you?"


"Answer me! First you talk about my mother, then you're going to not answer me? I want an answer in five seconds or I'll melt your face off!"

"I'll play along, I suppose. My name is Mima. And how would you do that, Marisa?" Mima vanished into thin air, then re-appeared right next to Marisa. "You couldn't lay a finger on me if you tried. Children should stay home at night, especially human children. Since I'm feeling merciful tonight, I'll tell you this one time. Go home now, run along. Back to mommy and daddy."

"I said to not talk about her," Marisa yelled, swinging her fist straight at Mima. But before she could even touch the woman, Marisa's entire body froze. "Wh…what did you do to me? Just what are you?"

"A witch, young lady."

"You're…a witch?"

"Yes." Mima vanished again, and Marisa's body unfroze, but the sudden momentum of being able to move again threw Marisa onto the ground face-first. "She's dead, isn't she," Mima's voice asked, once again resounding from all directions. "Your mother?"

"Be quiet…"

"But, oh dear. She's left her precious daughter behind."

"Stop, now…"

"Perhaps it's for the better," Mima said. "After all, children who get kicked out of home for a mysterious reason are known to just break their mothers' hearts to little tiny pieces."

"Shut up!"

"I wonder how she would feel if she saw you right now. A little human child all alone in the forest late at night, easily susceptible to a fate of falling prey to any number of youkai that wish to make a snack out of little Marisa Kirisame. I'm sure she would be absolutely devastated to see you in this position."

"This is your last warning! Shut your mouth before I shut it for you!"

"Oh my, you are an aggressive little girl. Is that why you were kicked out of your village? Because little Marisa would pick on all the other boys and girls, and make them cry home to their mothers? I don't think those other mothers appreciated that very much, Marisa, and I'm sure your mother is also upset."

"For the last time…" Marisa's eye caught a quick glimpse of Mima, flying off to the side as she continued to mock Marisa. That was all she needed. "SHUT UP!" On instinct, Marisa's hands flew in the direction of Mima, and from them fired a massive beam of light, obliterating everything in its wake. Marisa was certain of it; that was the end of Mima.

"Oh my, that was impressive," Mima said (much to Marisa's shock) when the beam vanished, floating just behind Marisa. "Is that why you were kicked out?"

"Because of my dream to become a witch. But after meeting you, I can see why they don't want me to live that life. You're cruel and hateful, and you enjoy mocking and hurting others until they reach a breaking point."

"Oh, come now, Marisa. That was only to make you angry; I can be much kinder if I want to. In fact, after that show of power, even I am rather impressed, and it's rare that somebody manages to impress me. You said you wanted to become a witch, I believe?"

"Yeah, so?"

"So," Mima proposed. "If you really want to become a witch, perhaps I can teach you. All the arcane secrets that humans have come to fear and detest, in the palms of your hands. Let's face it, we need each other right now. No human can become a witch without guidance, and living alone all the time gets awfully lonely after some time." Holding out a hand, Mima asked "So, Marisa, how about it?"

"…" Was Mima for real? First she mocks Marisa to the point that she'd just blown a pretty large portion of the Forest of Magic off the face of Gensokyo, and now she wanted to teach her? But Mima was right. There was no way Marisa would be able to do this alone. Not only that, but unleashing that massive blast really knocked it out of her; something she was beginning to realize now that she was relatively calm. "…I'll do it. But there won't be any talk about my mother."

"As you wish, my apprentice. Now then, shall we go home? I live here in the forest; thankfully that attack of yours missed my home by a long shot."

"Yes, please…Mima-sama."

First off, I have Keine and Mokou in there because it was either them, Marisa's father, or an OC. I have trouble putting OC characters in fanfics and Marisa's father is…well, a man. So Keine and Mokou it was, since they both guard the Human Village anyway.

Secondly, the Hakurei miko Keine mentions isn't Reimu; the daughter is. And third, I'm skipping Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream if I actually write out the incidents from the Touhou games; I'm also skipping Phantasmagoria of Flower View if I get that far. If I actually make it to Mountain of Faith (since I'm skipping PoFV) it'll probably end up being a lot more about Marisa than Mima, since, you know, ZUN is trolling his fandom by not bringing Mima back in the Windows games.

I'm sure she'll appear in most if not all of these incidents, though. I'm thinking that once I hit the Windows series, I'll name the chapters after the soundtracks from the games. For example, when Marisa fights Remilia, name it after her theme, and before…oh wait, ZUN's song names are too damn long. I'll use short names then :D

Like Transient Faith (Faith Is For The Transient People) or if I can fit the song name in, there we have it, like Necrofantasia.

Last thing, I'm not only skipping the Phantasmagoria games, but I'm also skipping Highly Responsive to Prayers and all the spinoff games, including the fighting games.